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Herbal remedy seminar outline totc18 final


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A seminar on anisette based sprits such as pastis and ouzo. Presented at Tales of the Cocktail 2018

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Herbal remedy seminar outline totc18 final

  2. 2. HERBAL REMEDY HOW THE WHET WAS WON (Welcome and Housekeeping) Sponsors and Logos @TOTC #TOTC #TOTC2018 WiFi:
  3. 3. Peter Vestinos The Winebow Group Sparrow, Chicago petervestinos Sébastien Derbomez Hendrick’s Gin & South Of France Ambassador @fraustralian
  6. 6. A CASE FOR ANISETTE SPIRITS • The Key Players • History & Culture • Production • Do they Have a Place? • Modern Serves
  7. 7. C10H12O aka Anise Camphor
  8. 8. ANISE aniseed Pimpinella anisum Native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. caraway, carrot, celery, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, hemlock, parsley, parsnip
  9. 9. Fennel Foeniculum vulgare Native to the Mediterranean Coasts Anise, caraway, carrot, celery, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, hemlock, parsley, parsnip
  10. 10. Star Anise star anise seed, Chinese star anise, or badiam Illicium verum Evergreen tree native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China
  11. 11. Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra Legume Native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia including India
  12. 12. C10H12O aka Anise Camphor
  13. 13. Anethole STAR ANISEFENNEL BASIL Citrus and Mouth-feel Herbal and Pepper Licorice & Sweet
  14. 14. Pablo Picasso, ‘The Absinthe Drinker’, 1901 Viktor Oliva, Pijak absyntu Cafe Slavia, Praga, Czechy The bohemian Parisian lifestyle in the late 1880' Absinthe By Edgar Degas. Regarded as one of the greatest painting of the nineteenth century.
  15. 15. Wormwood Artemisia absinthium Native to temperate regions of Eurasia and Northern Africa
  16. 16. Uses
  17. 17. Early 20th the emergence of Pastis Marseille-Vieux port vers 1900
  18. 18.  France – “Pastisson”  Primary flavors from Star Anise and Liquorice root, may also include aromatic plants de Provence  Production: PURIFICATION, MACERATION, BLEND,FILTRATION  By legal definition, pastis is described as an anise- flavored spirit that contains additional flavor of liquorice root, contains less than 100 grams/l sugar, and is bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV (pastis) or 45% ABV (pastis de Marseille)  Officially recognized by the EU
  19. 19. Ricard & Pastis 51 dominate the global “anises” market but the Mediterranean is rich in local anisette
  20. 20. South Of France
  21. 21. Pastis in 1930’s
  22. 22. Pastis in 1930’s
  23. 23. Now
  24. 24. Aperitif a la francaise And more…
  25. 25. Service NEW SCHOOL “le 51 piscine” OLD SCHOOL
  26. 26. Service NEW SCHOOL OLD SCHOOL
  27. 27. Service
  28. 28. Food Pairing
  29. 29.  Greece and Cyprus  No meaning or translation to Ouzo  First distillations happened around 1860 in Lesvos  Can have GIs such as Plomari, Mytilene, Macedonia
  30. 30.  Primary flavors from Star Anise and Fennel, also includes mastic, cinnamon, coriander, citrus, and clove  NS (grape, grain, beet) is flavored via maceration to produce a ouzo yeast  Compounding possible  Double distillation  Sugar may be added before water dilution  Officially recognized by the EU
  31. 31. According to EU regulations, for an anise spirit to be called ouzo, it must:  Have been produced exclusively in Greece.  Have been produced by blending alcohols flavored by means of distillation or maceration using aniseed and possibly fennel seed, mastic from the lentiscus indigenous to the island of Chios ( Pistacia lentiscus Chiaor latifolia) and other aromatic seeds, plants and fruits.  The alcohol flavored by distillation must represent at least 20% of the alcoholic strength of the final product.
