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Club slide show 2013 2014 final


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Published in: Education
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Club slide show 2013 2014 final

  1. 1. Club Information 2013-2014
  2. 2. Animal Rights Club Sponsor: Mr. Eliason Location: R210
  3. 3. Chemistry Club Sponsor: Mr. Farabaugh Location: P201 • Explore chemistry beyond what is taught in the classroom • Make connections between chemistry concepts and activities from everyday life • Perform chemistry demonstrations and hands-on activities at local elementary and middle schools
  4. 4. Monticello Mentors Sponsors: Mrs. Carre and Mr. Weaver Location: the Forum Must apply in the spring Be a mentor and role model to younger members of our community - rising 9th graders at MHS, the Boy and Girls Club, and elementary school students in the area.
  5. 5. Chess, Word & Strategy Club Sponsor: Mr. Keith Location: B208 Come play with us! These are our goals: •To create a forum for you to meet fellow enthusiasts and play games for fun. •To create a forum for you to compete and improve your skills. •To encourage you to practice problem solving, display sportsmanship, and accept responsibility for your decisions.
  6. 6. DEBATE Sponsor: Mrs. Craddock
  7. 7. Sponsor: Mr. Dove Location: G101 MEETS AFTER SCHOOL: TIME TBA • The Virginia Envirothon is a natural resources competition for high school students. • Students work in teams of five students. Throughout the school year students prepare to compete at the local level, qualify to then compete at the area level, and the top three teams from the six areas in the state compete to be the State Winner. • These teams of high school students are tested on their knowledge of natural resources – soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and a current environmental issue..
  8. 8. Fellowship of Christian Athletes Faculty Supervisors: Mrs. Hatchett, Mrs. Lockwood, & Ms. Rocco (Non School Sponsored Club) Location: R102 • Provides an opportunity for students and student athletes to share and discuss issues relevant to today’s society as addressed through faith • Offers students a forum for discussion of faith based topics • Provides a support system that encourages values and fellowship with diverse individuals in a safe and supportive environment
  9. 9. GSA (Monticello Area Gay-Straight Alliance) Faculty Supervisors: Ms. Epps & Mr. Hickey Location: R104 • A student run organization open to all students • Supports diversity and tolerance by offering a comfortable environment in which students concerned about gay/lesbian/transgender issues can educate ourselves and work together to dislodge homophobia and Tran phobia in the larger community • One way we intend to do this is to participate in the Day of Silence in April. Monticello High School Non School Sponsored Club
  10. 10. Monticello Improv Club • Sponsor: Madeline Michel • Meets in the auditorium • More fun than is possible on a school day • Many alumni have gone on to promising careers in comedy – see Tina Fey
  11. 11. Key Club Sponsor: Ms. Neil Location: P105 • APPLICATION ONLY– Pick up an application outside of P105. Due by 11:00AM on Friday, September 6 in P105! • An international student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.
  13. 13. FIRST TECH CHALLENGE ROBOTICS COMPETITION TEAM - Builds a Robot and competes with other teams - Meets two days a week after school (not during clubs time) from September - March - Application will be available soon in P109 or P101 and are due September 6th - Competitions in February/March
  14. 14. Health Occupations Students of America Mrs. Dudley and Ms. Ramwell Location: B207 What is HOSA? A student-led professional organization One of 10 national career and technology student organizations endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education An integral component of Health Science Education Develops future leaders for the healthcare delivery system HOSA is 100% healthcare Purpose: In addition to providing technical training to students, HOSA helps its members learn dedication, leadership, and social skills--all of which are vital when dealing with people in the context of health care. The HOSA National Leadership Conference includes competitive events as well as leadership development opportunities. Our Motto The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow
  15. 15. Model United Nations Sponsors: Mr. Baran and Mr. Schmalz Location: Media Center • MUN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. • Students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the organization’s agenda • Goals: – Understand multiple perspectives surrounding global issues – Conduct research and act on the research they have done through the different perspectives – Attend conferences
  16. 16. OTAKU Sponsor: Mr. Dove Location: G101 Meets during Club Day • The purpose of the Otaku Club is to provide an environment where students can explore the varied application of graphical fiction through anime, comic books, movies and video games.
  17. 17. S.H.O.U.T (Students Hopes Outcries United Together) Sponsor: Ms. G. Reynolds Location: B210 • S.H.O.U.T is a club that supports school clubs (social) activities year round • Involves community service such as raising monies for March of Dime (walk in April) • Visiting speakers to encourage positive growth in life after high school
  18. 18. Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf Club Sponsor : Mrs. Peairs and Mr. Glover Location : G209 • Learn the basic skills and rules for both ultimate frisbee and disc golf. • Be active and meet new people by participating in weekly games. • Take trips to play golf at Walnut Creek. • Work to improve the current course at Walnut Creek.
  19. 19. When do clubs meet? • Clubs will meet the second Friday of every month during Mustang Morning • Clubs start Friday, September 13th • Mustang Morning comes before clubs – if your teacher requires you to be at Mustang Morning, you must be there
  20. 20. How do I sign up for a club? • Your Mentor teacher may have some sign-up forms now; if so, you can sign up today. • OR stop by R110 to sign up. • OR - sign up for clubs during your lunch next Tuesday September 3rd though Friday September 6th – Pick up a sign up sheet at the club table at lunch and complete. Pick your top three choices (#1= first choice) – Turn it back in to the club table. • If there are more students signing up than club availability, a lottery for club slots will take place
  21. 21. Sample Student Club Preference Form Print Name: ________________________ 1st Block Teacher:___________________ Please indicate your top three choices (1 = top, 2, 3) Club List ___ Key Club ___ Chess, Word & Strategy Club ___ GSA ___ Model U.N. ___ Chemistry Club ___ Envirothon (after school) ___ F.C.A. ___ Animal Rights Club ___ Debate ___ S.H.O.U.T ___ Improv Club etc., etc.