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  • Human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Trafficking involves exploiting people for sex or laborThis act affects everyone I could be kidnapped tomorrow anthreat or use of force, fraud, or coercion. Coercion means to compel by force, intimidation, or authority, esp. without regard for individual desire or volition:Everyone is affected by this children, adults small, big
  • This is the main part of trafficking and is were the most money is made They would kidnap the people most of the time they would be children in their teenage years. 12-14There life is horrible a lot of them end up committing suicide so you can guess how horrible It is
  • UNICEF supports a lot of organizations that help prevent Sexual Exploitation of children.
  • DR. LAURA LEDERER  former State Department Advisor on Human Trafficking and Vice President of Global Centurion, an organization designed to fight world slavery, has stated that, "Over the last 10 years, the numbers of women and children [who] have been trafficked have multiplied so that they are now on par with estimates of the numbers of Africans who were enslaved in the 16th and 17th centuries." Over the past decade, the trafficking of human beings has reached epidemic proportions, with 1.2 million children becoming new victims of human trafficking every year. In the U.S., the average victim of abduction is an 11-year-old girl.
  • The Polaris Project was founded in 2002. they are not just for stopping prostitution and being abused but also modern day slavery. The Polaris project is trying to strengthen state and federal laws to help stop Human trafficking. They are also starting to Train our future leaders about the anti-trafficking movement.
  • The most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, at 79 percent.The second most common form of human trafficking is forced labor, or slavery, making up 18 percent of the total, although the writers of the report say it may be underreported. 1 out of 5 are children "Children's nimble fingers are exploited to untangle fishing nets, sew luxury goods or pick cocoa," the report said. "Their innocence is abused for begging, or exploited for sex as prostitutes, pedophilia or child pornography. Others are sold as child brides or camel jockeys.“ Brick making and would work 12 hour days if they didn’t meet the quota they were beat. Would have to make about 1000 a day. Making cigarettes and if they didn’t meet the quota there fingers were beat.c
  • Drug Cartels kidnap people and use them to smuggle drugs into the US so there people aren’t in danger.Club Owners this is not as common but the would blackmail tourists and make them work in there clubs of all sortsMoney Lender when a family cant pay the money lender they would have to sell their child so they would go work with the money lender to pay off the debt and getting as little a couple cents a day
  • Its modern day slavery and they don’t pay them and they sometimes blackmail them into doing what they say.A money lender would force the family to sell their son or daughter to them to work for the moneylender to work off debt.Sometimes the people are just crazy and do it for the fun of it and they have no real reason to do it other than to take people and make them so obscene acts.
  • Intimidate- they would threaten them like saying that they would kill there family. Kidnap- they would kidnap them and then threaten to make them stayBrainwash- get them addicted to drugs so they would have to stay with their captors to get the drugs.
  • Two Ukraine girls come to America and a club owner kidnaps them and tells them that if they don’t work for him that he’ll kill their family
  • YeseniaYesenia M., a young woman from Mexico, was brought to the United States at age 17 to work as a babysitter for Mr. Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez was also from Mexico, but he had come to the United States years earlier to start a furniture business. He married an American woman and had two young children. Mr. Sanchez travelled to Mexico and met Yesenia when she was working for her family business selling groceries. He complimented her on her professionalism and offered her a job taking care of his two young children in the United States. He discussed the opportunity with her family, and they all agreed that she would come to the United States and work as a nanny for the family. Mr. Sanchez arranged for her travel, and she arrived in the United States soon after. Her tasks included cooking, cleaning, bathing the children, laundry, and yard work. Yesenia did not have her own room and seldom had a moment's rest. The job had turned out to be something very different from what she expected. She was not paid for her work and was not allowed to speak to anyone outside the family. Yesenia also endured three incidents of sexual abuse and rape by Mr. Sanchez, who drugged her and took advantage of her. Desperate to leave her miserable situation, Yesenia befriended a woman at church who helped her escape from her trafficker. Once Yesenia escaped, she was determined to bring her trafficker to justice by contacting the appropriate authorities and cooperating in the investigation. Mr. Sanchez was arrested and prosecuted for rape and human trafficking. He received a prison sentence, had to forfeit property, and will be deported upon finishing his sentence. Yesenia now has a T visa, a nonimmigrant status visa for victims of human trafficking, and is attending college.
  • will allow courts to seize houses or vehicles used for human trafficking. The bill will also allow for civil penalties of up to $25,000. was signed in the end of September
  • Human trafficking

    1. 1. Human Trafficking Drew, Andrew, And Brooke
    2. 2. Concept Map Human Trafficking Glossary 5 Questions Geography History Sexual Exploitation Forced Labor WILDAND EXCITING T.V.P.A. Important People/Groups Interview Contributions Science Behind 5 Answers Bibliography
    3. 3. 5 Essential Questions  1.What do they do to the victims of Human Trafficking?  2.When did it Start?  3.Who are the targets of this crime  4.Why do the people do this?  5.Where are the hot spots of Human Trafficking?
