Year 11 first lesson back


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  • I need some atlases for this task
  • Year 11 first lesson back

    1. 1. Where we stand so farInternational relations Exam – 40% of courseOur results:A – 4 studentsB – 10 studentsC- 3 studentsD – 7 studentsF – 1 studentG – 1 studentGrade Boundaries:A* = 81A = 72B = 63C = 54D = 45However the more important facts :A = All 4 were predicted A’sB = 6 of them predicted a B. 1 predicted a C. 3 should have gotA’sC = 1 predicted a C. 1 predicted a D. 1 should have a BD = 1 predicted a D. 1 predicted an A. 3 predicted B. 2predicted a CF = Predicted a DG = Predicted a C14/26 have achieved what theAcademy expect of you and 12/26However, I don’t care about what theAcademy say…Have you achieved what you wantedto achieve???
    2. 2. We have 9 school weeks toput everything right!O you have done your coursework but youwill not receive your marks yet – worth25%O I will be putting on revision sessionsafter school – starting this week!O Everyone who is retaking MUST attend!Its time to take responsibility foryourselves!Congratulations to those that got what theywanted on the exam and you also need tofocus for this term as I am sure you want to getwhat you deserve in your final exam
    3. 3. Change to how we willapproach the lessons!O Every lesson you will sit in pairs ratherthan groupsO Every week we will have an exampractice section which will be done insilence (this will only be 1 or 2 questions)O If you do not complete the work I set youwill stay on Friday afternoon until It isfinishedO We will have 2 mock exams this term andif you don’t pass you will retake afterschool
    4. 4. British Depth Study 1939-1975O Lets have a recap quiz on what wecovered at the end of last term
    5. 5. Who and how many came toBritain during WWII and After?
    6. 6. Why did each group ofImmigrants come to Britain?O Each pair will be given a particular groupof Immigrants and you need to write anexplanation of the reasons why you endedup in Birtain.
    7. 7. How were immigrant treated?O As we saw last term – some AfricanAmericans felt that their time in Britainwas the first time the ‘belonged’ and weretreated as equalsO However – was this the case for all blackand all immigrants?O Look at source 16 on page 456 – as youcan see some immigrants have differentopinions
    8. 8. Find out how Immigrants weretreated in the following areasO In housingO At workO In society
    9. 9. What did all of this hostilitylead to?O Immigrants tended to stick together!O Immigrant communities emergedthroughout Britain as immigrants tendedto go to areas where there was alreadysimilar people to them as they didn’t wantto face the hostility from Brits.O Use the map of Britain to highlight whereimmigrant communities were created inBritain. Use page 458 to help you
    10. 10. What is this Cartoon allabout?
    11. 11. How far does the source 30contradict the ship source? (7marks)O We will create our own plan to the answer beforewe start