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Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is a Non- Governmental Company owned and operating by Afghans, registered with Ministry of Commerce Afghanistan and affiliated of Number of Local & International prominent companies Under License Number Is 18879
Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is a global logistics & trading company providing integrated transportation solutions to a wide array of Customers, with offices nationwide and strategically located warehouse and distribution centres.
Throughout Afghanistan Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is well positioned to accommodate your needs.

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Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C

  2. 2. Aria Armaghan Afghan Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is a Non- Governmental Company owned and operating by Afghans, registered with Ministry of Commerce Afghanistan and affiliated of Number of Local & Internationalprominent companies Under License Number Is 18879Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is a global logistics & trading companyproviding integrated transportation solutions to a wide array of Customers, with officesnationwide and strategically located warehouse and distribution centres.Throughout Afghanistan Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is wellpositioned to accommodate your needs.Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C reputation is founded on its people,whose knowledge, commitment and dedication are Inherent in our everyday businesspractices. Combining a flexible and efficient information System together with thequalities of our staff and the loyalty of our customers continues to be the Sample for oursuccess.Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C recognizes that our people are ourgreatest asset. Our foundation is based on the Integrity of our people, whose passion andcommitment is to service our customers.For the best assignment we will be providing best quality internationalExperts with specialization in housing scheme addition its own materialsProduction, the firm extended its services gradually in the entire country.It is a matter of great honour for the group that always executed all itsProjects within the target time and to the best satisfaction of its clientsAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C has major role in national widebusiness and it is popular in Kabul City and other Cities of Afghanistan inTransportation, Construction field, Logistic, Security equipment & armored and SoftVehicles, general supply and Fast moving Consumer goods (FMCG)& Etc…Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C has unique idea of serving the nativewith best economical and comfortable living meets international standard.Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C has skills research and idea of bestliving availability and society with the economical and comfortable price toaccommodate all people in society.Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C promise to provide everything legal onmay expect of a first class all Type of projects at an affordable price.Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C goal comprises to contribute therehabilitation and socioeconomic Uplift of Afghanistan through the planning and undertalking of economic agriculture and devolvement of the projects
  3. 3. Aria Armaghan Afghan Vision To be regarded throughout Afghanistan region as a high quality services. Transportation, Construction Materials, Logisticservices, Armored & Soft vehicles MissionAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is dedicated to the goalof being the premier solution provider for integrated logistics, Freightforwarding and transport management, General Trading, FMCG supplies,Distribution channel in Afghanistan.By planning an essential role in our clients businesses and deliveringValue added services throughout the supply chain with the highestQuality service and the highest integrity, we aim for completeCustomer satisfaction at all times.We are experienced1: (MRRD) Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation of Afghanistan 2011 $ 400, 00.002: World Bank IT Equipment to Ministry of Public of Afghanistan IT Department2011 $ 66,750.003: CAMP Eggers Kabul Region Supplying IT Equipment with Contract #W91B4M-10-T-0025 Year 2010, $ 481,412.796: Contract of Network and CISCO for ALPHA Group of companies 2011,$ 39,545.007: Contract of CISCO Equipment to Maihan Bastan Organization Kabul andKunduz Provinces, $ 44,000.00
  4. 4. Aria Armaghan Afghan We Deal in  Distribution Channel, Warehousing, Delivery, Direct Sales, Marketing, Esales, Pre sales and Direct Sales in Afghanistan  IT Equipment, Cisco, Panduit, Networking  Printers, Zebra, Hp, Dell, Canon, Brothers, Epson Etc…  Motorola Radio one way, two way VHF, UHF, Codan.  Mobile Phones, Nokia, Samsung, Black berry, iPhone, HTC  ANA/ANP and US Military standard Boots, Uniform Etc…  Furniture, Office, School, Hospital, NGOs Etc…  Stationary, Military, Ministries, Schools, Offices  Gem stones  Electrical Equipment  Generators  All kind Fuel and Gas Supplies.  Professional HD cameras, Studio Cameras, Lights etc...  Steel and wood chairs and tables, for office and school.  Blankets, Matters, Steel Beds Etc…  Cooling and Heating System, Air conditioning service and installation.  Conexes &Shipping containers, air conditioned containers  Food Services, Soft Drinks & Mineral Water, Energy Drinks etc…  Armored & Soft Vehicles for rent & sell  Security equipment, CCTVs Etc…  Construction equipment & materials  Printing & advertisement Etc…
  5. 5. AAA Distribution Channel The Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is distributing Multinational Brands in Afghanistan,Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C sales andmarketing team very experienced, talented, smart and young asthey are known in Afghanistan market by each shop and Retailshops, Our partners are, Colgate, Trendy Line, BIC, Plusi energydrink, Pincool Furniture, Shenzhen Technology Company, MRLED Company, Wafer, Britanian Wafers, Cooking Oil, Karmanclothing company Chine, IK Watch’s Company Chine.We are authorized dealer for above companies in Afghanistansince 2005 in Afghanistan.Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C Distributioncoverage 33 Provinces of Afghanistan with Branded vehicle anduniformed sales and marketing Team with having warehouse indeferent locations of Afghanistan.
