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Commission Log


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Commission Log

  1. 1. Commission LOG NOTE: Remember to give explanations on certain decisions, along with in-depth descriptions. (For Myself) Problems Date Work Undertaken Encountered and Actions required to move Decisions Made project on My Thoughts and feelings at the beginning of Being that it was the first From looking at the the project: My thoughts and feelings at the day for the Commission#1 different sections of the beginning of the project were quite positive. I enjoyed Unit, there were a lot of decisions made but not unit and reading the the fact that we would be working and producing for a profitable company as part of our commission. I feel such a lot of problems brief carefully and this will be a lot more enjoyable than if we were to do encountered. We were thoroughly, it seems a non-profit company, as those are not as easy to come tasked with two tasks, one there is quite a lot of by but I did have some mixed feelings, especially since of which was to completely worksheet #1 work to produce in this I’m not quite sure which profitable company myself to but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. which was to answer a unit but instead of series of questions based describing and explain around the idea of What excites or interests me about the work: what I have to do for the commissions, some people The prospect of working for a profitable company that about what rest of the unit, I’m just interests me the most as working for a non-profitable information you would going to discuss the company or a charity company, I feel, wouldn’t be as have to include for a actions required to move fun due to the fact that they aren’t easy to come by, proposal as an act of a not just by finding them but thinking of suitable ideas the project on from this commission. I decided to and solutions. Another thing that excites me however group the questions and stage to the next. From about the work is the schedule. We have this unit once have my answer labelled reading the brief it a week on a Tuesday and I really enjoy that as it underneath clearly as I seems I will have to issue doesn’t harm on me too much. It’s nice to know that didn’t want to get just once a week I’ll have to fulfil my log and duties myself by finding a confused and could then with some work outside school in between, rather than plan and think carefully profitable company. This th Tuesday 13 September 2011 2 or 3 or even more days a week. It keeps things fun about how I was to might become difficult in and exciting and not a grind. approach the question. areas but I’m sure I can Most of the questions find a profitable were fine to answer with Concerns I have: I am mostly concerned by the fact company that their no trouble but I did come that I’m not sure how I will find a profitable company. I into some problems with willing to accept me for will have to find one in order to continue this unit so one in particular which some commission work I’m sure it’ll be fine but I don’t just want to find a was to describe how you profitable company, but a profitable company I’d enjoy as if I don’t find a could use feedback to as that would give me more incentive for working for profitable company fairly improve for a future and with the company as a commission. commission task. The soon with the 2-3 week answer seemed simple as time span I have been How I hope my project will turn out: I feel the in, you would take the set I could be in a lot of project will turn out quite well at the start, feedback and just improve progressively getting better with a few hiccups in upon it but it was trouble with how I am between, due to the fact that there will still be a lot of becoming painfully clear going to forward this objectives and writing to fulfil. It’s not that I dislike that I had to be more project but I’ll make sure writing and typing, I enjoy it and I like how we have specific than that so I I can find this profitable some leniency to produce a artefact for a profitable decided to think about the company but like a lot of things, tiredness will be an feedback itself, would do company in the issue but I’m sure overall it’ll be a nice addition to the you do with the physical upcoming days with work flow. feedback and with that decisions on either the travel of thinking I phone, via email and so managed to convey an What I hope to learn from this experience: What answer I was happy with on as I don’t want to be I hope to learn from this experience is to know how that question. The second left stranded in the and what I should expect if I ever have to go into a of the two tasks issued middle of the 2-3 week commission phase for a company. I feel it’s very helpful was to create and