    4. 4.  Slavery civil relationship where by one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune.  Exploitation to take advantage of (a person, situation, etc), esp. unethically or unjustly for one's own ends.  Oppression the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cru el, or unjust manner.
    5. 5. History  No starting date  British Settlers  African slave trade  Slave Trade  $$$$  Nations and colonies were built on  Britain  Banned 1807  Abolished 1833  Anti-slavery policies
    6. 6. History II- White Slavery • Woman and children • Prostitution • International • Sex slaves to rich • World War II • 1980 • Taken seriously • Control sex tourism
    7. 7. Human Trafficking (Effects Today)  Popular topic  Grant money given out  600-800,000 people  Children- worst conditions  Commercial sex trade  15,000 people within own borders
    8. 8. Human Trafficking  Sexual exploitation  Forced Labor  T.V.P.A. By:Wesley
    9. 9. Human Trafficking(Cont.)  Fastest  Ways  Everyone
    10. 10. World Human trafficking in %
    11. 11. Sexual Exploitation • EVERYWHERE!!!! • Children • Life
    12. 12. Physical Risks • Drug and Alcohol • Injuries • STD’s By:Wesley
    13. 13. Physiological risks • Suicide • PTSD • Emotional state By:Wesley
    14. 14. Help • Immigration Status • U.S. Department of Health • Language and Job
    15. 15. UNICEF • Support • Rallies • Congress
    16. 16.  Advisor  VP Global centurion  Fight world slavery  Written books  Organization  Doctors at was against human trafficking Dr. Laura Lederer Important People
    17. 17.  Stop prostitution  Truckers take a stand  $5.00  How can you help  Hotline 1-888-373-7888  Video Truckers Against Trafficking
    18. 18. • Founded in 2002 • Stop Human trafficking • Strengthening laws • Training future leaders • Anti- Trafficking movement • Hot Line - 1-888-3737-888 “FOR A WORLD WITHOUT SLAVERY”
    19. 19. T.V.P.A. • Trafficking Victims Protection Act • Established in 2000 • Protect victims from traffickers
    20. 20. T.V.P.A. (Goals) • Prevent human trafficking over seas • Help protect victims • Help rebuild victims • Prosecute traffickers • Elimination of Human rights violators around the world
    21. 21. T.V.P.A.  Trafficking Victims Protection Act  2000  Protect victims from traffickers
    22. 22.  Popular topic  Grant money given out  600-800,000 people  Children- worst conditions ◦ Commercial sex trade  15,000 people within own borders
    23. 23.  Prevent human trafficking over seas  Help protect victims  Help rebuild victims  Prosecute traffickers  Elimination of Human rights violators around the world
    24. 24.  Results in death  Could be sentenced to life in prison  Involves kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, aggravated sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, attempt to kill  Could be sentenced to life in prison  Sexual trafficking  Children (under age of 14)  imprisonment for life  Child between age of 14 and 18  20 years in prison
    25. 25.  Most Common Trafficking  2nd most common Trafficking  1 out of 5  Children
    26. 26. Who takes the people • Drug Cartels • Club owners • Money lenders
    27. 27. What is the reason? • Cheap labor • Past debts • Crazy
    28. 28. There ways • Intimidate/Threaten • Kidnap • Brainwash
    29. 29. Wild and Exciting
    30. 30. Tourist Blackmailed Forced to work
    31. 31. Yesenia Nanny Not what she expected
    32. 32.  Fifteen year old runaway girl  Sixteen year old girl  Evans family  9 young folk dancers
    33. 33. Current Events  Law in California  Putting to action  Taxes Governor human trafficking meeting  Man guilty 14 state human trafficking ring
    34. 34. 5 essential Q’s & A’S 1. What happened to the people that are trafficked? A lot of bad things happen to them, they either get sold into slavery, into prostitution, and raped and then killed usually
    35. 35. 5 Essential Q’s & A’s 2. When did it start? Since its modern day slavery you could say its been around for forever but this its really picked in the 17th century
    36. 36. 5 Essential Q’s & A’s 3.Who do they traffic? There mostly young girls in their late teens and then just children
    37. 37. 5 Essntial Q’s & A’s 4. How many people are trafficked in the US each year? Around 800,000 people each year
    38. 38. 5 Essential Q’s & A’s 5. Where are the main places this takes place? Russia ,Vietnam, and Somalia
    39. 39. Books/Movies Sites     09AAPuHzO  ml  8.html   ml   human-trafficking.html  4DCC-98D1- A31347E96721/4942/HumanTraffickingTodaysHiddenSlavery. pdf   Bibliography Human Trafficking: By Maggy Lee The War on Human Trafficking: By Anthony M. DeStefano Human Trafficking: Global Perspective: By Louise Shelly
    40. 40. End