Sinergija 12 WP8 is around the corner


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Sinergija 2012 presentation "Windows Phone 8 is around the corner! What now?

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Sinergija 12 WP8 is around the corner

  1. 1. Windows Phone 8 is around the corner What now? Catalin Gheorghiu October 23st , 2012
  2. 2. (The) Agenda• The long story• The short story• The Demo(s)• The Application lifecycle (pictures)• The Demo(s)• The Q&A
  3. 3. The long story
  4. 4. Windows Phone 7• 7.0.7004 initial version of the Windows Phone 7 OS• 7.0.7008 improve update process for future update• 7.0.7390 "NoDo" added CDMA support, Copy and Paste, fast application startup, and deeper Facebook Integration
  5. 5. Windows Phone 7• 7.0.7392 revoke of fraudulent certificates• 7.0.7403 intermediate update required
  6. 6. Windows Phone 7.5 (7.1)• Third-party application multi-tasking and fast application switching.• Support for background tasks and services/agents.• Expanded live tiles that can be updated without network connection and can have two sides which flip periodically.
  7. 7. Windows Phone 7.5 (7.1)• App Connect: third-party applications can integrate with Bing search, have multiple live tiles, and can have push notifications that link deep ("Deep Toast") into various parts of the application directly.• Silverlight + XNA support in the same application screen.
  8. 8. Windows Phone 7.5 (7.1)• Optional 32 bit color support for Silverlight applications with hardware dithering.• Silverlight 4 support.• Raw camera feed access for third-party applications.• New sensor API combines compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer.
  9. 9. Windows Phone 7.5 (7.1)• Improved Listbox control with better scrolling performance.• Improved WebBrowser control with IE9 rendering engine and system-wide cookies access.• Clipboard API.
  10. 10. Windows Phone 7.1.1• Support for 256 MB devices
  11. 11. Windows Phone 7.8• New start screen
  12. 12. Windows Phone 8 * • Native development in C++. Thanks to WinPRT, Windows Phone 8 is able to support a significant subset of the Windows 8 SDK libraries, and API sets. • Mixed-mode app development. Hybrid app development is an attractive choice for developers who would like to port an existing C++ app, prefer coding in C++, or would like to use a Direct3D surface in their app. * Based on application-platform-detailed/
  13. 13. Windows Phone 8• HTML app development options. Unfortunately for HTML developers, HTML-based phone apps are not a supported app model in Windows Phone 8 there is no direct JavaScript access to phone APIs because JavaScript projections are not available in WinPRT.
  14. 14. Windows Phone 8• Feature upgrades – VOIP – Multiple resolutions • Different screen resolutions are supported in Windows Phone 8 Developer Preview: WVGA, WXGA, and 720p. – Marketplace enhancements • In-App Purchasing • The “wallet,”. – Near-field proximity functionality
  15. 15. Windows Phone 8 – Removable SD cards • hot-swappable SD cards, read-only API access to user content. – New camera capability and lens apps • Camera parameter configuration, such as ISO speed and exposure. • Real-time access to the phone’s video stream. • Lenses, which are special camera apps that can provide enhanced camera functionality such as effects, filters, and computational photography. • Multiframe capture for creating new types of camera experiences and imagery.
  16. 16. Windows Phone 8 – Line-of-business apps • The additions of NTLM authentication • always-on secure boot capabilities • 128-bit BitLocker® – Speech capability • robust speech API for speech recognition and synthesis. – Bluetooth stack • RFCOMM protocol.
  17. 17. Windows Phone 8 – App-to-app communication APIs • apps can use an API call to launch other apps, and associate themselves as the default handlers for certain file types. – Networking enhancements • support for IPv6, • listener sockets • more granular information about connected endpoints.
  18. 18. Windows Phone 8 – New data APIs • File I/O via a WinPRT API, enabling read-only access to the user data in the SD card slot. • Native Win32 storage APIs. – Search extensibility
  19. 19. Windows Phone 8 – Nokia maps • Cartography – Media library API • API to add and delete media, including music, pictures, and audio.
  20. 20. Windows Phone 8 – XAML upgrades • Toolkit-only controls such as LongListSelector, and SDK-only controls such as Panorama and Pivot, are being moved in- ROM for better performance, appearance, and upgradability. • Updated text rendering and font control • New launchers and choosers. • Emoji support. • Auto-scaling to handle multiple resolutions
  21. 21. The short story
  22. 22. WP 7.0• Copy paste• Tombstone model
  23. 23. WP 7.1• IE 9• SQL Compact• Dormant• Background tasks• New sensor API• Toast notifications• Copy paste API
  24. 24. WP 7.1.1• 256 MB devices• Reminders
  25. 25. WP 7.8• New start screen
  26. 26. WP 8• New start screen• Win NT Core/DirectX/NTFS/HAL• Bluetooth• Multicore• More sizes and resolutions• IE 10• SQL Lite• W8 app compatibility??!• Compile in the cloud• Native development• Private marketplace• SD
  27. 27. Demo(s) • Best text input experience • Use GPS • Save info in database • Background task that uses GPS and database • Toast notification • Reminders
  28. 28. Application Lifecycle
  29. 29. WP7 ApplicationLifecycle
  30. 30. WP7 Application Lifecycle
  31. 31. Application Lifecycle WindowsPhone 7 <Application.ApplicationLifetimeObjects> <shell:PhoneApplicationService Launching="Application_Launching" Closing="Application_Closing" Activated="Application_Activated“ Deactivated="Application_Deactivated"/> </Application.ApplicationLifetimeObjects>
  32. 32. Windows 8 Application Lifecycle
  33. 33. Windows Application Lifecycle
  34. 34. Application Lifecycle Windows 8• OnLaunched: it is called every time the application is activated• Suspending: This event may be subscribed to get notified about the suspension of the application.• Resuming: The resuming event is raised only when the application is reactivated after being suspended.• OnActivated: This event is raised when the application is not activated normally.
  35. 35. Demo(s)
  36. 36. Thank you for yourattention.Contact:•My Blog•My Email
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