Japanese Internment


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Japanese Internment

  1. 1. Japanese Internment By Austin, Richie and Nico
  2. 2. Concept map Bibliography 5 essential Q’s Glossary History Geography Important people Connection to theme 5 essential A’s Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. 3. 5 Essential Questions
  4. 4. Geography U S A Japa n 230 +230 460
  5. 5. Timeline 1941 Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 Dept of treasury take Japanese bank accounts and Businesses 59 additional prohibited zones in California to be cleared by February 15. Jan 31 Army acquire Owens Valley Site for Manzanar temporary detention center. Mar. 7 Seattle internees are sent to temporary detention center at Puyallup fairgrounds, called "Camp Harmony." Apr. 28 Manzanar Army temporary detention center transferred from WCCA toWRA and converted to Manzanar internment camp. June 1 WDC announces completion of the removal of more than 120,000 Japanese Americans from their homes. Aug. 7
  6. 6. Timeline 1943Secretary ofWar Henry Stimson announces plans to form an all- Japanese American Combat team to be made up of volunteers from both the mainland and Hawaii. Jan. 23 Feb .8 Registration ("loyalty questionnaire") of all persons over 17 years of age for Army recruitment, segregation and relocation begins at most of the internment camps. The all-Japanese American (nisei) 442 Regimental CombatTeam (RCT) sent to the Italian front. Oct 15 - Dec 15 - AllWRA internment camps are closed except forTule Lake Center March 20 -Tule Lake Segregation Center closed October 30 - Crystal City Detention Center,Texas operated by the Justice Department, releases last Japanese (North, Central, and South) Americans.The closing of the Japanese American Internment Program.
  7. 7. Executive order 9066 • Secretary of War To Prescribe Military Areas • Henry L. Stimson
  8. 8.  THAT D*MNED FENCE  They've sunk the posts deep into the ground They've strung out wires all the way around. With machine gun nests just over there, And sentries and soldiers everywhere. We're trapped like rats in a wired cage, To fret and fume with impotent rage; Yonder whispers the lure of the night, But that D*MNED FENCE assails our sight.  We seek the softness of the midnight air, But that D*MNED FENCE in the floodlight glare Awakens unrest in our nocturnal quest, And mockingly laughs with vicious jest.  With nowhere to go and nothing to do, We feed terrible, lonesome, and blue: That D*MNED FENCE is driving us crazy, Destroying our youth and making us lazy.  Imprisoned in here for a long, long time, We know we're punished--though we've committed no crime, Our thoughts are gloomy and enthusiasm damp, To be locked up in a concentration camp.  Loyalty we know, and patriotism we feel, To sacrifice our utmost was our ideal, To fight for our country, and die, perhaps; But we're here because we happen to be Japs.  We all love life, and our country best, Our misfortune to be here in the west, To keep us penned behind that D*MNED FENCE, Is someone's notion of NATIONAL DEFENCE!
  9. 9. 442nd Regiment • 1,300 from Hawaii • “Remember Pearl Harbor” • Pidgin English
  10. 10. Life Before the Internment • Alien Land Law • Nationalization • U.S. Citizens • Work, Make money, and go back
  11. 11. Life in the Internment camps • Buildings • Location • Food
  12. 12. •Born Hyde Park New York •Died Warm Springs Georgia •Letter •Infamy Speech •Internment "Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” - Roosevelt
  13. 13. Connection to theme • This connects to the theme human rights because America placed them in internment camps without considering their rights such as innocent until proven guilty.
  14. 14. 5 essential answers
  15. 15. The End