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An overview of Scrum.org that I presented at BeyondAgile in Seattle

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Who is scrum.org

  1. 1. meet the home of Scrum
  2. 2. Waterfall Agile 9% 14% 29% 42% Suceeded Chalanged Failed 49% 57%The CHAOS Manifesto, Copyright 2011
  3. 3. Professional Professional Professional Scrum Scrum Master ScrumProduct Owner Developer .NET or Java Architects Business Analysts Product Owners DB Specialists Executives Scrum Masters Designers Developers Testers Professional Scrum Foundations Everyone
  4. 4. The standard curriculum used byall Scrum.org trainers drivesconsistent quality intraining, messaging, and coaching.By having a standard library of courseware shared by alltrainers, companies can ensure that they are receivingthe same high-quality training content from everytrainer in every course around the world. And, thatcourse material is collaboratively maintained by alltrainers to create a network effect of improvementshared by each and every trainer. This consistentmessage eliminates confusion that would otherwiseimpede progress.
  5. 5. Professional Scrum Foundations Everyone Professional Scrum Master IProfessional Scrum Professional Scrum Professional ScrumProduct Owner Master Developer (.NET or Java)Professional Scrum Professional Scrum Professional ScrumMaster I Master II Developer Architects, Business Product Owners Analysts, DB Scrum Masters Executives Specialists, Designers, Prog rammers, Testers
  6. 6. The Official Microsoft Training for VS 2010/ 11 PROFESSIONAL A certification with teeth that differentiates skilled developers Scrum Developer Must actively participate in all 5 days of the course and pass a rigorous assessment with a score of at least 90% to receive certification. Teaches Visual Studio and best practices, all within the Scrum framework Goes beyond traditional “tool-only” courses .NET or Java flavours for Architects, Business All the content you need in an efficient and effective 5-day format Analysts, DB The most efficient way to ensure retention of necessary materialSpecialists, Designers, Develo pers, Testers Delivered publicly or privately to meet varying needs of customers Reduces both cost and disruption to developers Being delivered with the new Scrum Process Template New Microsoft-developed Scrum Process Template for VS2010 is the most faithful to the Scrum process; available on MSDN in June 2010.