Agile development gets things done


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Agile development gets things done, even at large government organisations!

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  • “The agile process is the universal remedy for software development project failure. Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method and a much lower percentage of time and cost overruns. The secret is the trial and error and delivery of the iterative process.”- The CHAOS Manifesto, Copyright 2011
  • Source: Inspector General reportsReplace ACS Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) awarded primary software contractMany other vendors for smaller piecesOriginally scheduled for three years and $380m 
  • Source: Inspector General reports
  • Source: Inspector General reports
  • Source: Inspector General reports“As of August 2011, the FBI was expending significantly fewer dollars per month than it had when Lockheed Martin was primarily responsible for the development of Sentinel.““The FBI-wide deployment is now scheduled for May 2012, … This modest extension is due primarily to the need to implement a standard five-year ‘refresh’ of computer hardware.”
  • Agile development gets things done

    1. 1. Agile development gets things doneMartin Hinshelwood, Senior ALM ConsultantNorthwest Cadence
    2. 2. Who is Martin?
    3. 3. CHAOS Resolution by Style Waterfall Agile 9% 14% 29% 42% Suceeded Chalanged Failed 49% 57%The CHAOS Manifesto, Copyright 2011
    4. 4. FBI - (ACS) System• A CRM for criminals• Built using 1970s-era software tools • Natural • ADABAS database Don’t make a federal • IBM 3270 green screen terminals case out of it.• Many believed ACS was obsolete when it shipped in 1995
    5. 5. FBI – Virtual Case File Results Coding starts 2001 All code scrapped – 3 years for January 2005 $380m Cost $170m FBI Director Seeing this wasn’t Robert Mueller going asked congress anywhere, Mueller for more money considers a new to keep going. tactic. Three times. Start over!
    6. 6. Sentinel – The FBI Case ManagementProject Lockheed 1.5 phases done Martin wins $421m spent contract to 2 years remain build it 4 phases Mitre estimates $450m another $351m and 6 years 6 years to complete. Robert Mueller Well, uh… really hopeful I mean, we… this time. Can we use Scrum for hardware?
    7. 7. Sentinel – The FBI Case ManagementProject Code complete Project Reset 1 year of work $30m spent FBI cancels Hardware delays contract push projected ship Scrum Studio date to May 2012 created in Hoover building FBI Director Robert basement Mueller reports being “this close” to shipping Sentinel. Reduce staff from 400 to 40
    8. 8. Sentinel – The FBI Case ManagementProject Hardware Problems solved … Shipped As of August 2011, the FBI was expending significantly fewer dollars
    9. 9. Why do I care? Higher Success Rate You are 3 times more likely to be successful with Agile Cost Effective As you always have working software you can stop at any time without waste Low Risk You only ever have one sprint at risk at a time
    10. 10. Agile development gets things doneThank You