Los santos times issue #2


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Los santos times issue #2

  1. 1. “Bringing you news Editor: Tomiaxfrom real life and aka Moosein-game!” Reporter: MattyCopyright©Los Santos Times 2007 Los Santos Monday,June 2,2007 Issue Nr#2 2007 “Special Interview doing interiors for With FiddycentG About Houses” Los Santos Times got News houses is working on a way of different worlds to resolve this into FiddycentG’s problem. That’s mansion situated in the another reason why hills. FiddycentG people are being invited us in his office teleported to random and we started asking places on /exit. him questions about LST: Are you going to the 100 new houses. add all the houses from Here is the interview: Los Santos in time ? LST: First off all why FiddycentG: At one do you think that there point yes! But no that’s is need of so much something later in the houses in Los Santos? future. 100 houses will FiddycentG: There be enough for the already are enough people of Los Santos houses, but I think LST: Adding new people should have houses means cutting more of a choice on trees off and where they want there destroying natural crib 2 be at. Like if habitats no? your from a hood you FiddycentG: Na man want a house there. we only adding houses LST: We heard you in areas that are got a problem with the already in a city interiors so that is the environment. Maybe a reason you couldn’t few for the hillbilly’s add houses did, u LST: So you’re not resolve this problem? cutting off trees and FiddycentG: The stuff for creating new problem with the houses? interiors was that there FiddycentG: Na man weren’t many, and we all I can tell you is this had to share as many that LOS SANTOS as we could to get the WILL BE HOT highest amount of but SUMMER!!! the second scripter Elux is mainly doing…
  2. 2. Page 2“The New Features Of I would say some timeRpg-Freeroam” this summer. v1.40 isSince last week the the last version of Rpg-feature list was Freeroam after that Iupdated with five new won’t be doing anyfeatures: new roles: updates. Joking Heeellfireman, taxi driver, noooo Rpg-Freeroampimp, got a big future. 1.40hoe/hooker/bitch, will have allot of newdrug. dealer, train features and there willdriver, farmer, hitman be no new features forimprovement’s to the at least 2-3 months onlycop role; bug fixes. After v1.40 I100 new houses will start working onincluding Madoggs v1.60. I guess yourmansion wondering why we aremore team colors going from v1.40 -(uncertain) v1.60 well you alldefault chat be visible know what happened toto people around you the last big project so(uncertain).When I’m not making aasked about the new gamemode with thefeatures and the time version number v1.50when they will be so people don’t getready FiddycentG confused. The plan forreplied: “The way they v1.60 hasn’t started andwere doing it with all I don’t want to sharethe new San Andreas the ideas so people haveMultiplayer 0.2 features something to lookis releasing small forward to. All the otherupdates part by part so RPG Servers betterpeople don’t get bored watcho out, cuz theyof the original features. about to some seriousBut if you want me to competion baby.guess when the whole And thank you to all theRpg-Freeroam v1.40 loyal players who makeproject will be up the role play.finished… .“GTA 4 Second next generation gameTrailer : Looking For engine, R.A.G.E.,That Special Someone” allowing for anRockstar Games unprecedented level of threleased on 28 June realism andthe second trailer of interactivity. Game isGrand Theft Auto IV using euphoria, a fullyentitled "Looking for procedural animationthat special someone". package created byAll footage is captured NaturalMotion. Song isin real-time on a next by New York Citygeneration gaming based band The Boggsconsole. Running on and is titled Arm InRockstar’s proprietary Arm Shy Child Remix.
  3. 3. Page 3“U.FO Sightings in Los Los Santos ScienceSantos” Lab have requestedOn Tuesday 26th that any sightings ofanother sighting of a this unidentified flyingUFO was reported to object must beLos Santos Police reported straight toDepartment , who then LSPD or Post to LSSL.past on the report and If you have seen any,the picture to Los LSPD would like toSantos Science Lab hear from you visit.Later that day a them, they can beanonymous citizen of found at PershingLos Santos sent us Los Square, east of theSantos Times the square and diagonal topicture of the the Bank of Losmysterious flying Santos. Or e-mail themobject photographed atby him… ufonerds@ufomail.sp“Los Santos Times people were invited toParty” the party such as likeTuesday 26th one day FiddycentG andafter the Los Santos Pilgrims unfortunatelyTimes debut release Mr. FiddcentG could’tLos Santos Times make it but Pilgrimsreporters and editors had the time of his life.decided to make a When asked Tomiaxparty to celebrate the said he would like tonewspapers first issue have a party after alland also the good the issues if the successselling’s. The party would be so good.took place in the most Matty said that theextravagant and party was a successexpensive club in Los like the issue and heSantos : The would like party’s likeAlhambra.Important... this more ofter.“Shootings in-front of chill the spirits. 10Alhambra” people were arrestedAlso Tuesday 26th people whogunshots were fired at participated in thisthe Alhambra club battle. Police laterafter a crowded party found out that in thisof some company’s little battle dangerousdebut. No one was hurt gang members andbut it seems once again leader were in such asit was a Los Santos like Prolol of Maragang confrontation . At Salvatrucha; Pilgrimsthe police arrivals the of Grove Street; Evengang members were and Mickey of Mob.still shooting but the This later degeneratedpolice managed to… in a gang war.
  4. 4. Page 4“Gang War” Gang MembersEarlier in the week, blood was spilled allwas a blood thirsty over the floor. Copswar, The fight took had no proof, no linksplace outside the Bank police managed to…of Los Santos. The and no way to find outteams were GS and which gang(s) carriedMob, Fighting against out this war, PC PlodMS13 and GFM. The from LSPD told me itfight went on for about was a terrible day foran hour, then was all of Los Santos andfinally won by GS and LSPD, Without anyMob after all of the proof, LSPD have toGFM And MS13 . let this case go. “Los Santos Times Humor Section”FiddycentG: If you take a look in moose’s eye you’ll see he will be moose until he dies, that california chronicgot the moose so high. Moose tell them where are you from.......... LS.Matty: Stinker came home from school with a stomach ache. its because your stomachs empty, said hismum if you eat your tea you will full your stomach pain and the pain will disappear. And sure enough it did.Later, his sister Selina came home from work complaining of a headache. Its because your heads empty,said stinker. Try putting something in it. Three men were arrested last week. Each of them stole items form a warehouse in London. The first manstole some batteries, the second man stole a calendar and the third man some fireworks. The first one wascharged, the second man got 12 months and the third was let off.DFA: I was in the cave under fort Carson and met the leader of this new gang [molepeoplefromlibertycity]leader…we had talked about the fierceness of the over landers and I warned him and his members to watch out forJayloc... all of a sudden there he was at the opening to the cave and with out saying a word he took out hischain gun and mowed us down. To add insult to injury he walked over the leader. Yakcub , Syndicta and Aceryder walk into a bar and look around then walk to the bar... each order a drinkand ask where the hoes be at. After I serve them a few brews and point to the back room and they walk backthere I hear screaming and bitching. I walk back to check it out and there is Tomiax and Rita with hugegrins on thier faces and the three gangstas dressed in police skins getting thier ass.