  2. 2. in some situations as media is a type of career I’m complete a first entry in time span without any considering going in for. Video Games, Films, Music our log which is here right#1 idea of what clients to and more are all forms of media and there and many now. I found only one different shapes and sizes of the stuff but with a little problems being that of search and what type of work experience and having some knowledge thrown layout, font sizes and artefact I’m going to in from this unit, I feel that would be quite beneficial more, I had the content of produce. later on in the future, especially if I decide to go for a the log entry already media-based career which I’m hoping to do. figured out on my mind and decided to get that out of the way, with that My initial ideas in response to the brief: When done I could see how font thinking of initial ideas in response to the brief, I had a sizes and layout would few but it was mostly based around an imagination shape out. I tend to write company where I could choose what kind of media I quite a lot and have plenty wanted to proceed with. I really have to see what type to say so a small font of profitable company I’m going to engage with and would probably be suitable take part in commission, as if I base everything on a for the occasion, my website for example and they decide to turn that idea problems was fitting it all done, I’ll have to look elsewhere and that isn’t very fun in, so I continued typing nor effective but as it stands some of the initial ideas I until I could look at the had were to produce a video or some kind of moving screen in full and see how image, whether that be a documentary, animation and exactly things would shape so on, but this might take quite a while to produce and out, what sections to might lessen quality so perhaps something simpler like stretch so I can add more a painting or inferior design for one room might work to one page and it seemed better but choosing something even simpler and “Work Undertaken” would smaller such as a poster or leaflet might not be so take the brunt of it as that much fun. is the most common section of the log I feel I’d The creative and/or media disciplines(s) I am write for and thus talk and likely to use: The creative and/or media disciplines I discuss more and since I am likely to use are most likely going to be digital want to achieve higher based. I can’t say for sure what I’ll use until I speak marks and actually explain with the company at hand but what I can say is that I things rather than just flat th Tuesday 13 September 2011 want to go for a digital approach. I understand that a out give a description, it lot of what I will be doing in the unit is digital based, would be a fair amount typing up log entries such as this, processing things and longer but with that came so on but it’s something I’ve got used to and quite a final issue in that the log enjoy. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe would become too long Flash are programs I enjoy using on quite a regular and too complicated to basis so it seems to make sense I’d go the digital route read but thankfully, being using those types of programs and creative media a first log entry and having disciplines. quite a number of sections to answer it didn’t seem to be as bad, as these weeks The skills I will need to use and develop: The after would be much skills I will need to develop are my research skills. I feel smaller will the less I am a good all-rounder when it comes to everything sections they hold. else with planning, talking to people being that of a social context and actual production of a product with how quality and quantity is concerned by research isn’t my strong suit due to I just don’t find it that enjoyable. I find a little tedious and a little boring and it’s perhaps further due to the fact that I’m not much of a reader, I’m a quick reader in that I’ll happily read articles, reviews and such that are no more than a page long but after that, I feel things start to drag so research skills and perhaps a hint of planning skills I will need to develop. The skills I’ll need to use our my research, planning, production and social interaction if I am to move this project forward as without decent research and planning, the production of my artefact could fall under and thus lead to social interaction becoming awkward and overall, disappointing. Important deadlines and or other constraints I will be working under: The only deadlines and other constraints I will be working under is that of the examination board and my teacher. I want to do myself and teacher proud by producing work at a steady,
  3. 3. suitable level by firstly finishing section step 1 of my work by the 7th of November, Step 2 by the 3rd of January and Step 3 by the 21st of January. That way I can be happy with my work and feel I’ve achieved a good steady work flow whilst achieving good quality work and fulfilling that aim. What I did Today Future Ideas#2 Today I completed Activity Sheet 1 which was to th Tuesday 20 September 2011 explain What was a Commission, I worked through various questions and found it quite easy to answer Go through the rest of the Activity Sheet’s whilst N/A after the presentation about Commission we got going at a good pace and before from our tutor, researching and speaking with with good enough quality. my peers.