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Customised Pen Drive

  1. 1. Where Innovation is for perfection.Visit us at :
  2. 2. Product RangeProducts We Offer:1.) Media Players.2.) Blue Ray Players.3.) Tablets (Mobile Internet Device)4.) Mobile Accessories.5.) Laptops.6.) Customized Pendrives With Company Logo Printing.7.) Data Cables8.) Simulators.9.) HTPC10.) Security Products (CCTV, DVR, Biometric Systems, Networking Products)Services We Offer:1.) Web Development (E-commerce)2.) Procurement Solution (From China to India)3.) Gifting Solutions for all type of products.
  3. 3. About the Company.The organization was founded in 1982 for manufacturing of transformers & coilsfor the Electronic Industry. It was an OEM supplier to Television and Industrial.Later we started trading in IT related products & manufacturing activity wastransferred to a group of Co. Synergetics Winders.Since 2000 the company have a very good reputation on various e-commercewebsites.In 2001 the company launched the first 5.1 Channel sound technology in Indiawith (SRS Labs USA)We started providing sourcing solutions for all kind of products from China to Indiafrom 2008 in which we have served various clients.
  4. 4. Recent ClientsInquiries in Process:
  5. 5. Branding + Fashion + Utility= Pen Drive
  6. 6. Ceramic Pen Drive
  7. 7. Square Magic Rotary USB Flash Stick
  8. 8. Mini Coin USB Pen Drive
  9. 9. Magic Cube USB drive