Overview and Itinerary


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An overview and itinerary of 2012's Study of Religion trip to Brisbane.
Full timetable, details and expectations.

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Overview and Itinerary

  1. 1. Year 11 Study of Religion Field Trip to Brisbane 26th March – 29th March 2012
  2. 2. AssessmentThe aim is for students to explore the MATERIAL dimension of the different Religions they encounter on the field trip. To see how the THINGS they see in temples and churches are USED by different followers to support their spirituality.
  3. 3. Behaviour• TO PARTICIPATE FULLY -This trip is part of our curriculum and assessment so a positive, serious approach to the tasks is required• TO BE HELPFUL - To be aware of everyone on tour. It is a new experience for all of us a long way from home. If everyone looks out for each other in terms of safety and support it will be a good trip (Teachers and adults included.)
  4. 4. Behaviour• TO BE RESPECTFUL - We are entering the much wider community of Queensland and representing Marist and Emerald. We hope to leave a good lasting impression with the people we meet. On a more sensitive level, we will be experiencing different religions and cultures. It is imperative we demonstrate respect and understanding for their beliefs and customs. Respectful shoes – no thongs!
  5. 5. Behaviour• TO ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE - If a student is open minded, patient and ready for a good trip, that is exactly what will happen.• TO BE SAFE AND SENSIBLE • abide by school policies on smoking and alcohol • meet at designated points, on time • do not put ourselves in any danger (use buddy system and mobile phones) • inform adults of any problem anyone is having
  6. 6. The College reserves the right todiscipline any child who does not act in a manner consistent with the usual expectations.
  7. 7. Itinerary Monday 26th March 5.30am Load Bus 6.00am Depart 6.20am Pick up students in Comet 6.45am Pick up students in Blackwater 6.00pm (approx) Arrive Ruth Fairfax House, Brisbane 7.00pm Dinner
  8. 8. Tuesday 27th March7.00am Breakfast8.00am Board bus and travel to Kuraby9.00-10.00am Tour – Islamic Mosque (Girls need head covering - scarves)10.00am Board bus to Priestdale10.30am -12.00pm Tour – Buddhist Temple12.00pm Board bus to Deagon1:00pm Tour – Taoist Temple2:00 – 4.30pm Shopping – Westfield Chermside6:00pm Dinner at Ruth Fairfax House7:30pm Activities/Free time
  9. 9. Kuraby Mosque
  10. 10. Chung Tian Temple
  11. 11. Taoist Temple
  12. 12. Wednesday 28th March7.00am Breakfast8.00am Board bus and travel to St. Stephen’s9.00-10.00am Tour – St. Stephen’s Cathedral10.00am – 11:00am Mass - St. Stephen’s Cathedral11.00am -11.30am Morning tea in the city11:30am - 12.00pm Walk to Jewish Synagogue12:00pm - 1:00pm Tour - Jewish Synagogue (Boys need head covering – caps etc)1:30pm – 2:30pm Tour – Greek Orthodox Church2:45pm – 4:30pm Late lunch in Queen St Mall6:00pm Dinner at Ruth Fairfax House7:30pm Activities/Free time/Brief overview of daily activities
  13. 13. St Stephen’s Cathedral
  14. 14. Brisbane Synagogue
  15. 15. Greek Orthodox Church
  16. 16. Thursday 29th March7:00am Breakfast at Ruth Fairfax House8:00am Leave for Emerald Drop off students in Blackwater and Comet7:00pm (approx) Arrive Marist College Emerald
  17. 17. What to bring• Food for the trip down. Water only in screw top bottles, no hot food, no chewing gum, no potato chips allowed on the bus.• Day clothes & some warm clothes.• Toiletries and a hat.
  18. 18. • Girls will need head scarves for some temples. Also to be modestly dressed every day (even if girls bring along a sleeved over-shirt to put over singlet tops before we visit various temples)• Covered footwear that is comfortable for walking. In some holy places we will need to slip them off.
  19. 19. Money for :  4 lunches  2 evening meals  Spending – we are doing a little shopping so there is no need for a large amount of money
  20. 20. • Mobile phone. Not to be used during meal times and will be collected each night after 9pm and to be turned off during temple/church visits.• If students take iPods etc. they need to be responsible for such items and they are to be used only during travel.• Camera• A clipboard and writing equipment• A backpack/shoulder bag.
  22. 22. Caution Be aware 5 years ago, SOR students had a significant amount of electronic goods and cameras stolen and the school cannot take responsibility for expensive items.
  23. 23. Contact Mobile Number on SOR Trip 04 37334066