Libraries, OA research and OER: towards symbiosis?


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Slides for lightning talk at #oer13

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  • Feedback from EBSCO:Will the requested feature add value to the product? How much/many resources will it require to build and implement? Is this feasible for a near future release? Have there been many customers also requesting the same or similar function? Do any of our competitors offer a similar function and how is it received?
  • Libraries, OA research and OER: towards symbiosis?

    1. 1. Libraries, OA research and OER: towards symbiosis? Lightning talk at OER13: Creating a Virtuous Circle Nick Sheppard Repository Developer, Leeds Metropolitan University UKCoRR (Technical Officer) Blogs: @mrnick @ukcorr
    2. 2. The Leeds Met repository• JISC Repositories Start-up (2007)• Prioritised set of needs• Broad range of material• Commercial solution (intraLibrary)• Multiple Application Profiles• Flexible organisational structure• Unicycle - phase 1 ukoer project (2009)• “Blended” repository –• Two publicly accessible collections – Research (OA full text) – OER – Links between collections – ALPS Common Competency Map• Developing research management infrastructure• Symplectic Elements
    3. 3. A New Open Landscape?• Open Access to research• Finch report and role of (institutional) repositories• Gold vs Green (and CC licencing)• Research Data Management• Learning objects• Open Educational Resources (OER)• Role of academic libraries • “outside in” vs “inside out” (Lorcan Dempsey) • Managing (and disseminating) “institutional assets”• Open journal publishing • Open Journal System (OJS) • EPrints• The lines are blurring• Is our software/infrastructure up to the job?
    4. 4. We found a clear need to promote the role that libraries and librarians can play in OER initiatives, highlighting the expertise and competencies which libraries and librarians can offer. This active promotion is needed to build awareness among stakeholders about libraries and librarians potential contribution to the OER movement, but also, among libraries and librarians about their key role as OER advocates within and out-with their institutions.The roles of libraries and information professionals in Open Educational Resources (OER) initiativesGema Bueno-de-la-Fuente, R. John Robertson, Stuart Boon. August 2012
    5. 5. Integrating infrastructure(s) • Disseminate and discover • RSP Embedding Guide – • Practical guide • Embedding research repositories • Institutional processes, systems, culture • Synced with HR database • Dynamic feeds to staff profiles
    6. 6. Two very different animals? Academic libraries/repositories historically: • Focus on access to research materials • Not closely involved with management of teaching materials • Often in VLEs (when available digitally) • Library may not have access • Poorly integrated into users’ view of library resources• Digital objects• Quality assurance• Dissemination• Discovery (SEO)• Preservation• Metadata• Usage metrics• Attribution/citation• Copyright/licensing
    7. 7. Research Management infrastructure Researchers and HR, Finance, administrators Other Students, Est repositories Funders’ systems e.g. ates Research councils Researchers’ Other internal profiles, web systems e.g. CRIS/RMS pages email Repository Copyright info from RoMEO Publication reporting (internal, REF), busin Bibliographic/bibliometric data ess intelligence from (commercial) databases Discovery & link resolution: library catalogue Usage data Adapted from the Repositories Support Project
    8. 8. OER on staff profiles?• Are you aware of examples of OER included on staff profiles at UK HEIs?• Bebob at the University of Lincoln – “the Bebop plugin has provided a way for staff to publish a curated list of their teaching resources, which can be displayed on their official Staff Directory profile”• HumBox also incorporates nice user profiles (subject based)• EdShare?• Increasingly important for research staff to have online profile• Listing research outputs• Link to an accessible version of the full text (research data / other files?)• Why not OER?
    9. 9. Symplectic Elements (or similar)Manual data Database of Leeds Metentry research All staff have account (synced daily with HR) Link to repository (full text/data/OER) API to feed data back out to www
    10. 10. The Jorum API
    11. 11. Closing the institutional ukoer circle Repurpose Local deposit into IR Relicence Redeposit Leeds Met Repository Open OAI- API PMH• Parallels development of OA research aggregation• CORE (Connecting Repositories) •• Ubiquitous CC licensing makes it easier
    12. 12.
    13. 13. ReferencesDiscovery vs discoverability ...Dempsey, L. (2013) Discovery vs discoverability .... Lorcan Dempseys Weblog On libraries, services andnetworks, [blog] 2nd January, Available at: [Accessed: 21stMarch 2013].Libraries, Institutions, and Open Educational Resources: possible connections?Robertson, J. (2010) Libraries, Institutions, and Open Educational Resources: possible connections?. JohnsJISC CETIS blog, [blog] 17 March, Available at:[Accessed: 25/03/2013].Open Educational Resources and the University Library WebsiteHirst, T. (2009) Open Educational Resources and the University Library Website. OUseful.Info, the blog…,[blog] August 10, Available at: [Accessed: 25/03/2013].BuddyPress, Bebop and building the staff directoryWinn, J. (2012) BuddyPress, Bebop and building the staff directory. BuddyPress OER Profiles: A JISCFunded Project, [blog] October 11, Available at: [Accessed: 25/03/2013].