Digital/Social Media Startegy for Yahoo! Inc.


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Presentation on Digital/Social Media Startegy for Yahoo! Inc.

by Emil Z.

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Digital/Social Media Startegy for Yahoo! Inc.

  1. 1. Prepared by Emil Z.
  2. 2.  A.I.D.A Attention - To establish viral marketing campaign forYahoo brandthrough Social Entertainment, Social Community and SocialCommerce Zones. Interest - To establish permanent connections with remaining andnew users. Desire - Increase the shareability of the Yahoo content within theweb, create the word of mouth effect, #hottrends. Action - Engage new users in Yahoo’s new operations; create apromotional message to get new followers of the brand.
  3. 3.  Company’s best bet will be using 3 main Zones: Social Entertainment. Social Community. Social Commerce. The main reason why I didn’t choose a SocialPublishing Zone is because the organization justbought a Tumblr company. Tumblr itself a verysuccessful blog company, and if a Yahoo is going tokeep the main team and all inside operations of theTumblr, Social Publishing Zone will take care of itselfon its own.
  4. 4.  As we already know Social Entertainment Zone brings to thecostumers/users fun online environment where they prefer to spend theirleisure time. Yahoo! Inc. seems to be doing a great job by providingmusic, latest movie info, and games on the main website. But I would sayhere’s its weakness as well, just because they can provide all thesefunctions on one page, it doesn’t mean the website will be strong enoughin terms of visits. If Yahoo could create an additional separate websitesthat are dedicated to particular Entertainment, website wouldn’t be soovercrowded with information. It seems like when they were developinga site, they made the same mistake as Myspace did, which is overdevelopment (bringing everything and a lot at the same time). So I would say create a separate websites for the music Yahoo Music, forthe movies Yahoo Movies and games Yahoo Games. And since we knowthat mobile gaming is the next big thing, Yahoo should considerreevaluating a dedicated department of gaming.
  5. 5.  This is the most complicated zone for the Yahoo. SocialCommunity Zone is a zone where user shares personal stuff likerelationships. If you look at the competitor Google, you will noticehow they made the main website so personal to everybody in theworld by providing specific design for some holidays. Googlecelebrates national and international holidays on specific day, celebrates 9th May which is a Victory day againstGerman Nazi. From this example you can see how diversifiedGoogle is.Why not to do something familiar, make it morepersonal, like revamp the greetings of the website for registeredusers or to create a some kind of hang out clubs, where peoplewith the same interests could collaborate and make some projectshappen.This idea will definitely attract a lot of people with thesame interest in one spot, which
  6. 6.  Even though the “Social Commerce Zone” term was developedby Yahoo itself in November 2005.The company still slacks in thisdepartment. Social Commerce Zone allows us to do business interms of shopping and e-commerce. After performing a researchabout this zone, I didn’t find any valuable information that couldmake Yahoo stand out against its competitors. If Yahoo claimsthat it makes most of their money through marketing services,then how come Social Commerce Zone is still “dead”? To solve this problem Yahoo’s best offer would be sitedevelopment of website or trade website. Especially a tradewebsite where users will be able to trade their products with eachother, and payingYahoo for secure service providing, almost thesame as Yahoo merchant Solutions
  7. 7.  Facebook. Keep updating the statuses, create not only informativebut engaging messages, so user could participate as well. Twitter. Yahoo is using Twitter pretty good, but the only negativething about Twitter is that the company only updates itsstatus, tweets are not interacting with no one, onlyupdates. And as we know a lot of people take Twitterpersonally so should Yahoo, and interaction betweenusers and company is very important.
  8. 8.  Instagram. According to the Social Audit that we performed for Google and Yahoo.We know that both companies don’t have any account in Instagram.Here’s Yahoo’s chance to stand out. Creating an account in Instagram isnot only going to make Yahoo relevant, but also will create a verycreative approach about News. SYNCING Twitter account andInstagram will allow Yahoo to be a leader in all 3 Zones (SocialEntertainment, Social Community and Social Commerce). Mobile App. Yahoo just started developing a new mobile games/apps according tothe latest news. One thing that I would like to add to this is why not tocreate a ONEApp that is going to consist all 3 Social Zones, somethinglike Yahoo App 3in1? After looking up for Yahoo App, I found bunch ofdifferent apps that people are not aware of.
  9. 9.  Pay close attention to the S.W.O.T and A.I.D.A analysis. Main focuses are 3 Social Zones that mentioned in the plan. Reevaluate a main website, make a website moreeasier to navigate. Social Network Strategy should increase # of users in Facebook, # offollowers in twitters, and also more retweets should be present as well.Creating an Instagram will help the company in more creativeway, which is one of the Strength of the company (being creative).Interaction between users and company should be present in all SocialNetworks. Heavy attention should be on Social Commerce Zone, since this zone issuffering the most, after evaluating a main website, this zone should bein the top priority.
  10. 10.  Information from Project Part 1 (Social Media Audit of Google andYahoo byEmilZ).