#3 Today we were asked to go through the rest of the activity sheets, with this being activity sheet number 3. Activity Sheet 1 was meant to be completed at the very start but I decided to make progress and a good adaption to the first entry of my Log as that was something I wanted to have of good quality but today I Prioritise Activity Sheets a th Tuesday 27 September 2011 began working on Activity Sheet 3 which discussed Small and Large Commissions, it was rather fun little better and adapt notes for Activity 3 into full N/A learning the differences between the two along with length sentences. the discussions with the class. Activity Sheet 1 was something I produced in my free time but my teacher would’ve preferred I finished Activity Sheet 1 first.#4 In Today’s Lesson I adapted the notes I did for Activity 3 on Small and Large Commissions and changed them into full sentences and paragraphs. It was a very productive lesson and me and my friend Ed managed Find a client and obtain a th Tuesday 4 October 2011 to work together and get it done to what I feel was a great standard. Our tutor discussed that the beginnings brief from client. N/A of us working with someone and actually starting our actual commission project would begin once we had a brief.#5 Today’s Lesson had me searching the internet and various places to find a client. It was a somewhat enjoyable lesson but mostly frustrating as I didn’t Find myself a client and manage to find a client by the end of the lesson. Most obtain a brief from him by th Tuesday 11 October 2011 of the other pupils in my class managed to, mostly due to the fact that some of their clients were families with doing further research or by other means. N/A businesses themselves as it had to be a client who had a profitable company of themselves but I didn’t managed to find myself a client, it was disappointed after searching for quite a long time.#6 Finally in Today’s Lesson I managed to find my client, Richard Hoare from Auriga Jewellery. I was very pleased with the client I managed to obtain, being that Try contacting client for a he is a family friend and works for a Jewellery company Brief and finding ways to th Tuesday 18 October 2011 in Reading’s town centre that isn’t too busy and pretty good for producing various different artefacts. I get feedback and such more regularly for the rest N/A emailed my client on a brief but I did not get a reply of the unit. during the lesson. I was pleased to finally have a client and even though I had text messaged and rang Richard myself, I got no reply.#7 Today’s lesson was very productive. I managed to not Make sure to keep not only only contact Richard during the weekend and obtain a the blog but the activity st Tuesday 1 November 2011 brief but managed to continue working on the much sheet progress and needed activity sheets in part 1 of part 2 with the communication exchange activity sheets going from 1 to 9. I completed Activity Sheets 3 and 4 and even began working on a blog post up to date. N/A Communication Exchange blog post which I will add
  4. 4. the communication between me and my client Richard throughout the whole Unit. I was pleased with my progress and having to unpick and understand the brief was a little tricky at times but thankfully Richard Emailed it to me in a clear context than me writing down notes from a phone call.#8 For this lesson I was once again continuing progress with my activity sheets and managed to make more progress in my communication exchange blog post on Look into Research and the website, by adding my response to deciding what exactly to st Tuesday 8 November 2011 the brief and adapting the communication I had before by typing up what each piece said against the print research based on what I’ve detailed in N/A screens and various images I uploaded to the blog post. Understanding The Brief I improved slightly on the activity sheets I already Activity Sheet. added in terms of presentation but this lesson was more exciting as towards the end I was beginning to get into the research part which is quite interesting.#9 Today began the Research Phase where I decided to look at different Jewellery Advertisements on generating ideas and so forth. It was quite fun looking for these advertisement and discovering there is more Research further at home th Tuesday 15 November 2011 than I initially realised being that of the amount of Jewellery Based Television Adverts but sadly, YouTube and make sure to watch the advertisements that I N/A and other video media streaming websites were have linked in the post. blocked by the college’s domain so I decided to make a new entry in my blog and apply the links into that very post.#10 For Today’s Lesson, it didn’t get off at a great start by ended what I felt was, to a good standard. I didn’t manage to watch the advertisements fully and analyse them but I did manage to quickly download them and Think and work harder into transfer them to my memory stick so today’s lesson I how you can take the nd watched through the three advertisements multiple elements of the Tuesday 22 November 2011 times, with all having their own strengths and weaknesses and began to import them into the blog advertisements research into your own television N/A and write underneath each ones some analysis, how advert for Auriga they were good, how they were bad, what elements I Jewellery. would take into my production and I was surprised by the amount of ideas I am going to put into my own production by just watching these advertisements carefully. It was a fun and interesting lesson.