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  1. 1. FLOW CHART The Preparation for Ministry Process-Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 recommendation to CPM/Presbytery. Choose recommendations on enrollment as an Inquirer. Inquirer applies to become Candidate through Applicant Is Active Member of Sponsoring Develop Covenant Agreement for Guidance, Goals, Inquiry Phase & makes recommendation regarding Session interviews applicant and makes CPM interviews applicant & makes Review of Preparation process and progress. CPM Confers with Inquirer. reviews evidence of Presbytery receives CPM recommendation and examines Inquirer. Presbytery receives and enrolls Develop Covenant Agreement for Guidance, Goals, Review of Preparation Process and progress. CPM conducts a final assessment of candidates Presbytery enrollment of Inquirer Presbyteries Cooperative Examinations Congregation (for at least 6 months) Session Notifies CPM of Applicant Session liaison CPM liaison appointed Consultations, and Reports Session Candidacy CPM approves circulation of PIF to seek a call Examination and Ordination Steps In The Process CPM Meets for Session Orientation Session confers with Inquirer as candidate Consultation & Reports Negotiation for Service/Call Presbytery certifies Candidates ready to seek a call APPLICATION AND ENROLLMENT FOR INQUIRY INQUIRY APPLICATION ENROLLMENT FOR CANDIDACY CANIDACY REVIEW CERTIFICATION FOR READIINESS FOR MINISTRY Applicant Inquirer Candidate I M M P I I M M M I I M M I I M Session P I M I P M P I Session Liaison P P P P P P P P P CPM P I I I M P I I M M I I M P CPM Liason M P P P P P P Presbytery P M M M P I Theological Institution I P P P P General Assembly P P P P P 0301 0303f 0306a(2) .b 0308 0301 0309 0306a(2) 0314a,b Book of Order 0303B 0313 0308 0309 0401 References G- 0306A(2) 0303c 0303d 6,0108a. 0305a 0304 0313 0310b(4)c,d 0303g 0305i 0310a,b,c,d 0402a,b 14 0311 0303c 0306a(1) 0306b 0303e 0303e b.c 0303a.g 0303g 0305b0305c,d 0305e,f,g 6.0108a,b,c ,e 0310 0309d 0309d 0309d 0507 11.0402 Manual References (Page #s) 14 22 22,28 14-15,22 15,28 28 15-16,23 17,23 17,23 17,30,32 17,25-26 17,23-24 18 34 35 18 34 Forms to use in reporting 1 1 2A 2A,2A,2A 2B,3,4 5A 5A 5A 5A 3,4,5b 3 6 6 ** 7B Note: Form 8 (File Folder is used throughtout the process. (G14,0311, form 7A) and withdrawals (G-14,0312, Form 7B) can occur at any time during the process. I-Initiates; M-Mutual Involvement P-Participant (**=CPM Approval to Circulate PIF Form (see Step 16) FlowChart.xls