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36 Healthy Dieting Tips for a Lean Body


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36 Healthy Dieting Tips to achieve a Natural Lean Body. Brought to you by

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36 Healthy Dieting Tips for a Lean Body

  1. 1. 36 Healthy Dieting Tips By Russ Nagamori
  2. 2. Brought to you by:
  3. 3. Tip 1 – Food Does Not Make Your Fat It's the quality and quantity of food which will help determine a persons weight and health.
  4. 4. Tip 2 – Fruits and Vegetables are AWESOME Who would have known! These two are your best friends – loaded with nutrition.
  5. 5. Tip 3 – Throw Taste out The Window Taste is for the chunky people. You want to slim down. For your body to do so, you must not eat just “what tastes good.” What tastes best is usually the worst for your body.
  6. 6. Tip 4 – The Main Source of Energy is Carbs Carbohydrates are the bodies main source of energy. Eat complex carbs like the ones in fruits and veg. Try to avoid large amounts of grain products while losing weight.
  7. 7. Tip 5 – Eliminate All Processed Sugar All processed sugar is bad. All processed sugar can easily make a person fat.
  8. 8. Tip 6 – Eat Bad Fat and Get Fat Good fat is omega oils and other oils found in fish and vegetation. Avacados for example have a good quality fat substance. Saturated fat and Trans fat are the ones to stay away from.
  9. 9. Tip 7 – Throw Out The Junk If you want to brung the fat around your belly then you should definitely throw out any junk food including (but not limited to); chips, candy, chocolate, pop, sugar coated granola bars, etc.
  10. 10. Tip 8 – Eat a Huge Salad Daily Pack a massive salad for lunch or eat one at dinner. Eat as much vegetables as possible through out the day – without salad dressings. This will make it easy for you to shred the pounds.
  11. 11. Tip 9 – Cook at Home Cooking at home gives you the knowledge of what goes into your food – keeping it “crap” free.
  12. 12. Tip 10 – Keep Your Stomach Full Starving yourself is a horrible idea for weight loss. You will actually gain more weight after coming off the fasting process.
  13. 13. Tip 11 – Use Water For Cooking Cocounut oil, this oil, and that oil, are not good for cooking with. There is no healthy oil that is bottled and all oils, when cooked, go through a chemical change for the worse. Not to mention that all oils are pure fat.
  14. 14. Tip 12 – Eat If Hungry Eat healthy snacks through out the day if that is what you desire. Nuts are great for snacking as it takes more time for your body to metabolise protein – keeping you full for longer.
  15. 15. Tip 13 – Don’t Drink Soft Drinks Drinking pop will actually drive you to eat more food – the extra unwanted energy that gets stored in your fat cells.
  16. 16. Tip 14 – Eat a Variety of Colors If you eat a wide variety of colors, your diet should then consist of all the good that Nature naturally provides for us. Thus you will experience a slim body.
  17. 17. Tip 15 – Use Smaller Plates You can use this tip to help control hunger. After eating your meal on a smaller plate, wait 20 minutes before eating a second helping. This will allow your stomach to settle and trigger your “stomach-is-full” hormone.
  18. 18. Tip 16 – Eat A lot of Fiber Fiber helps keep your intestines in running order. This will help the ability to absorb the essential amount of nutrients that you get from food.
  19. 19. Tip 17 – Avoid Big Amounts of Salt Your body requires salt, but if you indulge in too much of it – it raises your blood pressure.
  20. 20. Tip 18 – Eat More Plant Based Protein In the distant past, we turned to eating animals when vegetation ran low. All of us could easily survive without animal products. You can get the appropriate amount of protein via plants.
  21. 21. Tip 19 – Eat Before Going Out If you do this before leaving the home, you will feel less likely the need to eat when you go out.
  22. 22. Tip 20 – Avoid Alcohol All alcohol should be avoided when wanting to lose weight. The reason is simple – it consists of only pure energy. Energy that is not used will be stored.
  23. 23. Tip 21 – Experiment with Cultural Food You would be surprised to know that there are so many different arrangements of food that will please your stomach. Check online and see what kind of healthy foods you can find from Europe and Asia.
  24. 24. Tip 22 – Read Nutrition Labels Get educated on how to read nutrition labels on food products. I cover this topic in my Weekly Newsletter.
  25. 25. Tip 23 – Drink Water When Thirsty Your daily diet should include water when you are thirsty. Coffee and tea without adding cream and sugar is alright, too.
  26. 26. Tip 24 – Plan Your Meals Think of what you will eat ahead of time to save yourself the time and hassle of last minute shopping/cooking.
  27. 27. Tip 25 – Have No Cheat Days Guru's will be quick to tell you that you can have x-day as a cheat day. Don't make this mistake! You are creating new habits. The slightest movement in the old direction will raise your chances of failure.
  28. 28. Tip 26 – Learn New Recipes You can create them or buy them. Something new may be necessary for some. In this case, search google for different recipes to try out. (Healthy recipes that is;)
  29. 29. Tip 27 – Avoid All Dairy and Red Meat Our bodies don't require dairy as adults. (I wrote a blog post about this). Red meat like beef and pork lack nutrients and one can eat more plant protein in place of them.
  30. 30. Tip 28 – Do Not Limit Carbs Carbohydrates are the main source of energy your body requires. Eliminate big sources like grains but don't restrict them completely.
  31. 31. Tip 29 – Only Eat During Daytime When you sleep, your metabolism is operating. Eating before going to sleep can also keep you up at night – which is not a good thing.
  32. 32. Tip 30 – Stay Away from “Weight Loss Foods” There is no such thing as a “magical” food that will make you shrink fat by next week. Stick to whole natural foods and you will be fine.
  33. 33. Tip 31 – Eat Consciously Always be aware of what you intend to eat, and what you actually eat. Mind your food.
  34. 34. Tip 32 – Prevent Emotional Eating Lower stress levels and solve your current problems to prevent emotional eating. When people go for comfort food or stress food, they tend to gravitate towards high caloric food items. Avoid this mistake.
  35. 35. Tip 33 – Stop Chocolate Munching Supposedly dark chocolate is good for our health. What they don't inform you about is that chocolate has a lot of calories in little pieces. This can make it easy for you to go over your daily caloric limit.
  36. 36. Tip 34 – Eat Fruits Hit 3 birds with one stone by eating fruits. Fruits have great nutrition, a good amount of fiber, and gives you energy. Fruits work great as snacks, too.
  37. 37. Tip 35 – Avoid High Fructose Content Fructose is said to have an effect on our Leptin hormone levels. In simple terms – it hides the hungry feeling meaning we have to eat more to accomplish filling our stomach. Eating more is obviously not good for those who want to lose weight.
  38. 38. Tip 36 – Important: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! This can't be stressed enough. Society today lacks belief in the human ability and confidence to carry out certain tasks. Believing in your ability to do something great for yourself and others is what will help you accomplish your health goal.
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