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Hinduism updated


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Hinduism updated

  1. 1. The aim of this lesson:To find out some basic information about Hinduism
  2. 2. Take two minutes to write downall the things you know about Hinduism. If you don’t know anything, what would you like to know?
  3. 3. THINK: Can you think of a time when you have had to changeyour personality and act differently. Many people do this more than once a day. Write down a few examples.
  4. 4. HINDUISMThe term ‘Hinduism’ was introduced by British writers in the 1800s.The name comes from the ‘Indus’ River and tells us nothing of thereligion (there was no holy person called ‘Hindu’) In fact, callingHinduism ‘Hinduism’ is about as useful as calling IndigenousAustralian beliefs ‘Murrumbidgeeism’It’s bizarre to think that the average ‘Hindu living in rural India hasprobably never heard of the term ‘Hinduism’.Hinduism is not one neat, easily understood religious system.It finds its roots as far back as 1500BC J ohn Dickson. A Spect at or ’s Guide t o W or ld
  5. 5. HINDUISMHindus believe in one God and they call God Brahman. Theybelieve that God has different personalities.But it’s still not as simple as that… Brahman is a hard concept tograsp…
  7. 7. A f ire produces B rahman is thesparks f lame f rom whichThey f lit awhile all originates.and vanish Creation, humans,Of ten back into gods and so onthe f lame All f licker f or aThe spark and while and thenf lame are both return to theseparate and not sourceseparate. The UltimateThe spark is R eality.visibleindependently f or Pantheisma moment Ev er yt hi ng i sB ut, the spark Godcame f rom thef lame, is made ofthe same stuf fand ultimatelyreturns and isabsorbed. Some contemporary Hindu’s believe in a single God and regard emanations of
  9. 9. SOME FACTS ABOUT HINDUISMIt is the main religion of India
  10. 10. ONE OF THE WORLDS OLDEST RELIGIONSIt is over 3000 years old
  11. 11. There is not one founder or starter of the religion like Christianity or Islam. There are around 900 millionHindus in the world today... How many in Australia?
  12. 12. Key points in HinduismThe central belief is that of Reincarnation and KarmaMoksha is the liberation (or release)of the human’s soul from suffering back to Brahman.Dukkha – is the process of rebirth and suffering that allHumans experience.
  13. 13. What is Karma?
  14. 14. KarmaKarma is cause and effectThis means that every action leads to a consequenceFOR EXAMPLE: if you misbehave you get a detentionOR if you smile at someone, they might smile backand you will both feel happier GOOD KARMA = good actions BAD KARMA = bad actions
  15. 15. What is reincarnation?
  16. 16. ReincarnationHindus believe that when the body dies,the soul is born again in a new body.The soul is called the ATMAN.If you have lived a good life you will bereincarnated as something better, likea soldier or a priest.If you have lived a bad life you will bereincarnated as something worse, likea servant or even an animal.
  17. 17. HINDUISMHinduism is the oldest religion in the world today. Hindus believe it has always existed and always will. The word ‘Hindu’ comes from the river Indus (as does the word ‘India’) (Note: Most Hindu’s probably wouldn’t call themselves a ‘Hindu’… it is a Western word invented in the 1800s)
  18. 18. HINDUISM Fire and water are very important to Hindus. Water reminds Hindu’s of God’s power. Why do you think Water is so important to Hindus(and other religious people). Why do you think fire is so important?
  19. 19. HINDUISMMost Hindus live in India but Hinduism has spread all over the world.
  20. 20. ACTIVITY Make up a sentence for the following words: Hinduism, Hindus, Brahman, River Indus,Reincarnation, Karma, Atman, Moksha, Dukkha