  6. 6. IT Equipment WE deal in all kin of IT products such as Cisco Branded Switches, Panduit Branded products, HpProducts, Dell Products, Asus Products, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo Etc…
  7. 7. Aria Armaghan Afghan PrintersWe deal in all kind of printer laser jet, ink jet, office jet, network andcopiers such as Hp, Dell, Brothers, Epson, Canon, Xerox etc…
  8. 8. Aria Armaghan Afghan MOTOROLA RADIOS We deal in Motorola UHF, VHF one way and two way Radios, Codan, Talkie walki, and other kind of radios and Etc…
  9. 9. Aria Armaghan Afghan Mobile Phones, Desktop Phones Etc...We deal in all kind of mobile phone, desktop phone, Ip phones, Networkphone many more models, 3G service, Black Berry service, Digicom…
  10. 10. Aria Armaghan Afghan MILITARY WEARS
  11. 11. Aria Armaghan Afghan FurnitureAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C deals with different kind of materialsand furniture. Our products are from different companies and countries, we havefurniture on stock from turkey, china, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Europe made.We have office chairs, office desks, office tables, dining tables, chairs, sofas,Wooden beds, steel bed, double story beds, single story beds, Etc…
  12. 12. Aria Armaghan Afghan STATIONARYAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is second authorized wholesaler of BICin Kabul, Balkh, and Herat and provides all your needs relating stationary. Wehave the names of the following available stationary, with a very reasonable priceand your delivery, We provide you the top of quality Stationary like White paper(A3, A4), Pen(blue, red, green & black), Clip(Small, Medium & Big), File (Small,Big & Plastic), Pencil, Pilot Pen, Highlight pen, Rubber, Punch Machine, Staplerneedle, Note Book, Ruler, Glue, cutter, Correction pen, Scissors, Pen holders,Calculator, Cutter, Envelope, Marker, Needle remover, Sticker, Paper holder,Plastic sheet, CDs, DVDs, Plastic cover Press cover, Cart hanger, Cart cover,Binder machine etc….
  13. 13. Aria Armaghan Afghan GEMSTONES Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C deal in any kind of Gemstones all over Afghanistan for Export, You can find any kind of Gemstone with us under International standards with best cutting and rare colour, Find the bellow information about our Gemstones quality and standards. The quality of a gemstone depends on many different characteristics. Four of them can be easily remembered as the 4 C’s: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Colour: This refers to the colour of a gemstone. In general, the more vibrant, strong and beautiful the colour is, the more valuable the stone. This strength in colour is often called “Intensity” Examples of colour intensity: Another aspect of a stone’s colour that can affect its value is its rarity. For example, a golden-pink topaz (Imperial Topaz) is more valuable than a blue topaz, all other characteristics being equal. This is because it is harder to find topaz of this colour. Notice how colour affects the value of Amethyst.Too Light Better Colour Best Colour Rare Colour inAmethyst: This Amethyst: The colour Amethyst: This is Amethyst. The flashesstone is a very pale, here is stronger and the ideal and most of red in this amethystdull unattractive more attractive, though valuable colour for make it very rare andcolour. It is not "top colour." Some amethyst. It is valuable. A large stonetherefore, relatively people like this colour intense, dark and of this colour willless valuable. better. It is easy to find. beautiful. command top prices.
