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A collection of Haikus inspired by our school garden written by students in Mrs. Bruce's 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th period Language Arts class

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  1. 1. Drane Intermediate Garden Inspired Haiku Collection Created by Mrs. Bruce’s 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th period classes
  2. 2. The MuralThe pail is dark blueFlowers are yellow and greenNow the mural growsDerica Pipkins
  3. 3. The WaterfallThe waterfall sits highWater flows like an angelMakes me fill relaxedColton Dodson
  4. 4. The Fish PondDelicate little fish,Their shiny orange color isLike the bright sunlightArturo Gonzalez
  5. 5. The PondThe bucket is brownThe bright orange fish swam fastThe grass is greenKieran Kitchen
  6. 6. The PondFish swam in the pondThe pond helped the fish surviveThey enjoyed the pondAshley Williams
  7. 7. I saw some flowersThey are very beautifulI want this flower by Abriana Ruiz
  8. 8. The pond is peacefulIt has very small splashing fishIt has foliage and flowersCollin
  9. 9. The Fish and the WaterFountainAs the fish swim byThe fountain water fell quickThe fish swam awayDemonte
  10. 10. Drip drop dropetyDrip water flows in the fountainJesus
  11. 11. I’m a pond full ofLittle fish who are swimmingAnd growing so fastEduardo
  12. 12. The gold fishes are swimming in thePond as the sun rises up the skyFish are cool as the cold wind passes byWilliam
  13. 13. Water is natureWater is a friend to usBe thankful for thisOrellia Brown
  14. 14. The cattails were in in the pondThe cattails were greenCattails were pointyTony Garcia
  15. 15. Flowers grow dailyFlowers are red and purpleFlowers are lovelyJennifer Rios
  16. 16. Pretty pink flowersGrowing growing like a weedCovering the pondMadison Franklin
  17. 17. I saw a flowerThere was a purple out lineThe sun helps flowersKamren Thompson
  18. 18. I am a flowerLook , I blossom in the springI look good in blue.Medward howard
  19. 19. It is a corn field .It is brown at the bottom A corlorful fieldLeonardo torres
  20. 20. I see yellowI see very deadI saw dead fishDylan Riveros
  21. 21. 4 period th
  22. 22. Sunlight’s so preciousLike a bird nesting sweetlyI spy bumble beesDeante Parks Sunlight is so
  23. 23. WaterfallWater let it flowDown the waterfall it goesLet the water flowBrooke Costlow
  24. 24. It is time to playAre you ready cause I’m amMan are you tiredBy Terrance Betts
  25. 25. FlowersThe stem rise’s upThe raindrops are so gentleSee the flowers bloomBy Sugey gomez
  26. 26. The flower is smallThe flowers are beautifulFlower’s have honeyBy Brissa Ocon
  27. 27. The fountain is smallThe fountain has clear waterThe fountain is coolBy Tomasa Aguirre
  28. 28. Rocks are so… specialRocks are very hot out sideRocks are cool in shadeBy Cavender Villarreal
  29. 29. The pretty flowersThe flowers grow in summerIts so beautiful .By: Kianalyn Auputiw
  30. 30. FlowersThe shinning flowersFlowers are great for the beesThey make me smileEmiliano Morales
  31. 31. The stone frog is coolThe stone frog was colorfulThe stone frog is oldDaniel Martinez
  32. 32. Dragonflies are coolDragonflies like to fly highDragonflies sore highCesar Munoz
  33. 33. Rocks are very hardThey hurt people really badAt least they are cool.Jonathan Monk
  34. 34. Pink flowers are nicePink flowers shine so brightlyBees like the flowersKyra Miller
  35. 35. How great water flowsPassing through the grass gentlyIt is beautifulJazmin Garcia
  36. 36. Its such a hot dayWe have bright bloomingcolorAs we are aroundKevin trejo
  37. 37. The pondThe pond was awesomeThere was some fish in the pondThe pond was so coolMiguel rangel
  38. 38. Water dripping outGleaming in the sunlight shineWhat so beautiful.Riley Boatright
  39. 39. Blooming flowers shineSun shine flowers with sunlightFlowers smell so niceDavid Flores
  40. 40. The sunning flowerFlower is sayin come beeplease pollinat meBeau Brown
  41. 41. Water dropping outThe water is so coolIt is so prettyMykkah cobb
  42. 42. The Fountain is coolThe Fountain makes a Dropping Noise.The Fountain is hard.Tyshanell white
  43. 43. Its pretty pinkThe flower is vary cuteI want the flowerAbril luevano
  44. 44. Its such a hot dayIm just a pretty flowerJust loving the sunNatajha james
  45. 45. Liked the bench outsideBecause I liked the flowersAnd I like to sitCameron Craig
  46. 46. 5 period th
  47. 47. The orange fish is deadThe fish died in the waterIt was hot outsideDaylon
  48. 48. I am a rough rockEverybody says im roughI am a rough rockJesus
  49. 49. Aren’t these flowers nice?,They are a nice shade of pink,I want to pick them.Anna
  50. 50. SeaThe waves are crashingFish are swimming peacefullySalt water is grossMadison
  51. 51. GrasshopperThis is Billy BobHe is a Green GrasshopperHe is Very coolChaser
  52. 52. FishI am a small fishI am orange and so awesomeI live in the pondErasto
  53. 53. BeachSeashells in the sandSun beats down, water rushesIn between my toes.Hannah Bland
  54. 54. CricketI am a cricketI hop around all the timeKids use me as baitHunter
  55. 55. The Dead FishThe gold fish is bigThe goldfish is really deadThe dead fish can floatBrandon
  56. 56. FishIm a little fishThat likes to swimI have lots of friendsEnocincio
  57. 57. The lifeless fish in water .It once had a very amazing life.But it’s time has come.Colby Ferguson
  58. 58. My orange fish grows hereI need water to live hereI am growing bigTrevor wood
  59. 59. PONDSThey give homes to fishPonds are good for animalsThey give water tooAngel
  60. 60. My purple flowerI am blooming highI need sun to growBriana Castillo
  61. 61. I am a flowerI smell very very goodI carry pollenLogan bates
  62. 62. FlowerBig yellow flowerBlooming in the summer breezeMy stem makes me tallEmily Watson
  63. 63. Cold water pours downFlowing through the rocky streamThe steady stream soundMyka Mayper
  64. 64. Dragonfly can flySo can I fly like it fliesBut I don’t have wingsCarlos Aguilar
  65. 65. I am a cattailI have lots of pointy spikesI grow in waterChaser crouch
  66. 66. Pretty rose is meDon’t touch my stem its pricklySwaying in the breezeSydney Talley
  67. 67. It is a hot dayThe sun is out making heatPond is glitteryClint Ewing
  68. 68. Pretty pink flowerI saw a flowerIt was very small and pinkIt was on a treeSheily Torres
  69. 69. I am a goldfishFor the first time I saw kidsI am very smallAntonio Valencia
  70. 70. A frog in the sunI see in crystal waterSwimming in a pondKelsey Vincent
  71. 71. 6 period th
  72. 72. I’m a leafy tree.I stand as pretty as can be.Oh tree, a tree ,tree.By: Jasmine Miles
  73. 73. Bees like’s my honeyI’m a pretty flowerAnd I smell so goodBy: Jasamine Bell
  74. 74. Beautiful flowersCan’t take your eyes off of themAnd can’t even blinkBy: Lizeth Farelas
  75. 75. Dirt is soft and dryDirt is not alive, its mudMud and dirty are uglyDajoun Nathan
  76. 76. Let the tree be tallTry not to let tree get smallIts so gloriousDariousColeman
  77. 77. A big rock by eachOne rock plus one rock equalsA red yellow rockDavious
  78. 78. Birds are going tweetAnd I do tweet tweet toothe flower smell goodMario
  79. 79. I am a green plantThat always lives in waterAnd has a great lifeYadira Martinez
  80. 80. Dead fish had no painI felt so bad for the fishI am sorry FishDevin Brown
  81. 81. Waterfalls fall over theSky . That’s how It falls downThe gigantic rockFrankie
  82. 82. I see black field ofDirty sand and brown , whiteGrumble of dirtLenboy
  83. 83. There was a beautiful water fountainThough about it in my mind and nowI wish it was mineKareemah
  84. 84. The shiny waterWith rock and sunny waterIt’s a waterfallCourtney
  85. 85. Im a tree with rosesI need water, oxygen, and sunKeep me growing and liveErica
  86. 86. It’s a small fishA really dead fishA fish in a pondJose
  87. 87. Im a leafy treeI stand pretty as can beOh tree, a tree, treeJasamine
  88. 88. The fish is aloneThe fish is and will be deadThe fish is still deadFrancisco
  89. 89. There was a big rockThe big rock did nothing butsitIt’s a lonely rockAdam
  90. 90. There once was a fishWho made a wish he lived inA school pond like thisGuadalupe
  91. 91. The flowers are redThe flowers smell really niceThe flowers are niceMaiden
  92. 92. I am a green treeShort green tree with nice pink leaves Me a little treeAlisha
  93. 93. 8 period th
  94. 94. The plats are blueThe plants are red andThere so colorfully andSo cute and attractiveJulio Parada
  95. 95. I’m a poor fishAt Drane the water is dirtyI’m going to dieNestor
  96. 96. Trees are filled with lightTrees are wonderful and brightTrees are easy to climb-Jennah Wilson
  97. 97. The rock is differentThe rock is hard like metalThe rock is heavyJervontae Anderson
  98. 98. Love Love of a leafAren’t you a part that my heartReally has to needGenesis muniz
  99. 99. This little flower….Storms and rain….. feels no pain…Has been threw a lot…..Rylee gazaway
  100. 100. Dead fish have no pain.The dead fish was in a pond.The fish was bright orange.Saul Grimaldo
  101. 101. I had a board namedFlower power. They might smellGood. I had a flowerMattie
  102. 102. Dead fish it’s a shameGee there’s no one to blameI really feel the sameMicah Wafer
  103. 103. Gold fish all lookThe same and live the same butThey all think differentCarolina
  104. 104. The rock is dirtyThe rock is smooth like a deskThe rock is deformedPrince Henderson
  105. 105. The frog was hungryHe waited for the dumb fliesThey came he ate themJossie Mooney
  106. 106. The flowers are pinkThe flowers are so beautifulThe flowers are smallDiana Sanchez
  107. 107. The sky is light blueSo are you but who are youIm a big blue whaleJordan Wilson
  108. 108. It is color greenThe water had dead fishIt is nastyVanessa plazola
  109. 109. It was greenAnd hard it could jumpIt was a grasshopper.John Humphries
  110. 110. The pond is dirtyThe grass is very awesomeThe pond smells nastyNoah cline
  111. 111. Trees are fun to climb.Trees do photosynthesis.Trees give us clean air. Brisa saldana
  112. 112. The pond is openIt’s full of fish and green grassIt’s so beautifulCristal Hernandez