Audi A4


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The Audi is among the most popular vehicles in the world today. The first model was produced in 1910 in Germany and was a simple vehicle with an inline-four engine of 2612cc. However, this vehicle has undergone tremendous changes over the years and is now available in different body styles at different prices and different features.

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Audi A4

  1. 1. A4: Reliable, Efficient And FastThe Audi is among the most popular vehicles in theworld today. The first model was produced in 1910 inGermany and was a simple vehicle with an inline-fourengine of 2612cc. However, this vehicle has undergonetremendous changes over the years and is nowavailable in different body styles at differentprices and different features. Audi A4 is one of themost recent models.This A4 series has been developed in 4 generationsand is based on the platform of Volkswagen B. It isin the class of compact executive cars. The 1stgeneration of this series was produced in 1994 and isstill undergoing improvements up-to-date. Itspredecessor was Audi80 and it is thus a continuationof the lineage. The generation began with B5, B6 andB7 series followed by the latest which is B8 series.These vehicles have a layout that includes alongitudinal engine in the front and the trans-axletransmission that is mounted at the back of theengine. They are either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Some have quattro-four wheels drivesystem. The steering settings and suspension geometryof these vehicles are revised heavily. They have anelectronic stability program system, improvednavigation systems, new chassis electronics and newinternal combustion engine ranges plus otherwonderful features.They come in various body styles such as convertible,saloon, cabriolet, sedan, wagon and estate. Some have5 doors, 4 doors or 2 doors. They have a transmissionof 7 speed, 6 or 5 speed. Multitronics, automatic andmanual models are available. Their size has been
  2. 2. increased and this gives them more legroom and moretrunk space.The vehicles have diesel engines or petrol engines.Their diesel engines use turbocharged directinjection and their petrol engines use fuelinjection. Since their engines have an increasedpower output, their fuel consumption is low. Theseengines are efficient and powerful.The models found in the market today have undergonethe necessary safety tests and have passed. These A4series have a number of standard safety features andare high performing cars. These security featuresinclude electronic stability program and Bosch. Theyhave also a quattro 4-wheel drive system, side-guardcurtain airbags, anti-lock braking system and sideairbags in the seats.Audi A4 series has been through a lot of improvementscompared to other models. Refinements have beencarried out on the engines, interiors and the bodyamong other parts. The performance is high and isthus classified among the most reliable vehiclesfound in the market. Anyone looking for an efficient,reliable and fast car may find this series quiteideal.