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Extended project log

  1. 1. Extended Project Log Date What I did Problems EncounteredFebruary 27th Today I made sure I had come I wasn’t entirely sure at the to grips with the Extended time how the unit was going to Project Unit and knew what I be broken down so I asked my had to do in order to make this teacher on a clearer a successful and fun explanation of which I got project/unit. I started to think successfully. about what ideas I could do and had a general discussion about the unit with some of my classmates.February 28th Today I didn’t do much work Spending too much time in honestly and was most looking class wondering what to think at images and reading several about instead of actually jotting things other people had done in down ideas that would help the my class in order to bring some production process of my inspiration for some ideas for extended project. my Extended Project. It seemed some kind of animation wasn’t present in the class at the time so I thought that would be quite a good idea and step up to the plate. March 5th Today I managed to have a lot When it came to feedback, I of work complete. Between was spending a lot of time now and February 28th, I filling in questionnaires and managed to produce a list of having discussion with people ideas, got some feedback on in my class about what they the ideas and in general, could do for their ideas but I completed all of the manage didn’t feel it felt fair as I would portion of the Extended Project give them detailed feedback Unit. I really enjoyed this but the feedback I was getting process and it was a lot of fun seemed quite limited so I asked thinking and developing ideas politely for a couple of people in a creative manner, I was to think a bit harder and I excited to start with the managed to get some better project. results thankfully. March 6th From yesterday, I had Minimal problems. The only completed the manage portion slight problem being I think of the Extended Project and I people were confused that I was now ready to move onto meant I wanted feedback for the Use resources portion, research of 2D animations in approaching ever closer to general and not my idea actual production of my 2D selections. People felt as if they Animation. This was exciting had already gave me this and I put it up to myself to information before but I conduct some Research on the informed them that they hadn’t matter as I felt that would very and that this was slightly important. Today felt very difficult and important.
  2. 2. similar to yesterday as it was once again filling in questionnaires and gathering primary research but thankfully it wasn’t for the some ideas but it was more specific feedback for my 2D Animation which was very cool. I managed to stick to my production schedule earlier and even got it done earlier than I expected which was nice.March 12th With the primary research I had some trouble finding done, today I decided to more examples of interesting conduct some secondary settings that related to my 2D Research. I split it into different Animation idea for my sections, some of which I’ll fill Extended Project since a lot of at a later date when I get the the actual interesting settings time and motivation but for and locales I found in 2D now I focused on Interesting animations were heavily settings. I was very pleased I fantasy based and not what I managed to look into wanted but thankfully I found Emotional Stories and looking what I felt were two strong back at that section made me examples and conveyed what I have quite a lot of inspiration wanted to portray. to do interesting settings, sadly it wasn’t as interesting and I didn’t find as many examples but I look forward to diving into secondary research of concept art and characters but this will be quite a long process, it sure feels like it.March 13th I had managed to finish my Looking into characters and secondary Research on not only concepts was very in depth and Emotional Stories but because of that I wanted to Interesting Settings in 2D have plenty of examples but animations ahead of schedule writing about some of the and I was very much pleased. It examples in order to make was time to now look at them relate to my final idea concept art and characters and proved a bit difficult as they right away I had a lot of didn’t have a very close style to research outlets to look into. I what I wanted but had pieces found a lot of examples but of it but I felt I did a good job there were a couple of issues backing up the relevance of my but it was still a very fun, choices on characters and enjoyable research experience. concepts.March 19th Use of Resources was still being I was getting a bit tired of conducted and I am still researching and just wanted to working on Characters and start producing my 2D Concepts. I’m gradually animation which would be my approaching the end of my artefact for my extended
  3. 3. secondary research and I project so I was being honestly can’t wait to start distracted by my brain wanting production, it shall be very fun. to drift away from that but I In the process of Research I managed to focus enough to have managed to jot a couple get my work done so that of notes and ideas on what I could’ve been a pretty big wanted to do with my problem as I would have work animation but it was a very fun still outstanding to do. day.March 20th Research was finally completed I didn’t encounter any and the uses of resources problems. section. I am very pleased with this and I felt I gathered not only a lot of sources throughout my research journey but managed to go very in depth with each one and I felt I brought up a lot of good arguments and points to back up my reasoning behind researching each piece in each topic. I’m proud of my work here today but now I have to start actually producing my product as it has been a lot time coming.March 26th Today I prepared for my I had quite a lot of issues here. Extended Project Exhibition One of them being with the which was going to take place exhibition preparation. I really on Tuesday, March 27th wasn’t sure what I was doing and I kept thinking, is this really Between March 20th and today, it, is this all I have to prepare I managed to get not only the for? But I got a clearer first and second draft of my explanation whilst talking to my animation but the final draft teacher which was nice and I and I was quite pleased with didn’t mind my exhibition my pieces. I wasn’t very happy placement. I was sharing a with my two drafts, they were laptop with two people in my very rushed but I think I put my class in order to display my effort in the final draft and animation but I was having managed to do something I trouble show casing mine but I didn’t think I would do which is eventually got it working in the produce a 2D animation which end and I was pleased. conveys a strong sense of emotion. I showcased it in front The actual production of the of a couple of people in my animation was a disaster of class before the upcoming shorts. I really wasn’t sure what Presentation and Exhibition and to use to make it and I kept I seemed to get a few chuckles thinking too big. I had to keep and appreciation for the music simplifying my idea to choice which was very nice as something that was short and
  4. 4. that was a heavy component of was actually successful. It was a it. It was tiring process but I shame and I kept having think I got there in the end with troubles with the software something at least, even if it’s breaking and ultimately not rather short and doesn’t 100% being too familiar with Adobe go back to what the ideas or Flash CS5 but I eventually got sketches were, it still holds true there and produced a final draft to my intention. that I was quite proud of. I just think of the big problems might be the fact that people might be confused how the final draft connects with the first and second drafts so I will have to explain that in my review.March 27th Today was presentation day I have a few issues trying to and it quite fun. I showed my actually get my animation to animation to a couple of display on the laptop but with a people, people in other bit of fiddling around I get it extended projects, parents of working on the laptop but sadly the students and more and not on the computer with the they seemed pleased with it projector attached but I was once they walked past my little still pleased that it was even section of the room. It was a working at all to be honest. nice looking exhibition and I felt it was pretty example I just felt 2 hours was perhaps too long for the exhibition and it should’ve been cut down slightly as I feel there was a period where no more people were going to come and that last 30 minutes could’ve been used to pack up and tidy up the hall instead of later. April 1st REVIEW Some problems with the blog Today I decided that it was a was trying to organise some of good time to look back at my the posts in a timely order blog and improve some of the using the post options with posts with some imagery and each post but some didn’t seem fine tune my feedback, to change which is evaluations and more for the disappointing as now I have 2 review section of this Extended or 3 posts that are out of place Project Unit. It was a very but I’m happy at least they are productive but quite laid back in the right sections such as day and I was pleased I Manage, Use Resources, etc.. managed to get the evaluations and such out of the way as I do not think I’d honestly right as much at this point in the unit as the ideas I came up with have would be tepid and not fresh in
  5. 5. my mind. General organisation of my blog went well though and I’m pleased with all the work and the blog itself.