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Neema minecraft


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Published in: Education
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Neema minecraft

  1. 1. Written by Neema Minecraft
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Creepers • Where do you get material • What you mine • Animals
  3. 3. Creepers Did you know Creepers blow up and take up most of your life! When you get close to a Creeper it blows up. A Creepers brain is actually tnt. Creepers have good camouflage with trees and grass
  4. 4. Where you get material Did you know a crafting table can make anything. This is an example I have wood I can make tons of other stuff. Or with something else I can make weapons , armor and more.
  5. 5. What you mine Did you know you can never mine bedrock You mine minerals they help give you weapons and armor . The minerals are diamond , gold, red stone emerald , coal and iron. The most rare one is emerald you mostly find minerals in caves
  6. 6. Animals Did you know animals give you food and material? Mooshroom and cows give you mushrooms and raw beef cows give you leather sheep give you wool that can make carpets pigs give you raw pork chop chickens give you eggs.
  7. 7. About the author The author of this book is Neema . He is in third grade. The author picked this topic because he likes Minecraft and plays Minecraft .