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mtw portfolio guide


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mtw portfolio guide

  2. 2. Cover Page Photo of finished project Student ID number e.g. Student ID No: 654321 Pull-along Toy (This will be done when the project is fully finished) Page1
  3. 3. Contents  Analysis of Selected Brief 10  Investigation/Research 10 1020  Development of Design Ideas & Solution20  Sketches, Notations, Working Drawings 10  Manufacture & Evaluation of Design and Artefact 10 (This is our content page. It will be the same for each student. Five chapters worth 10 marks for each. Page 2 Except for higher lever Which are shown in Red)
  4. 4. Analysis of Selected Brief (Write out whichever brief you chose! e.g.) Design and make an elegant artefact to hold and display at least six eggs on a kitchen worktop . The design should incorporate a theme to reflect aspects of Irish culture. The artefact should complement the style of the existing kitchen. (Now explain what it is you must do in your own words...) I must think up and manufacture an attractive object that can contain at least 6 eggs. The eggs will have to be clearly seen in this container and it has to show a clear Irish theme. The artefact is going to be kept on the kitchen worktop and will have to blend in with the existing kitchen.To fulfil all of these requirements I need to answer a number of questions;1. What size will it be?2. What shape?3. What kind of eggs am I going to be holding in it?4. Will I make it to hold just one or all sized eggs?5. What type of wood will I make it from?6. What Finish will I put on it? Section17. Will it resemble an interest of my own or have a kitchen theme? (have this many questions AT LEAST)To answer all of these questions I must carry out my research
  5. 5. Analysis of Selected Brief (Here we simply read over our selected brief that we chose (on the previous page) and pick out the Keywords (the important words) in it)(Remember the numberof keywords can varydepending on the (When we completedifferent briefs. Pick out our project itas many as you can should fit all of thisfrom you own brief) key criteria)
  6. 6. Research/Investigation (TIPS) Your research should answer your questions asked in your Analysis of selected brief AND MORE. Have a title page at the beginning of each section Research is done before you make your project so it will all be written in the Future Tense At least 3 pages of research Remember a picture can speak a thousand words Section2
  7. 7. (All future tense...I will etc.) This egg holders traditional look matches the old style of my kitchen at home. So I’ve decided I will keep my artefact traditional looking by using a dark wood like mahogany and finish the project in a Matt varnish so it won’t be too shiny and new looking.
  8. 8. (Remember future tense) I really like the simplicity of this design. It is very elegant and does not use the typical circular shape of the egg to hold them. This has inspired me to use a similar rail like way of holding the eggs for my artefact. This will also solve my dilemma of what size eggs will fit into my artefact.
  9. 9. (Keep it in future tense)(this is here to show youthat your research isanything that helped giveyou an idea towards yourproject.... Ie. a personalinterest, a shape, anobject etc, it does nothave to be necessarily thesame object as yourproject!)  I really like the way that this design reflects an interest of the person while still doings its job of holding letters. I’ve decided I will incorporate a personal interest into my design like the post box here. This will be a Hurling theme. So my shape will centre primarily around the shape of the Hurley stick
  10. 10. Development of Design Ideas & Solution Section3 TIPSAt least 3 Design Ideas and then your Final Solution.Each idea should be accompanied with notes/sketches to whythey were good/bad ideas and why.The design of each artefact must be clear from the sketch. If notyou will need to add additional sketches with each so that it is clear.Thumbnail sketches (the ones in the circles) are requiredespecially for your final solution.
  11. 11. Design Idea 1 (Remember this is ALL PRESENT TENSE)This is my first design idea. Itis a simple design that Ithought up while thinking ofmy dads old wooden toolbox.I like its simplicity because itwill hold the 6 eggs but it isnot very creative or elegant. Ithink this is a bit too easy asolution so I am not going togo ahead with it.
  12. 12. Design Idea 2This is my second design idea.I thought that my initial ideawas too simple so this is a littlemore adventurous. Although itdoes fit the brief that it iselegant and will hold at least 6eggs it is still very ordinary indesign and does not displayany interest of my own which Iwould like to show in thefinished artefact.
  13. 13. Design Idea 3This design was inspired from theimage of the ‘Rail like holder’ that Ifound in my research. It portrays apersonal interest of mine that Iwant to include in my project whichis a hurling/Gaa theme. The shapeof the Hurley and Slíotar would becut out of pine board but I cannotthink up a solution to how I wouldmake the curved spiral shape ofwood to hold the eggs. I like itscreative unique style but feel that itwould be too difficult to make.
  14. 14. Final Idea and SolutionThis is my final design Idea that I amhappy with. I have kept with the ‘Railsystem’ for holding and displayingthe eggs by using 2 Hurley shapesfor the 2 rails. This is in keeping withmy personal interest that I wanted toartefact to reflect and the object willbe creative and elegant whenfinished to a very high standard.Although this is simple looking to willbe very challenging to cut and carveout 2 identical Hurleys and to carveout a Slíotar with a groove as shownto assemble together.
  15. 15. Sketches, Notations & Working Drawings Section4
  16. 16. Project Time PlanResearchDesigningDrawingsMarking OutManufactureFinishingWriting Report 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Weeks 1 - 20
  17. 17. Cutting List Egg HolderPart Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness Multiples Material (mm)Hurley 350 150 18 2 Red DealBase 400 200 18 1 Red DealBase Sides 400 60 15 2 Red DealBase Ends 200 60 15 2 Red DealSlíotar 100 100 18 5 Red Deal
  18. 18. Manufacture &Evaluation of Design of Artefact Section5
  19. 19. Manufacture (Here we insert any pictures we have of making our project. If you do not have any pictures taken then you can make a few sketches of the main joints used in the project and the important designs) Here are the biscuits joint joining the legs together. (insert each picture/sketch in the order that u made it with a short sentence underneath explaining what it is) Here is the Mortise and Tenon joint Assembling top frames together joining the legs to the top rail.
  20. 20. Evaluation of Design Q1 – Does my finished project fit the brief?  (Yes and Why) Example – Yes my project does fit the brief because it is able to hold at least 6 eggs, it is elegant in appearance, it reflects Irish Culture and suits the kitchen it will be in. Q2 – What are the good points of my project  I really like the way my egg holder reflects my own interests football and hurling  The finish matches the existing kitchen really well (2 or 3  The design is creative and different to any other egg holder I have seen reasons for Q3 – What are the bad points? each)  You can see some pencil marks from marking out underneath the varnish  If there are more than 6 eggs put on the egg holder the 7th egg is always pushed off What would I do differently if I had to make the project again?  I would sand the project more thoroughly before I varnish it because some pencil marks are visible  I would also be more careful when varnishing the underneath because I scratched the top a little when I was  I would double check the angle of the Hurleys before I fitted them to the base and the Slíotar because I made the angle way too steep.