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  1. 1.  82.3 million people live in the country of Germany. It is the largest population in all of the EU States 89% of the population lives in cities There are 81 large cities in the country of Germany
  2. 2.  Germany is ruled by the Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The chancellor is similar to the job of being Prime minister. The country also has a president who deals with formal occasions. Germany runs their government by a Parliamentary system.
  3. 3.  On August 15th, 1961 in Berlin, Germany the Berlin Wall was started to be built. The purpose it was built was to split off East Berlin from West Berlin for the next 28 years. The main reason it was built was because the West side interfered with the East side (Russian sector) to much. Nickname of the wall was known as the “Iron Curtain”. The wall started to be removed on the date November 9th, 1989 , they took the last piece of the wall down in the year of 1990.
  4. 4.  Germany is one of the most efficient industrial nations in the world right next to USA, Japan, and then China. Germany is the most important market in the European Union. One of the largest car producers in the world is Germany known for brands like: Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and a few others. Natural Resources in Germany are: iron ore, coal, timber, uranium, copper, n atural gas, salt, and nickel The GDP in Germany right now is .30 percent.
  5. 5.  The country of Germany is very well known for it’s alcoholic beverages. Germany brews about 5,000 different types of beers in 1,500 breweries. Another alcoholic drink that Germany is well known for is the liquor known as Schnapps, a fruit flavored liquor. The Gummy Bear was invented close to the town Bonn in 1922 by a man named Hans Riegel. Gummy Bears come in many fruit flavors like: pineapple, orange, lemon, apple, strawberry and etc. The first time gummy bears were brought to the USA was in the year 1982.
  6. 6.  Major Cities in Germany are Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. Munich is known for being a main tourist attraction for it’s pubs, clubs, and being the largest place to celebrate Oktoberfest. Berlin is known very well for having a very large historic background. Frankfurt is a very large, important trade center for Germany and Europe. Frankfurt is now in charge of the European Bank headquarters.
  7. 7.  Still today the country of Germany is very well known for it’s work in classical music. Famous such as Bach, Beethoven, Richard Strauss, Brahms, and Handel were all born in Germany. In Germany there are 80 publicly financed large concert halls. Along with classical music Germany is also very well known for producing writers and performers in the techno/club scene.
  8. 8.  German fashion is very well known throughout all of the international runway. Due to their edgy ideas, today German designers such as Karl Lagerfeld are running different countries fashion lines like Chanel which is in Paris. German designers are known for their wacky, yet elegant designs. This is a photo from Chanel’s 2012 Autumn/Winter fashion show in which all the female models had their eyebrows “bedazzled”
  9. 9. 
  10. 10.  Facts about Germany: Photo of Angela Merkel a=N&tbo=d&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbnid=t7f_IG- hfwBZNM:&imgrefurl= many.htm&docid=_8X6UBXLAvITrM&imgurl=http://www.solarnaviga ellor.jpg&w=300&h=357&ei=aW6iUIKmEo7I0AHx- IDQBg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=577&sig=108930224931882274021&page= 1&tbnh=156&tbnw=144&start=0&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:0,i:110&tx=6 6&ty=104 Photos of German Fashion: 2012-Paris-Fashion-Week-Runway-Show-22074852
  11. 11.  Answer about ruler of Germany ermany Facts about Berlin Wall Natural Resources of Germany sources_of_Germany GDP of Germany growth Facts about major cities in Germany germany.html#.UKQ6E4c72IA
  12. 12.  Map of Germany Germany.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.maps-of- HhY7M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=67&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dmap %2Bof%2Bgermany%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1 &q=map+of+germany&usg=__s- rXG8W_ssSEspCt8fIRRwYc3hQ=&docid=FPFmAKKjtiVnd M&sa=X&ei=pL- jUMyLNoni0gGf5ID4Ag&ved=0CDwQ9QEwBA&dur=369 Facts about Berlin Wall Facts about German Food