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3 softwares and elements of information system


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3 softwares and elements of information system

  1. 1. Software and Elements ofInformation SystemLecture 4Zikria Mian
  2. 2. Computer Software• System Software– Operating system– Utility program• Application software– Software designed to assist users with theirpersonal tasks
  3. 3. Application software (continued)• Examples– MS Word– Spreadsheet– Database– Project management– Engineering (computer aided design– Internet browsing– Communication…….
  4. 4. Application software (continued)• Installing and running Programs– CDs– DVDs– Flash Disks– Internet• Software development– C++, Java, Visual Basic, HTML etc
  5. 5. Computer categories• Personal computers– Styles• PC• Apple Mac– Types• Desktop computers• Notebooks / Laptops
  6. 6. Computer categories (continued)• Mobile computers– Tablet PC– Mobile devices– UMPC– PDA– Smart phones• Game consoles– Sony– Microsoft– Nintendo
  7. 7. Computer categories (continued)• Servers– To manage networks• Mainframes– To manage multiple users spread to differentgeographical locations– Also act as servers• Supercomputers– For complex, sophisticated calculations e.g.aerospace, medicine, nuclear energy research etc
  8. 8. Computer categories (continued)• Embedded computers– Digital electronics– Automobiles– Robotics
  9. 9. Examples of computer usage• Home user– Bills– Banking– Entertainment– Shopping– Communication– Access to information• Small office/home office user (SOHO)– Basic helping softwares
  10. 10. Examples of computer usage• Mobile user– Emails– File sharing– Web access• Power user– Autocad– Graphical tools– Architectural tools etc• Large business user– Company performance monitoring– Secure access to information etc
  11. 11. Elements of Information System• For information to be valuable, it should beaccurate, organised, timely, accessibleand valuable. Five elements are requiredto generate information– Hardware– Software– Data– People– Procedures
  12. 12. Summary• What is computer software and its types• Computer categories– Personal, mobile, servers, supercomputersetc• Examples of computer usage• Elements of information system– Hardware, software, people, procedures anddata