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Metadata and me


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Presentation for Metadata Forum in York - Friday 10th December 2010

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Metadata and me

  1. 1. Metadata and Me<br />Nick Sheppard – Repository Developer <br />Leeds Metropolitan University<br /><br />Blogs/twitter: <br /><br /><br /><br />
  2. 2. Metadata and Me<br /><ul><li>Lightening bio
  3. 3. Context - Repository Projects at Leeds Met
  4. 4. UKOER project - Unicycle
  5. 5. An Application Profile for UKOER
  6. 6. Interoperability?
  7. 7. ALPS CETL repository project (ACErep)
  8. 8. Xpert for ACErep
  9. 9. Harvest by OAI-PMH / Deposit by SWORD
  10. 10. SWORD and metadata</li></li></ul><li>Lightening Bio<br /><ul><li> BA English Literature
  11. 11. Worked in a bookshop for a bit
  12. 12. Worked in Mental Health for a bit
  13. 13. Worked in a library for a bit
  14. 14. Joined Leeds Met in 2007
  15. 15. JISC funded repository start-up
  16. 16. NOT a qualified librarian
  17. 17. NOT a qualified cataloguer</li></li></ul><li>Repository Projects at <br />Leeds Metropolitan University<br />Multiple Application Profiles for different <br />resource-types. IEEE LOM mapped to DC for research material—extracted by SRU and formatted programmatically<br />JISC funding awarded for PERSoNA to investigate social networking to facilitate connection between institutional functions and individuals’ own use of repository<br /> July 2008 .<br />Cross-institutional project (ACErep) - searching and depositing health related Learning Objects into <br />multiple repositories<br /> January 2010 .<br />JISC funding awarded for Repository Start-Up to serve prioritised set of needs <br />- to manage a broad range of material<br /> .<br /> October 2008 .<br /> June 2009 . <br />JorumOpen released - all UKOER resources must be uploaded to national JISC <br />supported repository<br />Development begins on Open Search <br />- building on the work of IRISS and <br />utilising SRU<br /> March 2007<br /> January 2008<br /> May 2010<br />Organisational structure <br />–collections by type (LO/research). SRU access managed by tokens<br />JISC funding awarded for Bibliosight to extract metadata from Web of Science using WoS web-services API<br />Future Developments<br /><ul><li> Improved workflows for OA research/OER deposit (SWORD)
  18. 18. Ongoing development to Open Search (eg. improved browse)
  19. 19. Dynamic bibliographic feeds to author web-pages
  20. 20. VLE integration
  21. 21. Build on Bibliosight & Streamline
  22. 22. Search Engine Optimisation</li></ul>Work closely with Jorum on bulk upload of IMS from Leeds Met to JorumOpen<br />Open Search Version 2.0 - Research / OER, <br />advanced search, browse, records formatted by type, individual HTML page for each record<br />CLA archive - link to resources directly from the VLE<br />JISC funding awarded for Streamline to develop tools to create metadata for resource discovery (Learning Objects)<br />JISC funding (UKOER) awarded for Unicycle to develop prototype mechanism for the export and import of Open Educational Resources at Leeds Met <br />Consultancy across projects identifies <br />intraLibraryas most suitable platform - <br />software implemented<br />April 2007 <br /> March 2010 <br /> July 2008 <br />Jorum able to download .zip of all resources for bulk import<br /> June 2008 <br /> November 2009 <br /> May 2009 <br />CLA digitisation service very successful - widely used across institution with over 1000 resources uploaded to date<br />Multiple taxonomies for different types of resources<br />Repository Developer: Nick Sheppard<br />Email: <br />
  23. 23. UKOER project - Unicycle<br /><ul><li> Funded under JISC ukoer(phase 1)
  24. 24. Develop process by which staff able to contribute to and draw upon a central repository of OER
  25. 25. Very granular approach to OER
  26. 26. “Resources” rather than “Courseware”
  27. 27. Simple Application Profile – ukoer guidelines
  28. 28. Mediated deposit
  29. 29. Leeds Met repository, Jorum Open and other suitable outlets</li></ul><br />
  30. 30. An Application Profile for UKOER<br /><ul><li> Discussion coordinated by CETIS
  31. 31. Keep it simple
  32. 32. Mandatory fields
  33. 33. Recommended fields
  34. 34. Individual projects should think about their own metadata requirements
  35. 35. Interoperability</li></li></ul><li>Mandatory Metadata<br /><ul><li> Programme tag – ukoer
  36. 36. Author / owner / contributor
  37. 37. Date
  38. 38. URL
  39. 39. Title
  40. 40. Technical Information </li></ul>(Licence info soon became mandatory!)<br />
  41. 41. Recommended Metadata<br /><ul><li> Language
  42. 42. Subject classifications
  43. 43. Keywords
  44. 44. Tags
  45. 45. Comments
  46. 46. Description</li></li></ul><li>
  47. 47. Interoperability?<br /><ul><li> Leeds Met – intraLibrary (IEEE LOM)
  48. 48. JorumOpen – DSpace (Dublin Core)
  49. 49. Harvest ukoerprojects by RSS (link only)
  50. 50. Bulk upload of IMS Content Package (Resource + imsmanifest.xml)
  51. 51. Virtual Maths resource in JorumOpen
  52. 52. Little point in metadata not supported by Jorum (or is there?)</li></li></ul><li>ALPS CETL repository project (ACErep)<br /><ul><li> Search across multiple platforms for ALPS resources
  53. 53. Download resource from any of the platforms into the working arena of their choice
  54. 54. Adapt existing resource to suit local use
  55. 55. Deposit original/adapted resource into one or more of the repositories maintained by CETL partners</li></li></ul><li>ALPS CETL repository project (ACErep)<br /><ul><li> Different software uses different metadata standards/Application Profiles
  56. 56. ALPS may require different metadata than UKOER
  57. 57. Explicit priority from user group: resources presented in context of specific learning/assessment outcomes
  58. 58. Can Jorum accommodate this?</li></li></ul><li>The solution – Xpert?<br /><ul><li> 
  59. 59. Distributed repository of e-learning resources
  60. 60. Harvest by RSS and OAI-PMH
  61. 61. APIs available - Xpert Labs
  62. 62.</li></li></ul><li>Harvest OAI-PMH/search using Xpert API<br />YSJ Digirep<br />“There it was. Title. Link. Item. Description. Enclosure. Author. Category. Pub date. It were a simple format, you didn’t need anything else. Ask yourself, what more do you need?” Winston Jingo on RSS harvest<br />The Plight of Metadata (2010)<br />May require bespoke metadata for ACErep<br />e.g. resources presented in context of specific learning/assessment outcomes<br />Winston meet OAI-PMH <br /><br />
  63. 63. Possible scenario for SWORD deposit<br />Deposit Form<br />(ALPS metadata)<br />Selective SWORD deposit depending on user-affiliation<br />All deposits to JorumOpen<br />What about resource duplication?<br />YSJ Digirep<br />
  64. 64. SWORD and metadata<br /><ul><li>intraLibrary accepts IMSCP by SWORD
  65. 65. JorumOpen (DSpace) accepts METS by SWORD
  66. 66. Digirep – no SWORD yet (expect IMSCP)
  67. 67. LUDOS – no SWORD yet (expect METS)
  68. 68. Need to package metadata as IMSCP and METS </li></li></ul><li>