  14. 14. GEMSTONES Clarity: refers to the amount of “inclusions” or impurities there are in a stone. If you can see through the stone with an unobstructed view of the bottom facets (called the pavilion), it is a clear stone. Inclusions are usually another mineral that has been trapped inside the crystal as it was forming. Clarity is also affected by internal cracks. Generally speaking, the clearer the stone, the more valuable it is: Here are some examples of the differences in clarity sapphirePoor Clarity: This stone Decent Clarity: We Typical Clarity: This As Good as itis almost opaque. We can see into this sapphire is not perfectly Gets. Wow. A verycan not see into it, nor sapphire somewhat: clear, but we can catch nice sapphire, whichcan we see any light depth of colour and light from most of the as far as the eye canreflecting or glowing light reflecting from a bottom facets. This is tell is very clear. Wefrom the inside because few facets. The white representative of what is see into the wholeof the thick mineral cloudy areas still widely available in the stone and catch a lotdeposits (inclusions) impede its beauty and market and medium of reflectedinside it. Sapphires of make it less valuable. priced (depending also on light. Sapphires likethis clarity are common colour, cut and size) this are rare andand less valuable command top prices. .
  15. 15. Aria Armaghan Afghan Electronics, Home appliance and Sound systemsAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C can offer you with differentkind of electrical equipment. We can Supply you with any kind of elect recallequipment, weather it is for an electrical distribution station or a small housingelectrical system.You can find GPS, Flat TV, HD TVs, DVD Players, Home Entertainment systems,Club sound system, lights, wall mounts and wall fitted TVs’ and Etc….
  16. 16. Aria Armaghan Afghan Generators Aria Armaghan Afghan General TradingL.L.C are here to provide best and long life Generators, you can order any kind ofgenerators such as Diesel, Gas, petrol, small and big size, silent and normal underISO standards.Generators Brands as bellowHonda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Jin hao, Yung hao, FG Wilson, Genrec, paramac, brigsand startton, maita, T surumi, catter pillar, and Etc….
  17. 17. Aria Armaghan Afghan Fuel and Gas Supply
  18. 18. Aria Armaghan Afghan Studio EquipmentHD camera, SLR Professional Cameras, Studio System Etc….
  19. 19. Aria Armaghan Afghan Steel, Chairs and TablesAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C provide Steel Tables and Chairs fromout side country and manufacture in side country on ISO Standards, Wemanucature Office, School, COnferencs hall, wedding hall, small and big sizechairs and tables in defrent desinges
  20. 20. Aria Armaghan Afghan Mattress, Pillow Etc… Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is authorized whole seller of diamonds Foam, Multi Foam,Ni Hao Foam, Good Morning Foam, Mattress, Pillow in all Over Afghanistan
  21. 21. Aria Armaghan Afghan Cooling and Heating SystemInstallation, Services and Repairing with Best Technicians
  22. 22. Aria Armaghan Afghan Connex, Container, Refrigerator Containers
  23. 23. Aria Armaghan Afghan Food, supply & ServiceAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C Provide best Food Services for Military, ANA, ANP,Universities, Trainings, Weddings, Official Parties, Non Official Parties, Also able to supply dry food,and all kinds of vegetables.
  24. 24. Aria Armaghan Afghan Armored & Soft Vehicles Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.CAble to provide and supply any kind of JAPANIES car soft skin and armored allover Afghanistan, with low price and Best delivery date,
  25. 25. Aria Armaghan Afghan Security Equipment Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C dealin CCTVs, Outdoor camera, Indore Cameras, Security Systems, Towers Securitysystems, Installation and Service and Etc…
  26. 26. Aria Armaghan Afghan Construction & EquipmentAria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C Also able to provideContraction equipment & Material under Its Construction License
  27. 27. Aria Armaghan Afghan Advertising and Printing Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C give supply all kind of printing and advertisings services all over Afghanistan, such as Banners, Billboards, Sing, Promotional Items, T-shirts, Pens, Cups, Caps, Note Books, Etc…
  28. 28. Aria Armaghan AfghanFor any Information please Contact Below.Phone: +93786702070Email: gm@aaageneraltrading.comAddress: Khan Plaza 6th floor Office 601 to 605 Kabul,