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Print and Online Sources for Data Analysis Project


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Print and Online Sources for Data Analysis Project

  1. 1. Print Sources: Any almanac or encyclopedia Examples: The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2009 by World Almanac Books and C. Alan Joyce World Book Encyclopedia Books about gambling, casino games etc: Casino Games: Everything You Need to Know ... - by A. D. Livingston, Anna Southgate The experts' guide to casino games: expert ... - by Walter Thomason - 249 pages Powerful Profits from Casino Table Games by Victor H. Royer Legalized Gambling: For and Against - by Rod L Evans, Mark Hance - 482 pages Jokers Wild: Legalized Gambling in the Twenty ... - by Thomas Barker, Marjie Britz - 232 pages Legalized Casino Gaming in the United States ... - by Cathy HC Hsu - 300 pages Online Sources Statistics: National Transportation Statistics It presents statistics on the U.S. transportation system, including its safety record. State Lotteries Note: Try using a search engine and search for the official website of the state lottery for the states that I did not include here. 1. Maryland Lottery: 2. Washington DC Lottery: 3. Virginia Lottery: 4. California Lottery: 5. New York Lottery:
  2. 2. 6. New Jersey Lottery: 7. Texas Lottery: 8. Delaware Lottery: 9. Pennsylvania Lottery 10. Michigan Lottery Here’s a good website about lottery and gambling Games of Chance Try using the electronic version of an encyclopedia or almanac for accurate information. Access the Encyclopedia Britannica or World Book Encyclopedia in the school library or any public library. 1. PG County Public Library: 2. DC Public Library: 3. Elizabeth Seton High School Library: Here’s a good website that I found that could be of help as well. 1. Note: This site explains the rules and probabilities of the different casino games.