Ancient egypt research power point


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Ancient egypt research power point

  1. 1. A long…long time ago…  Good morning class! In this presentation we are going to learn all about the ancient Egyptians and their civilization.
  2. 2. What kind of clothing do you think the Egyptians would wear?
  3. 3. Ancient Egyptian Clothing - It was very hot in ancient Egypt so clothing was light and made of linen. - Men wore short kilts and sometimes a type of shirt. - Women wore straight dresses with one or two shoulder straps.
  4. 4. What kind of food do you think the Egyptians ate?
  5. 5. Ancient Egyptian Food - No one went hungry in ancient Egypt! The pharaoh wanted to make sure his people were well feed. - They ate green vegetables, lentils, and fruits like figs and dates. Their favorite vegetable was Garlic! - They would also eat fish, beef, honey and especially bread.
  6. 6. Environment  Egypt is located in the Mediterranean sea in the north part of Africa.  Egypt is very dry and hot.  Their homes were made of mud bricks that were left to dry in the sun.  Many Egyptians had nice homes but the wealthier families had their houses painted white. (made them cooler in the hot sun)
  7. 7. Government  In ancient Egypt the most important person was the Pharaoh, he owned everything (home, food…).  The Pharaoh had police, and army and others to help him run the country.  The Egyptians also had a court and a judge that was called a “Vizier” to keep things fair and hear all the issues that were going on.
  8. 8. Technology - One of the most important inventions of the Ancient Egyptians was writing. They wrote in hieroglyphics (picture alphabet) - The Egyptians learned how to make durable sheets of paper called papyrus. It was used for important documents and religious books. - The Egyptians had a lot of problems with their teeth. They invented the toothbrush and toothpaste in an effort to take care of their teeth.
  9. 9. Education  The Egyptians often would tutor their own children  Boys were tutored by their family. If their family was a farmer or craftsmen they would learn those skills instead of math, writing or grammar.  Girls learned how to manage a household while also learning how to sing, dance and plan an instrument.
  10. 10. Can we think of any Egyptian gods or myths that we have heard of?
  11. 11. Religion, Myths and Legends  Ancient Egyptians had many gods like Amun Ra (god of creation), Osiris (god of the dead), and Anubis (god of preparation).  The Egyptians also have legends of how dreams can predict the future
  12. 12. What is the big Egyptian celebration the world still participates in today?
  13. 13. Special Celebrations  The Egyptians had many celebrations to honor the gods and days of the year.  Their most famous Egyptian celebration that is still celebrated today is New years day. The first celebration of the year was, of course, the New Year's festival. For the ancient Egyptians, this was a time to start over for a new year.
  14. 14. Structures in Ancient Egypt  Pyramids of Giza  Tombs for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt that took 10-20 years to build.  They took hundreds of people and thousands of stones to create.  Sphinx  The statue of a mythical creature with the body of a lion and head of a person beside the pyramids of Giza.