#11 Today was a very busy but fortunately very productive day as well. I went through some of the activity sheets which I have not done in a while since I was researching but I was nearing closer to actually producing my advertisement. I had been in contact with my client and it seemed apparent production Being looking into th Tuesday 29 November 2011 must happen soon but the activity sheets I did complete consisted of Generating Ideas, SWOT production for my advertisement for Auriga N/A Analysis and Target Audience. Target Audience was by getting templates ready something I slotted in last moment as I forgot to and such. feature it in my blog from discussing with Sarah but I was glad to manage to put that in the last 10 minutes of the lesson. Quite fun lesson, but probably be a lot more exciting and less tedious once I get into the production side of the unit.#12 Today’s Lesson had me finally begin producing my advert. I was very happy as video editing and production is something I like to see myself as a speciality. I began to make some pre-production materials such as the Auriga Logo, Twinkle Shapes, th backgrounds, banners and so forth. It took a while to Begin to work on the other Tuesday 6 December 2011 get around producing some of these pre-production materials as I was being a little too impatient at times pre-production side, the more literal phase. N/A but I was glad to get some of this done and felt it was a good move to get some templates ready such as soon as I open Photoshop, the right dimensions would be ready so I can get cracking. Fun and creative lesson indeed.
  5. 5. #13 As I produced mostly the creative pre-production elements in my work, it was time I made the more literal pre-production elements such as the script, narration, music tracks and more. It was still a very Do not act into production Tuesday 13 th December 2011 creative lesson, even if there was a lot more writing to be had and I was edging closer to finally producing my right away until you have feedback/response from N/A advertisement. I had some spare time to start a your client. template in Adobe Premier Pro for the artefact, but I also contacted my client on what he thought of my pre-production materials, I did not get a response in the lesson but should do very soon.#14 Today’s Lesson I finally managed to produce a 1st draft for my advert. It felt great to finally get a first draft out as I managed to get feedback from my client on the pre-production materials and he said they looked great but I would need to make adjustments to the bottom banner in particular but such adjustments I will be rd Tuesday 3 January 2012 making in either a second or finally draft of the advertisement as I feel that’s more suitable for timing Organise Blog Presentation better N/A reasons as in today’s lesson I also replaced not only the temporary wildlife footage I used for my video, I also worked hard on the activity sheets and managed to get sheets 1-9 done, part 1 of 2 was complete and I was very pleased with myself and even managed to add more details to my communication exchange post.#15 Today’s lesson was a bit of a lazy one, I admit. During the weekend I managed to organise my blog a bit better in terms of the post and it’s presentation and added a few more pre-production materials such as th Tuesday 10 January 2012 the narration but simply today I imported the narration into the advertisement and rendered out a 2nd draft, Work hard on the rest of the project and don’t focus N/A being the same as the 1st draft with narration but for so much on the artefact my final draft I’ll remember to do some of the itself adjustments I was tasked on doing by my client as I simply forgot to import them into the 2nd draft of my artefact.#16 Today was going to be one of the first lessons left of Commission and our tutor hinted at deadlines so I got into a phase and managed to work pretty hard, ignoring the final draft of my artefact a little and work th Tuesday 17 January 2012 on the rest of the unit, completing the rest of the activity sheets with the only exception being the Finish off the unit N/A production diary. It was tiring but I was glad I got so much work done and it was nice to see my blog still nice and organised.#17 In Today’s Lesson, it felt almost like a clean-up lesson. I neatened up my log as you can see here and neatened up a few more post, adjusting fonts and including information and features I might’ve missed on my first th Tuesday 24 January 2012 or second runs on my entire blog. I also managed to have just enough time to render, export and upload a N/A N/A final draft of my artefact being that of a television advertisement for Auriga Jewellery and I was very pleased with the result and so was my client, my peers and so forth.