7.1 india's first empires


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7.1 india's first empires

  1. 1. India and China EstablishEmpires 400 B.C.-AD.550
  2. 2. Chapter Opener  Asoka: The Buddhist King of India • Buddhism turned Asoka, the bloodthirsty king of ancient India’s Mauryan Empire, into a peace-loving ruler.
  3. 3. Section 1: India’s First Empires
  4. 4. The Mauryan Empire is Established Chandragupta Maurya Seizes Power • In 321 B.C. Chandragupta Maurya seizes power, starts Mauryan Empire Chandragupta Maurya Unifies North India • Chandragupta defeats Seleucus I; north India is united for the first time • Chandragupta uses taxes to support his large army
  5. 5. The Mauryan Empire is Established Running the Empire • Chandragupta’s chief adviser is Kautilya, a priest • Chandragupta creates a bureaucratic government • He divides the government to make it easier to rule
  6. 6. The Mauryan Empire is Established Life in the City and the Country • A Greek ambassador writes glowing praise of the empire • Chandragupta’s son rules from 301 to 269 B.C., (32 years) • Aŝoka— Chandragupta’s grandson, brings the empire to its height Mahabodhi Temple, site of first temple built by Asoka (3rd century B.C.) on spot of Buddha’s enlightenment. Bihar, India
  7. 7. The Mauryan Empire is Established Asoka Promotes Buddhism • After a bloody war with Kalinga, Asoka promotes Buddhism and peace • Preaches religious toleration—accepting people of different religions • Builds roads, with wells along them
  8. 8. A Period of Turmoil The Breakup of the Mauryan Empire • Asoka dies in 232 B.C.; kingdoms in central India soon break away • The Andhra Dynasty dominates central India for centuries • Northern India receives immigrants from Greece and other parts of Asia • Tamils—a people living in southern India—remain separate and frequently war with rival peoples.
  9. 9. The Gupta Empire is Established  Chandra Gupta Builds an Empire • Chandra Gupta marries into kingship in north India in A.D. 320 • Starts Gupta Empire —India’s second empire; flowering of Indian civilization, especially Hindu culture (see next slide) • His son Samudra Gupta expands empire with conquest
  10. 10. Tamils
  11. 11. The Gupta Empire is Established Daily Life in India • Majority of Indians are farmers; entire family raises crops together • Families are patriarchal—headed by the eldest male • Farmers have to contribute work to government and pay heavy taxes • Some Tamil families are matriarchal— led by mother rather than father
  12. 12. The Gupta Empire is Established Height of the Gupta Empire • Chandra Gupta II rules from A.D. 375- 415 • He defeats the Shakas and adds western coast to empire • Gupta Empire sees flourishing of arts, religion, and science • After Chandra Gupta II dies, the empire declines