Imperialism project


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Imperialism project

  1. 1. Imperialism Project
  2. 2. Option 1: Daily ShowImperialism News Show ActivityIn pairs of 2:► Create a News Show that highlights a majorconflict in a region of the world whereImperialism took place in the 1800’s.► Research the situation, type a script,practice your performance and video tape yourproduction.► Props, Costumes, Accuracy, typed scriptand Drama all count!
  3. 3. Your News show will look like this:• News Anchor introduces news program and therelationship between the two sides, the European andthe Non-European. News Anchor explains who isinvolved and gives a brief history of the issues and thearea.• News Anchor goes live to the Field Agent standing inthe middle of the area under Imperialism during or justafter the main violent conflict between the Europeansand the Non-Europeans.• Field Agent gives a brief historical description of thisparticular conflict and the position of the two sides.• Field Agent interviews the European and the Non-European.• The European and the Non-European give their pointsof view.
  4. 4. Option 2: Essay• Write an Editorial to a Newspaper in 1899 eitherFOR or AGAINST Imperialism.• Choose a specific incident and country as yourexample. (ex. King Leopold II of Belgium, Opium Wars, Boers in South Africa)• Give background information and explainEuropean involvement and motivation in theregion.• Establish criteria to support your opinion anduse historical data to support your argument.• 5 paragraph minimum,30 sentences doublespaced and typed.
  5. 5. Option 3: Collage• Create a Collage describing a major eventin Imperialism in great detail.• Cover who, why, when, how, where andthe significance of the event, must betyped.• Include drawings, pictures and illustrationsfor your information.• Use color and artistic skill to create abeautiful project, neatness counts. (seeexamples)
  6. 6. WhenWho WhereWhyHowSignificanceEVENT
  7. 7. THE WAVES:“When”: The waves ofimmigration from Ellis Island.They were from northern andwestern Europe, mainlybetween 1849 and 1920…About 25 million peopleimmigrated to the USA.LOCATION:“Where”: Ellis Island islocated in the New YorkHarbor. Is was built in1842 from a buildingknown as the CastleGarden- an old militarystructure. For many it isthe Statue of Liberty thatwas their first glimpse ofAmerica. ManyImmigrants went to thebig cities to find Jobs incheap labor.REASONS:“Why”: Most immigrants lefttheir native countries for veryimportant reasons. Some left toescape religious persecution,famine, political corruption, badeconomy, etc. Some left just toget a better chance here inAmerica.THE TRIP:“How”: The trip was a long journey withuncomfortable conditions. Steerage was the classthat most traveled in because it was inexpensive.The trip was crowded and took up to 3 months.SIGNIFICANCE:This event changed the US immensely. Mostcurrent Americans have a friend oracquaintance who’s an immigrant. 40% ofAmericans can trace their families to Ellis Islandalone. It has created our cultural melting pot ofAmerica and shaped our diverse nation.ImmigrationIMMIGRANTS:“Who”: These people who camethrough the Island, European andCaribbean people who wanted abetter like. Germans came andBritish, Irish, Scandinavian, laterpeople from Italy, Russia andPoland. Some were poor, somerich.This is a C-example
  8. 8. This is an A example….