Lesson 2


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Lesson 2

  1. 1. How many hours do you watch TV a day?On weekends?
  2. 2. HW: Media Input InventoryList exposure you have had to media messages from the following sources for a week. Television Movies Tue: _________ Tue: __________ Wed: ________ Wed: _________ Thu: _________ Thu: __________ Fri: __________ Fri: ___________ Computer / Video Games Music Tues – Fri Tues – Fri Magazines Web Sites Tues – Fri Tues - Fri
  3. 3. Media Messages•How do TV stations makemoney?•How much do TV shows cost tomake?•Why is it free for us to watch?
  4. 4. Media Messages•How do TV stations makemoney? Charging for companies toput commercials during theirshows.•How much do TV shows costto make? Example - NeilPatrick Harris and the fourother main cast mates willnow be earning $90,000- TV Comm - 10 Funny$120,000 per episode. TV Comm News Super Bowl 2012•Why is it free for us to Funny Superbowlwatch? Super Bowl ads are $17,000
  5. 5. Media MessagesWhat did your teacher grow upwatching on TV?TAXI - Latkas Cookies (1 of 3)Welcome Back Kotter - Arrivederci ArnoldALF
  6. 6. The VampireDiaries
  7. 7. CartmanSouth Park - AttachedFamily Guy - Pick Up
  8. 8. Pretty Little Liars
  9. 9. BG Club
  10. 10. Media Messages Review 11. Why do you think that the more sex on TV / movies a child watches, the higher the chance of being involved in a pregnancy?2. What is role confusion?3. How many acts of violence are seen on average per hour?4. How do TV stations make their money?
  11. 11. Turn to Page 6
  12. 12. WHAT’S ON TV?Page 6 – answer top part on a sheet of Nextpaper after watching video clip – “Next”1. What gender messages are viewers receiving about how to treat others?2. Does the media self-regulating rating system really work?3. Where is the line for what is entertainment and what is shock value for the purpose of making money?4. How might years of viewing violence and sexual behaviors influence how children understand their gender role in society?
  13. 13. WHAT’S ON TV?Page 7-8 – answer in your work book #1- 6 using what you listed on page 6for the past week. Yes… work!!!
  14. 14. Lesson NotesSocial Modeling: has been one of theexpected tasks of parenting throughouttime.Adult Availability has decreased •Due to work •Divorce •Distance from extended family.Two concerns:1. Fewer children are growing up in a stable 2 parent home.2. More children are using electronic devices which take away time from human interaction.
  15. 15. Lesson NotesA link has been established betweenthe popular media messages regardingbody image and the incidence ofunhappiness in both adolescent malesand females when they do not meetthat image.