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  1. 1. Norway
  2. 2. Capitol: Oslo
  3. 3. Demographic Information-Norway’s official language isNorwegian.-has an official Protestant State Churchbased on the Evangelical-Lutheranreligion.-only 10% attend church services orother Christianity-related meetings morethan once a month.-has a population of 5 million.-population density is 12 per sq km
  4. 4. Form of Government Form of government is Constitutional Monarchy. Has a Parliamentary Democratic System The prime minister is Jens Stoltenberg King is Harald V Norway is not a Democracy It has a Unitary System Has a Multiparty System.
  5. 5. History1939-1945 WW11Norway hadDeclaration ofNeutralityOn April 9th, 1940German forces attackedNorway, Poland, andFrance.After several months offighting, theysurrendered.They ended up buildingmilitary units inSweden.
  6. 6. Rich endowed withNatural resources.Natural resources arePetroleum, hydropower,fish, forest, and mineralsThe government budget isset to remain in SurplusNorway’s growth rate is1.7%GDP’s per capita income is$53,300Unemployment rate is3.3%Investment is 20.3% of ECONMYGDPPublic Debt of 48.4% ofGDP
  7. 7. FOODSalmon Farikal is Lamb simmered with cabbage and wholeFarikal peppercorns. It is a famous Autamn dish.Rommegrot Rommegrot is a porridge made from natural sour cream. Served with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.
  8. 8. Oslo has a population of580,000 people.It is known for thecombination of City Lifeand easy access to greatoutdoorsBergen has a populationof 213,585 people.It is know for BryggenHanseatic Wharf FishMarket.Trodheim has apopulation of 147,139people.It is the Capitol ofTechnology. Major Cities
  9. 9. The Arts Edward Munch is a famous artist in Norway His art portrays the state of mind of the artist rather than the external view. His famous painting is “The Scream” It shows varied aspects of mental states surrounded by external view. Arne Nordheim and Edvrd Grieg are famous composers from Norway. They have spread Modern and Classical genre through Norway.
  10. 10. WILD CARD Popular music today includes Norwegian Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Metal, R&B, and Electronica. Popular bands in Norway include Royksopp, Turbonegro, Serena Maneesh, Sissel, Annie, Madrugada, Thunderbolt, and Jaga Jazzist.
  11. 11. Sources