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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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  2. 2. SOME POEMS I FOUND PATThere once was a man named PatWho traded his brain for a hatHe thought he could skate but released to lateAnd he broke his foot like a twat BANANASThere once was a girl named HannahWho liked eating BananasShe sat on a chair and ate like a bearAnd was always seen eating a Banana
  3. 3. WAIT THERE IS ONEMORE! POOR TEDThere once was a guy named TedHe ate tons and tons of bad leadHe got some help by NickAnd after awhile he got sickAnd soon he was dead
  4. 4. SOME POEMS THAT I MADE BRIGHTThere once was a lady that was brightWho had the speed of lightShe woke up one dayIn a relative wayAnd returned on the previous night A MAN FROM PERUThere once was a man from PeruWho dreamed of eating his shoeHe woke up one nightWith a terrible frightAnd found out it was quite true
  5. 5. RESOURCES