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Proposal announcement batch2009


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Proposal announcement batch2009

  1. 1. SSUET/QR/ Department of Computer Engineering Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi-Pakistan Final Year Projects (FYP) Final Year Project Proposals – Batch 2009 February 25, 2012Students of final year batch 2009 are advised to submit 3 copies of their finalyear project proposals on or before March 03, 2012.The following project categories are available to select their project form: 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Expert System / Software System 3. Communication & Networking 4. 3D Applications 5. Mobile computing / Mobile Application 6. Web ApplicationProposals may be submitted to the following faculty members: 1. Ms. Naheed Khan 2. Mr. Shardha Nand 3. Mr. Asharaf Ali Waseem 4. Mr. M. Kashif KhanProjects may be selected by a minimum of Three(3) students to a maximumof Four(4) students per project group. A Group can either prepare their ownproposal, discuss it with faculty members or a faculty member can provide aproposal to a group. Internal advisor will be appointed and /or finalized byfinal year project committee (FYPC).Project proposal format along with Registration and Proposal Submissionforms are available on the final year projects web site( or ). Proposal must besubmitted in a black clip box file. Each group has to register itself by fillingthe Project Registration form.After the submission process a defense session will be conducted by theFYPC with each group for the evaluation of the submitted proposal. Defenseschedule will be published on the FYP web site. The approval or disapprovalof a proposal will be decided by the FYPC at the time of interview.Unapproved proposals will be returned to the groups._____________________Naheed KhanCoordinator FYPC