  32. 32. Furthermore, that distillate must:  Have been produced by distillation in traditional discontinuous copper stills with a capacity of 1000 litres or less,  Have an alcoholic strength of not less than 55% abv and not more than 80% abv,  The ouzo, as the end product, must be colorless and must have a sugar content of 50 g/l (or less) and a minimum alcoholic strength of 37.5% ABV  The label may bear the word ‘aperitif’, but not the wording ‘from distillation’, ‘doubly distilled’ or ‘re-distilled’. Only if the alcohol content of the ouzo is exclusively the product of distillation is it permitted to declare ‘100% distilled’. Nowadays, most quality ouzo labels are 100% distilled.
  33. 33.  Key Players
  34. 34.  Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Syria  Possibly dates back the 16th century  Most commercial production comes from Lebanon but even there, there are many home distillers  Flavored with Aniseed  Base of grape, Obeidi
  35. 35.  Obeidi Grapes are crushed and fermented, they are left to rest for three weeks. This wine is called Mestar.  Arak is triple distilled  The first two distillations occur without aniseed. This raw spirit is called spirto  Aniseed is added before the third distillation, allowed to soak in the spirio up to 24 hours.  Rested in terracotta amphora for several months
  36. 36.  Key Players
  37. 37.  Turkey, Some Greek Islands  Flavored only with Aniseed, from Cesme-Izmir region  Base of grape, grape pomace, raisins, but can also be made from plums and figs  Flavored after first distillation, then redistilled  Production defined by Turkish Law  Second Saturday of December is “World Raki Day”
  38. 38.  Key Players
  39. 39. Food Pairing Feta cheese (beyaz peynir) Accompanied the dishes of meat and fish, cold mezzes (Turkish tapas) A group of first-timers should ask for a 35- centiliter bottle -- one- third of a liter -- and tell the waiter you each want a tek (4cl), about one shot.
  40. 40. They asked to expert how we need to drink it? Drink as a real man! Before drinking Rakı ,you first need to smell deeply! After sip, you need to breathe between your teeth, because lungs needs to taste Raki first Toast with the bottom of the glasses clinking! One of the loveliest Raki traditions is to knock your glass lightly on the table after toasting in remembrance of someone you wish were present. Even if you don't want to drink Raki, order a glass and pretend. Some people might take offense if you drink anything else at a Raki gathering. Serefinize! ("Cheers!") Custom
  41. 41. - 1 glass benefit of body - 2 glasses reasonable - 3 glasses head consumed with something - 4 glasses tired brain - 5 glasses pocket damaged - 6 glasses hurt the feelings - 7 glasses looking for trouble - 8 glasses knock out anything - 9 glasses explain to judge And then when people start to ask an entrance door to the waiter to go outside , must be stop drinking:) People drinks Raki not to find the answer, they drink to forget the question!
  42. 42.  Italy  Flavored with aniseed, star anise, licorice, elderflower, other botanicals such as cinnamon, fennel, white pepper, iris, bitter orange, sweet orange, coriander  Usually Sugar Beet Distillate  Botanicals are cold macerated into neutral spirit within the still, then distilled. (similar to gin)  Sweetened 350g/liter of sugar  Min. 35% ABV
  43. 43.  Key Players
  44. 44. Tsipouro Anis Mastika Ojen
  45. 45. ANISE aniseed Pimpinella anisum  Helps with Digestion  Alleviates Nausea and Cramps  Suppresses Coughs  Anti-inflammatory  Enhanced Lactation  Increased Libido
  46. 46. Fennel Foeniculum vulgare  Helps to regulate blood pressure  Anti-Inflammatory  Alleviates constipation  Clear Sinuses  Has a cooling effect  Improves health of skin and hair
  47. 47. Star Anise star anise seed, Chinese star anise, or badiam Illicium verum  Helps with Digestion  Helps with Sleep  Antioxidant  Help with sleep  Is a mosquito repellant
  48. 48. Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra  Promotes Lung Health  Soothes the Stomach  Reduces Stress
  49. 49. • Challenges from guest • Opportunities in service • Modern ways of eating • Popularity of world cuisines • Costing
  50. 50. Service Problem Child By Bryan De Fenyi-Pollet New Zealand 1 oz Pastis 1/2 oz Cognac 1 oz lime 3/4 oz 1:1 sugar 3 cucumber slices in shake Shake and strain top up soda
  51. 51. Service Spooky yuky By Song @drunkhoe – PS40 Sydney Australia Absinthe - 10ml Pastis - 20ml Creme de menthe – 15ml Fennel Shrub – 15ml Cream – 30ml Whites – 15ml Sansho pepper
  52. 52. Service Baron Samedi By Joseph Biolatto – Baton Rouge Paris - FRANCE 30ml absinthe 30ml lime juice 25ml coffee liqueur 15ml maple syrup Egg white Shaken Lavender & coffee beans
  53. 53. Service Albino Grasshopper By Jonathan B. Howard Kimpton Hotel - Nashville USA 1oz Copper and Kong’s Absinthe Blanc 1oz Tempus Fugit White Creme de Menthe 1oz Giffard White Creme de Cacao 1oz Heavy Cream In a mixing tin add all ingredients and shake very hard. Fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Mint leaf and finish with fresh grated Buttermilk white chocolate.
