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Selling or buying a vehicle can at times be a very daunting task. This is because a lot is required including looking for a seller or buyer and advertising. Today, Autobays which assist people to sell or buy cars privately are available. The Autobay is a firm which brings sellers and buyers of vehicles together.

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  1. 1. Of Buying Or Selling CarsThrough AutobaySelling or buying a vehicle can at times be a verydaunting task. This is because a lot is requiredincluding looking for a seller or buyer andadvertising. Today, Autobays which assist people tosell or buy cars privately are available. The Autobayis a firm which brings sellers and buyers of vehiclestogether.These firms normally facilitate the whole salestransaction on the sellers behalf. This is done bylisting vehicles free on their websites and carryingout extensive advertising to the many potentialbuyers. Anyone who shows interest in a car is takenfor a test drive in a safe and secure environment.The seller is expected to submit certain informationthrough completing a form online. The detailsrequired include name of seller, contact details plusthe vehicles description. The vehicle detailsinclude make, price range and model among otherdetails. When the company receives these details,representatives from the company appraise the vehiclephysically before taking photos. The photos plusother details are posted on the website of thecompany for viewing by potential buyers.Anyone who wishes to buy a vehicle could also contactthese firms. The firms assist buyers in purchasingcars hassle free and also facilitate all transactionson behalf of the buyer. Interested buyers arerequired to search in the extensive database of suchcompanies. After identifying a vehicle, they aresupposed to submit a request for it. These firms
  2. 2. arrange for test drives in secure and safeenvironments.Many of the firms handle all paperwork such aslicensing on their customers behalf. They could alsocollect money from the buyers and arrange fortransfer of vehicle ownership. Some can also arrangefor financing and assist with insurance arrangements.They could also accept a trade-in at competitiveprices.The firms deal in both second hand vehicles and newcars. They usually charge a facilitation fee which isquite reasonable. They base the fee on somepercentage of the vehicles price plus the VAT. Thisfee is paid by both sellers and buyers. The buyer isresponsible for licensing and registration fees whilethe seller pays for multi-point checks or any otherexpenses.The Autobay is a credible and safe place thatfacilitates selling and buying of private motorvehicles. It assists sellers and buyers in gettinggreat car deals. This is done by facilitating testdrives and conducting multi-point checks. They reducealso the expenses and hassles associated with sellingand buying vehicles because they handle salestransactions plus advertising on the clients behalf.