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Better or Different #OAtS13


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These slides came from a presentation I did at OAtS in Portland, OR on October 18, 2013. The presentation is based on discussions (presentations) from Will Richardson and Alec Couros. I have cited specifically which slides I've borrowed from Will. The desire to present on this subject matter came from a session that Will led at ISTE13 which can be found here:

While none of these messages or ideas are my own or originate from my own brain, I find them to be extremely important and part of a larger discussion we all should be having around change and reform in education.

I appreciate Will's willingness to share his ideas and slides so we can continue this discussion all across the country.

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Better or Different #OAtS13

  1. 1. Better Different #OAtS13
  2. 2. Better Different
  3. 3. Better
  4. 4. Different
  5. 5. Traditional Modern Will Richardson, 2013
  6. 6. Delivery Discovery Will Richardson, 2013
  7. 7. Just in case Just in time Will Richardson, 2013
  8. 8. Institutional Personal Will Richardson, 2013
  9. 9. Remember when we needed... agent to get a record deal? ...a broker to buy stock? ...a publisher to write a book? ...a journalist to report the news? ...a travel agent to book our flights? Will Richardson, 2013
  10. 10. ...a school to learn Algebra? Will Richardson, 2013
  11. 11. scarcity
  12. 12. abundance abundance abundance abundance abundance abundance
  13. 13. abundance abundance abundance abundance abundance abundance
  14. 14. self-organized Will Richardson, 2013
  15. 15. design thinking Will Richardson, 2013
  16. 16. maker Will Richardson, 2013
  17. 17. What now?
  18. 18. Practice + Theory
  19. 19. Jeremy Macdonald @mrmacnology