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Research log lo2 log

  1. 1. Unit 3: Research TechniquesResearch LogNOTE: IF THE TEXT IS BOLD AND ITALTIC, IT NEEDS TO BE EDITED* Pages Library Web address plus date Name of resource Author Date of Detailed notes on your findings notes reference you looked at topic publication where number (If from the internet) found (If from (If from a book) book)Yahoo Answers User „hi‟ for the 2 years ago A Yahoo Answers website where people 23/04/2012 question, Users bring up all sorts of questions in order to „Pacific Man‟, seek responses from the general public, in /question/index?qid=2010092 „Panama Joe‟, which case is the internet. User „hi‟ displays 1054719AAMC6zW „Am I Fugly‟, the question “Who are the main audience „Studio 126‟, „D‟, for the James Bond film „Quantum of „Lob Bobster‟, Solace‟ along with a subheading question „Black Keys‟ and saying „Who does this film appeal to most?‟ „Dave‟ for the The response are mixed from pretty serious responses. to silly, as you would expect but the main response come under people saying that the films target audience is aimed at people who would have been too young to have seen the previous James Bond films, meaning Quantum of Solace is trying to appeal to a new audience. Other response are less in-depth and simply say “guys” whilst others state that it‟s for „James Bond fans‟ and usually males between the ages of 13-55, more specifically, 13-21 dating couples since they are the “bread and butter” of the film industry.
  2. 2. Yahoo Answers User „Chris‟ for 4 years ago A Yahoo Answers website where people 23/04/2012 the question, bring up all sorts of questions in order to Users „C-Man‟, seek responses from the general public, in estion/index?qid=2008091403 „ph1966‟, which case is the internet. User „Chris‟ 3806AARdZGh „missace‟, „Mortal displays the question “Who is the target Guardian‟, audience for James Bond films?” with a „Flamenco Jo‟ and subtext stating “Age groups, Male/females, „Richard S‟ for the Whatever your answer please say why and responses. how please”. The responses are mixed once again like the previous Yahoo Answers sources but a little more serious. It appears that people are saying that it mostly appeals to young males and females but should still be stated that people of the older generation have a thing for it with the original James Bond films being released in the 1960‟s and 1970‟s. The responses mostly go into detail what age groups the films cater to, going back and forth with 16- 30 and 25-45 and going into how to appeals to the males with “gadget lovers” and “wanting to be James Bond” and females as they want “to find a guy that can help them and love them like James Bond”.Empire Magazine, Issue Empire 2010 A Film Magazine known as “Empire” with Knight &of June 2010 the issue being from June 2010 that Day review includes all kinds of film information such as – (same interviews, previews, behind the scenes, genre as competitions. Things you would mostly Bond) expect from a published magazine but it mostly centers on reviews and stories based on upcoming films.Sight and Sound, The A detailed analysis on films from across the Article onInternational Film world, mostly discussing the core aspects TinkerMagazine of the visual and audio vitality. Along with Tailor that, it contains stories and articles on films Soldier written by various different editors. Soy
  3. 3. Ken Adam designs the Ken Adam A book written by Ken Adam, a rather well Designs of 791.4302509Movies – James Bond renowned film critic and author, whereby he the Bonds 2 ADAand Beyond discusses and analysis‟ the design of movies, in this case the James Bond titles with various bits and pieces on a selected amount of James Bond films, discussing such elements as plot, design, character progression, summaries, contrast and more.500 Essential Cult Jenifer Eiss A book that goes through what author Plot, 791.4375Movies: The Ultimate Jenifer Eiss considers as 500 Essential Cult review, EISGuide Movies. It goes through various different director, genres such as action to romance, picking starring… a selected amount of movies, some of which are cult hits and others that she feels deserve a mention or some respect. The guide contains information on a James Bond spoof film created in the 1970‟s titled Casino Royale, a James Bond film would follow several years later with the same title. It also gives information on other films within the same genre such as Dirty Harry or Reservoir Dogs. thThe Story of Euston User „DENE‟ on Thursday, 9 A webpage display audience facts and 01/05/2012Films: The JAMES Blogger February 2012 figures, mostly figures across all of the http://eustonfilms.blogspot.BOND films: UK James Bond films up to this year, giving facts & figures such statistics as when the official UK in-uk-audience-facts- cinema release date was, how much was figures.html made at the box office, how many homes approximately viewed the film on television and other categories. It also contains a series of images of the official movie posters from some of the James Bond movies as well as promotional television debut posters/imagery for the films.
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