How Come Your Six Pack Abs Diet And Workout Plan Are Failing


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Was Santa Claus an Alcholic and what does that have to do with your six pack abs diet and workout plan? They actually have something very powerful in common.

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How Come Your Six Pack Abs Diet And Workout Plan Are Failing

  1. 1. Was Santa Claus An Alcoholic? Mr. Health Six Pack Abs V
  2. 2. Santa had a beer belly, sodoes that make him analcoholic? Maybe and maybenot, let’s check it out and see.I have no idea what your momand dad, or you, put in hiseggnog. I wouldn’t say SantaClaus is as close to being analcoholic personally, or it couldexplain why Patrick got coolertoys than me when I was 15.
  3. 3. The stereotypical male is onewho is balding and moretypically one with a noticeablebeer belly. We know why thebalding occurred, thanksgenetics, but what about thebeer belly? How you got abeer belly has very to noinfluence, generallyspeaking, by the notoriousgenetic attacker.
  4. 4. Let’s take an interestinglook at it, along with someother good food forthought!
  5. 5. Want the good news aboutbeer bellies? The averagebeer has about 150 caloriesnot counting (actually thiscould be WAY moredamning!) the 64 calorieones. Here’s the badnews, seeing it’s only 150calories, you may find itmuch easier to overdo yourintake. When you pair thatwith pizza and those buffalopopcorn chicken bites? AsScooby Doo would say, ruhroh! That is a leading factorbut not the only reason.
  6. 6. I run an opinion blogalso, so let’s hit beerbelly with the typical “butit’s not fair’ approachtoward why girls don’thave beer bellies asoften. Don’t worry, I’m notgoing to tell you the hotredhead you’re trying towin over while amazed athow she can drink isgoing to be a Mrs.Clause look-alike by anymeans.
  7. 7. But, her “girls” aren’t the onlything that will grow withbeer, I mean age, wellactually a mixture of the 2.Bad news? In asense, women store fat post-puberty differently thanguys, that’s why the underarm fat results in the term“granny fat” and why thethunder thighs and butt withthe backup signals. Thereason for this is they storefat subcutaneously (underthe skin) while guys hide itviscerally.
  8. 8. So what can we do and why does beer seem toaccentuate the process of tubbiness? Blame yourliver for that one! When you drink beer or anyliquor type, your liver wants that alcohol out of yoursystem ASAP, it’s something your liver see’s as nobueno (in case your drinking a corona).So what are you supposed to do? Obviously revyour metabolism up before hand, maybe after ifyou’re lucky enough. Another idea is to not drinkthem (the brews) slowly and space them out, abenefit to that is you show control, enjoy yourbrew, and don’t say something dumb while you’rebrewed out.
  9. 9. While we’re on the topic, why don’t you consider eatingsome hot pepper while you’re sipping? It’s normally amix made in heaven and it’s great for your six pack absdiet as well! Hot pepper have thermogenic effectsmeaning those calories from the beer could be gettingbeat up while you’re sipping!
  10. 10. Get ready to say bye-bye to the beer belly andremember this article the next time she needsa reason to enjoy one more with you. As forSanta Clause being an alcoholic, this videomakes me really wonder. Click Here And Vote For This Slide (my way of registering your valuable feedback!