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Holland minecraft


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Published in: Education
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Holland minecraft

  1. 1. Table of contents 1. Biomes 2. Mean Mobs 3. Nice Mobs 4. Materials & Tools
  2. 2. Biomes What is a biome? There are many different biomes. There are good biomes like forest, jungle, mega tiaga and plains. There are also biomes such as desert, ice plains and swamp. Every biome has a wide variety of things. For example, forest has Oakwood and birch or desert has sand & cacti.
  3. 3. Mean mobs Do mean mobs hurt you? Yes. Mean mobs come out at night. Some mobs like creepers explode when you go close to them. So only go close to them if you want to kill it. It drops gunpowder which can be useful for traps and stuff. Some mobs stay out after dark like silverfish, creepers, spiders and other stuff if they’re in water.
  4. 4. Nice mobs What kind of food do they drop? Nice mobs are animals that drop food and supplies. Sheep’s drop wool and mutton. Wool can make beds. Pigs drop pork chops and cows drop beef. You can use this food to eat. It restores your hunger bar. You need your hunger to stay full or you will starve to death and you won’t be able to run.
  5. 5. Materials & Tools the materials in Minecraft are: diamond, redstone, bone, flint, leather, paper, slimeball, feather, glowstone dust, stick, string, gunpowder, charcoal, coal, brick, clay, book and enderpearls. Tools are made of wood, gold, diamond, stone and iron. Wood is the weakest. Gold is weak also. Stone is good but iron id better, Diamond is best of all.
  6. 6. About the Author The Author of this book is Holland. He is in third grade. The Author picked this topic because he likes gaming and minecraft he wants to teach people how to play and be creative!