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Living green

  1. 1. Mr. EstrellaLiving Green
  2. 2.  Basically, green living refers to a way of life thatcontributes towards maintaining the naturalecological balance in the environment, andpreserving the planet and its natural systems andresources. (Sustainability). There are many things you can do to live a greenlife. When you live a green life, you help the Earth,other living things, your health, the health of yourfriends, family and one day your childrens’ health.Introduction – Living Green
  3. 3.  reducing pollution – pollution causes manyillnesses including cancer. conserving natural resources – so ourchildren and other living things will alsohave them to use. recycling non-biodegradable products – sowe don’t have to use so many naturalresources and allow other living things touse them so they may live.(biodegradable: materials that break downover time)Introduction – Living Green
  4. 4.  contributing to conservation of forests andwildlife – help care for other living thingsthat cannot help themselves. cultivating more plants and trees in vacantlands – helps make more oxygen, removescarbon-dioxide which heats up the Earth.Plants also help people relax and lowersthe risk of mental illness. helping maintain the ecological balance onthe earth, so that all living beings cansurvive and thrive in their natural habitat.Introduction – Living Green
  5. 5. Benefit 1: Lower Costs One of the most evidentbenefits of going green isthat it can help us savemoney. When you and I conserveenergy and resources, bynot wasting water andelectricity, we help reducethe amount of money thatneeds to be spent on energyand resources.
  6. 6.  By sending our unwanteditems for recycling, and bypurchasing recycled products,in the long run we are reducingthe cost of production, becauseit uses more energy (andhence is more costly) tomanufacture products usingvirgin raw materials(resources taken from naturefor the first time.)Benefit 1: Lower CostsRecycled PaperRecycling Plastic Bottles
  7. 7.  Some things have to be recycled at special placesbecause they contain very bad chemicals that canmake you sick. E-Waste for exampleBenefit 1: Lower CostsBest Buy Recycling
  8. 8.  As we reduce our waste, by reducing consumption orreusing, or diverting waste from the landfills andincinerators through recycling, we would be able tosave on waste disposal. Land originally intended forlandfills and incinerator plants can now be freed up forother uses.Benefit 1: Lower CostsA Better Landfill
  9. 9.  And reducing the pollution that we create ischeaper than trying to clean up the pollution afterwe have created the mess!Benefit 1: Lower Costs
  10. 10. Living Green Review 11. Sustainability:2. List 3 benefits you get from living green.3. What things can pollution cause?4. Biodegradable:5. Why is carbon dioxide bad when there is toomuch?6. Recycling:7. Virgin raw materials:8. why is it more expensive to make a soda canfrom new aluminum?9. What is the difference between re-using andreducing consumption?10. Landfills:
  11. 11.  A result of living green is a cleaner environment.Reducing air pollution and carbon dioxide givesus better air quality and better health.Benefit 2: Healthier Lives
  12. 12.  Air pollution isestimated to causeabout 2 millionpremature deathsworldwide every year.Common airpollutants like leadhave been found tobe associated withbrain damage.Benefit 2: Healthier Lives
  13. 13.  Our environment impacts the quality of our food andtherefore our health. We cannot consume polluted water and foodcontaminated with chemicals (i.e. fish with mercury(brain damage), vegetables exposed to acid rain, etc)for long periods without getting sick.Benefit 2: Healthier Lives
  14. 14. Benefit 2: Healthier Lives
  15. 15.  Living green lowers the impact of extremetemperatures and climate changes brought aboutby global warming. Climate change has caused death in parts of theworld through natural disasters such as heat-waves, floods and droughts.Global WarmingBenefit 2: Healthier Lives
  16. 16.  With activities like deforestation and miningtaking place on a large scale, pollution beinggenerated and global warming getting worse, ourforests and wildlife are being destroyed at a veryrapid rate.Benefit 2: Healthier Lives
  17. 17.  Organic farming helps protect forests and wildlife(i.e. no pesticides). By doing so we protect thesafety of our food and other natural products, andultimately, our own health!Benefit 2: Healthier Lives
  18. 18. Living Green Review 21. What 2 chemicals in the air or food cancause brain damage?2. Organic3. Global Warming4. Deforestation5. Mining6. Explain global warming, include the gas thathelps cause this and what the gas does thatmakes the temperatures warmer. Includewhere the gas comes from and what normallyremoves it from the air. Do we need any of itat all? (you’ll need at least a couple ofparagraphs to explain this.)
