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Lesson 9


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Lesson 9

  1. 1. WHY DID INTERNATIONAL PEACE COLLAPSE IN 1939?L.O:1. To write a report on Hitler and his plans for overturning the Treaty of Versailles2. To know what the policy ofAppeasement was analyses itseffectiveness
  2. 2. There are 4 main theories as towhat was responsible for WorldWar II breaking out in 1939:1. It was the Treaty of Versailles/ failure of the League of Nations fault2. Hitler wanted to take over the world and started WWII to achieve this and therefore it was Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy’s fault3. It was the Policy of Appeasement’s fault.We will investigate each of theseand see which one is to blame ….
  3. 3. HOW CAN THE TREATY OF VERSAILLESBE RESPONSIBLE FOR WORLD WAR II?….. Can you explain how the TOV may have caused the war 20 yearslater?
  4. 4. The terms of the Treaty ofVersaillesWrite down in detail what the terms of the Treaty fo Versailles were …..The War Guilt Clause and Reparations: GGermany were held fully responsible for starting the war all the damagecaused by the war were ordered to pay the FULL cost of the damagecaused by the war. The bill was £6,600 million! AGermany’s armed forces: R 1. Army limited to 100,000 men 2. Germany not allowed armoured vehicles, submarines or aircraft 3. Only 6 battleships G Germany lost territory L They lost land such as Alsace Lorraine, the Rhineland became demilitarized, and the Saar went to France for 15 years E Germany lost all of its colonies in AFIca to Britain and France,
  5. 5. Were the Big Three ‘Stupid Men’? ‘The Historian, with every justification, will come to the conclusion that we were very stupid men…. We arrived determined that a Peace of wisdom and justice should be negotiated; we left the conference conscious that the treaties imposed upon our enemies were neither just nor wise’ Harold Nicholson, British diplomat, speaking in 1919. he was on of the ;leading officials at the Paris Peace Conference.
  6. 6. The Rise of Adolf Hitler
  7. 7. Hitler’s Early Years Born in 1889 in Austria Left school at 16 to become a painter but became poor. He began to resent Jewish people because many of them had lots of money or owned businesses. Hitler joined the German Army in 1914 and served his country well in WWI He despised the Weimar Republic and wanted to go back to the ‘glorious days’ of the Kaiser In 1919 he joined the German Worker’s Party and by 1921 he was its leader and he renamed the group the Nazis. Hitler gave fantastic speeches which were so popular that other parties tried to disrupt them. Although the Nazis’ popularity was increasing, they were still a minority party
  8. 8. During his time in Prison ….Whilst in Prison Hitler wrote his book MeinKampf (My Struggle)In this book Hitler outlined what he felt had gonewrong so far in his political career along with hisplans for Germany should he ever get intopower.He was very critical of the government(‘Novemeber Criminals’) for signing the Treaty ofVersailles and getting the country into a financialmess trying to pay reparations that he believedGermany didn’t owe.He also blamed the Jewish population inGermany for the loss of World War I as hebelieved that the rich Jewish businessmen didnot come to financial aid of Germany when theyneeded them most during the war. He felt if theyhad helped fund the war then Germany wouldhave won the war.
  9. 9. Hitler’s rise to PowerHitler steadily increased the number of Nazi supporters throughout the 1920s by:1.showing strong and decisive leadership of his party (something the currentgovernment was lacking)2. Using many forms of propaganda such as posters, speeches, radio braodcasts etc to convince the Gemran public that the Nazis were what the Germansneeded3.Staging very large political rallies and giving very impressive speeches inwhich he promised to sort out Germanys promisesBy 1933 Hitler had managed to get the Nazi party as the largest political party inGermany and as a result he was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933
  10. 10. As a group you need to come up with a report that will be made to the Britishpublic about what Hitler plans to do now he is in chargeYou need to also recommend action that you think the British/westerngovernments should do about Hitler.You can use any of the information I have told you about what kind of man heis and any of the evidence I will provide you with to complete your report.Remember: as a reporter, you can only report things that you have theevidence to back it up.You can state your opinions but you need some form of evidence to supportwhy you have that opinion.
  11. 11. You are going to have to continue to be reporters and find out whether yourpredictions of Hitler are true or not…..
  12. 12. You need to create this table and use the information in the video clip and thetextbook pages 48 – 53 to complete as much of the table as you can.Terms of What Hitler What Hitler What What Positives Negatives Alternativethe Treaty promised did excuse Britain and to this to this actionof to do Hitler gave France did action actionVersailles for his actionsArmyreducedRhinelandDemilitarizedGermanyforbidden tounite withAustriaTheSudetenlandtaken intoCzechoslovakiaThe PolishCorridor givento Poland
  13. 13. How did the USA view what was going onin Europe in 1936?
  14. 14. What has Hitler managed to achieveby 1938?The policy that Britain and France followed during this time is oftenreferred to as …….. APPEASEMENT! Appeasement is defined as …. 1. To bring peace, quiet, or calm to; soothe. 2. To satisfy or relieve: appease ones thirst. 3. To pacify or attempt to pacify (an enemy) by granting concessions, often at the expense of principle. Produce a two bubble maps: one of the positive sides to the policy of Appeasement and one for the negative sides of Appeasement.
  15. 15. Positives ofAppeasement
  16. 16. Negatives ofAppeasement