  54. 54. Service Après ski by Samuel Willy The Savoy – Switzerland 1.5oz Absinthe 3/4oz Velvet Falernum 3/4oz Evaporated Milk 1/2oz Vanilla Syrup 1 whole Egg Shake & strain Garnish with Nutmeg shaving
  55. 55. Thyme to Kill 30 ml Gin 15 ml Ouzo 15 ml St. Germaine 30 ml Lime 2 tsp Sherry tomato jam 1 sprig of fresh thyme. Shake, strain into a bergamut-oil washed coupe. Pernod Swizzle 45ml Pernod 30ml lime 20ml orgeat 2.5 creme de menthe Swizzle over ice, garnish with fresh mint and nutmeg. Oron Lerner Imperial Bar, Tel Aviv, Israel
  56. 56. Emerald City Raki Pop 1 oz Efe Raki .75 oz Green Creme de menthe .25 oz simple 3 oz soda water Add ice Collins/Italian soda build Top with whipped cream and atomized rose water Garnish with candied rose petals (2 or 3) Golden Smash Muddle peach Add crushed ice 2 oz Golden Arak Swizzle it, just a little bit More crushed ice Garnish with peach slice Chris Sinclair Kasbah Lounge, Sacramento, CA
  57. 57. El Gallo Margarita 1.5 oz Reposado Tequila .50 oz Licor 43 .25 Aperol Heavy barspoon Massaya Arak .75 oz Lime Juice .25 Simple Shake and Strain Liz Pearce Aba Restaurant, Chicago, CA
  58. 58. Ouzo Service Stella’s Charleston, SC
  59. 59. Pastis Service Proof Charleston, SC
  60. 60. Joseph Biolatto, Baton Rouge Erhan Camas TOTC 2018 CAPS Troy Clarke, Martignetti Companies Bryan De Fenyi-Pollet Ted Diamantis, Diamond Importers Inc. Simon Difford, Difford’s Guide Philip Duff Denny Kallivoka, Difford’s Guide, Greece Vasilis Kyritsis, The Clumsies Oron Lerner, Imperial Bar Julien Lopez, Copper Bay Arak El Massaya Tim Master, Frederick Wildman And Sons Effie Panagopoulos, Kleos Mastiha Jean-Baptiste Robert Peter Schaf, Tempus Fugit Eric Seed, Haus Alpenz Chris Sinclair Nikolas Smyrlakis, Finest Roots Spirits Maroussa Tsachaki, Ouzo Plomari Lance Winters, St. George Spirits
  61. 61. Peter Vestinos The Winebow Group Sparrow, Chicago petervestinos Sébastien Derbomez Hendrick’s Gin & South Of France Ambassador @fraustralian
  62. 62. HERBAL REMEDY HOW THE WHET WAS WON (Welcome and Housekeeping) Sponsors and Logos @TOTC #TOTC #TOTC2018 WiFi: