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7 Dimensions of Religion


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recap key terminology
overview of 7 dimensions of religion

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7 Dimensions of Religion

  1. 1. What do these terms mean? A position that says it is Belief in One God not possible to make up your mind Denial of the existence Atheism of God The belief in multiple The belief that all basic gods or deities kinds of plants and animals came fromThe negation of sudden creative acts ofeverything; there is no Godmeaning to life Belief in fate and existence of many gods and spirits The belief that the The belief that science Ultimate Reality is will answer all the big nature; there is no questions supernatural
  2. 2. Mythical EthicalExperiential Doctrinal Ritual Social Material
  3. 3. ExperientialWhat Does it Mean?People have an emotional experiencewithin their traditionHow Does it Apply to Christianity? People experience God through prayer and worship… speaking in tongues, healing, the Holy Spirit (the Apostles)
  4. 4. Experiential
  5. 5. MythicalWhat Does it Mean?The stories and narratives associated withthe religion… usually to give meaning orrevelationHow Does it Apply to Christianity? Parables, Gospels (the whole Bible), stories of Saints and Martyrs
  6. 6. RitualWhat Does it Mean?Often a re-enactment of the Mythical(narrative dimension)People find meaning through repetitionHow Does it Apply to Christianity? Baptism (Christening), Confirmation, Rosary, Prayer, Worship
  7. 7. DoctrinalWhat Does it Mean?The legal/written side of the religion… astatement of faith or beliefHow Does it Apply to Christianity? Written laws and commandments exist within the Bible, the Church has produced many documents…
  8. 8. EthicalWhat Does it Mean?Specification of the behaviours expectedof individuals and communitiesHow Does it Apply to Christianity? Often debatable but rules such as Do Not Kill, Turn the Other Cheek etc… all apply. Goes deeper… abortion, Euthanasia
  9. 9. SocialWhat Does it Mean?Institutions, organisations, groupsHow Does it Apply to Christianity? Churches, cell groups, meetings, schools
  10. 10. MaterialWhat Does it Mean?Buildings, works of art, sacred artefactsand placesHow Does it Apply to Christianity? Churches, Cathedrals, Art Work etc