  19. 19.  One of the most important benefits of going greenis a more sustainable world. At the rate that we are consuming the world’sresources, polluting the earth, fueling globalwarming, and destroying the earth’s ecosystem,we will be left with nothing (no clean air, water,land and food) but an un-livable world beyondrepair.Benefit 3: A Sustainable World
  20. 20. Benefit 3: A Sustainable World
  21. 21.  While it is important for each of our nations toseek and maintain growth and development, weneed to do so in a sustainable way. It is important for each and every one of us to doour parts, but an individual’s effort alone is notenough. We need to work together as a humancommunity.Benefit 3: A Sustainable World
  22. 22. Living Green Review 31. Many people argue that jobs are moreimportant than the environment. Do youagree or disagree? Explain why you feel thisway.2. What are some ways we can get others tohelp protect our environment? (2 minimum)3. Can you think of any examples where peopleused up their natural resources? Whathappened? (extra credit)
  23. 23.  To truly experience the benefits of goinggreen, you need to look beyond materialluxuries.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  24. 24.  Two key principles of going green areconservation (protecting) and thereduction of consumption and waste –which means to use and consume the earth’sresources with care, and not over-indulge.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  25. 25.  Material luxuries can only bring youmomentary happiness. At the end of the day,non-material things (e.g. relationships, self-actualization, etc.) actually matter more.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  26. 26.  Material luxuries can only bring youmomentary happiness. No one lying ontheir death bed ever said “I wish I’d mademore money.” They always say “I wish I’dspent more time with my loved ones.”Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  27. 27.  Going green does not mean giving up thecomfortable life. It just means having more consideration forthe things we use and the environment welive in, bearing in mind the impact of ouractions on the earth.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  28. 28.  Going green does not mean giving up thecomfortable life.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  29. 29.  Going green does not mean giving up thecomfortable life.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  30. 30.  We can have a more beautiful environment,less pollution. With better quality of air,surroundings and food, we are more likelyto be healthier (to be around to fulfill ourgoals and enjoy our relationships.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  31. 31.  Nature has been proven to be important togood mental health. We all need a place toenjoy quietness often for good mentalhealth.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  32. 32.  A beautiful environment allows us to enjoy abetter quality of life.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  33. 33.  At the same time, we will be more in touchwith the earth we live on. We can get toexperience and better appreciate thewonders of the diversity of animal and plantlife on this planet.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  34. 34.  All these benefits can actually help you livea fuller life, more than what a life filled onlywith materials can do.Benefit 4: Better Quality of Life
  35. 35. Living Green Review 41. Material luxuries2. Conservation3. Consumption4. Self-Actualization5. What are two key principles of living green?6. Give three examples of self-actualization.7. Give three examples of relationships.8. Explain how nature helps you prevent mentalillness.9. Give three examples of how living green helpsyou enjoy life more.10. How does being healthy improve the quality ofyour life?
  36. 36.  As more and more people start living a green life,there will be greater drive for developments in thearea of green energies, recycling and other greentechnologies, as well as a market for eco-friendly products and services.Benefit 5: Development in New Areas
  37. 37.  In turn, these developments would make it easierfor people to adopt green living practices. Apositive reinforcement loop would be created fora green way of life.Benefit 5: Development in New Areas
  38. 38. 1. Green Technologies 9. Market2. Sustainability: 10. Conservation3. Global Warming (2X) 11. Organic4. What are two key principles of living green?5. Explain how living green helps you preventmental illness.6. Quality of Life7. Give three examples of how living greenhelps you enjoy life.8. List three ways being “green” helps theeconomy (jobs)?Living Green – Overall Review
  39. 39.  Test will be on … Create 15 MC on Living Green topics Make 3 from each of the benefits. No True/False No ridiculous questions or answers CIRCLE the letter of the correct answer. TITLE: Living Green MCLiving Green – 10 MC