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Lesson 6


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Lesson 6

  1. 1.  You will be assigned one of the incidents that occurred in the 1920s and you will needfollowing number Each incident will need at least the to create a performance of people for it to work: that will demonstrate exactlyyou have written You need to make sure what happened in that incidentneeds 4/5 people Vilna = down what happened in each of those incidents = 5/6 people Upper Silesia Eg two people can represent two countries having a dispute Islands = 3 people Aaland Anothera balanced analysis of stepsLON in Write= 5/6 people as the League who the in/doesn’t Corfu can act step in to sort the dispute out they did a the 1920s – do you think Bulgaria = 4 You may also want another person to do the commentary job?the scene? classthey could good/bad over Or the best about the good Any who are not involved need to teach do inthe didhealth, transport and social problems work the for refugees, working conditions, situation?
  2. 2.  Disarmament The Locarno Treaty The other successful treaties of the 1920s
  3. 3. Starter: As a group rank the 4 aims of the League in order of success during the 1920s – you need to justify your answersAims: 1. To promote international co-operation, peace and security by accepting an obligation not to go to war 2. To promote open, just and honorable relations between nations 3. To lay out a system of international law 4. To maintain, or help to modify, treaties between nations
  4. 4.  Discuss what you think were the weaknesses of the League of Nations from what you have read so far about its structure, leadership and restraints when handling problems.
  5. 5. Below is a table of what the critics of the League of Nations argued. Copythe table into your books and look through your reports to find evidencethat supports these arguments or goes against the argumentsCriticism Evidence For Evidence againstThe League was tooslow to actBased on the evidence you have found:Members would onlyact on their ownwhich of the three problems restrictedinterests, not theLeaguesthe League the most? Why?Without the USA theLeague was powerless
  6. 6.  Refugees – 400,000 prisoners of war were returned to their homes . Helped During the Turkey Crisis of 1922 Working Conditions – limited the hours children could work. Reduced working hours to 48 hours a week Health – reduced Leprosy and Malaria Transport – introduced highway code and shipping lanes Social Problems – Blacklisted four international companies involved in the drugs trade . Freed 200,000 slaves in Sierra Leone The Locarno Treaty 1924 – Germany accepts its borders agreed by the T of V and Germany joins the League in 1926. The Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928 - 65 countries agreed not to use force to settle disputes (although none of the countries would disarm as they said they needed their armies for self-defence
  7. 7.  America profited more than any other country during World War I because they were not involved in the war at the start but supported the allies by producing lots of weapons and clothes for them which was easy due to their large amount of industry This gave lots of people in USA lots of jobs and lots f money. The government made lots of profits as well as they were selling the weapons for a lot more than they cost to make
  8. 8.  With more money to spend people brought lots of luxury goods such as cars, radios, going to the cinema’s and invested on the stock market. President Hoover’s aim: “a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage”.
  9. 9.  Companies borrow money to pay for equipment or staff etc Investors get a share of the profit the company makes ‘Shareholders’ can sell their shares on the stock market. This is based in Wall Street, New York Prices can change every day according to how well the company is doing. Prices can also change no matter how the company is doing this is called Speculation
  10. 10.  Ford were making a car every 10 seconds!! However, not everyone was enjoying the economic boom. Items such as cars and electrical goods were brought by the upper classes and by 1929 those who could afford such goods had already brought them. This meant sales declined in many industries. People began to try and sell their shares in companies but there were not enough buyers….
  11. 11. Almost every company in America lost money along with most of the American population. America entered into its worst economic depression ever!!12 million people lost their jobs12,000 people lost their jobs every day23,000 people committed suicide in oneyear in 1930 (the most ever)
  12. 12.  What effect the depression would have on the rest of the world? Think about how today’s depression affects lots of different countries What effect the depression would have on the League of Nation’ s effectiveness?
  13. 13.  Map image on page 35
  14. 14.  I have not worked since last year I will support anyone who can get the country back to work If we had our own empire we would have the resources we need to stop the depression affecting us Reparations have caused this mess The bank has closed we have lost everything We need tough leaders who will not be pushed around by the League or the USA We should ban all foreign goods, this will the jobs of our workers
  15. 15.  Go onto Google and type in Wall Street Crash ppt Open the second power point You need to investigate How the Wall Street Crash in the USA lead to Hitler coming into power in Germany The areas you need to cover:1. Who were the people who suffered in Germany from the depressionand why2. Why the government was held responsible3. What Hitler and the Nazis did to take advantage of the situation4. How they used propaganda to influence people
  16. 16. The Manchuria Crisisyou need to read the information on the crisis from thetextbooks and you need to produce a detailed timeline of theimportant events that occurredWho was to blame for the Leagues failure over Manchuria;the Leagues structure or the individual members?Justify your answer
  17. 17.  1920s Japan became a major power – large army, strong industry, growing empire 1930s - Depression in the 1930s hits Japan badly as China and USA put trade tariffs on Japanese goods Japanese army leaders wanted to expand Japanese empire by force September 1931 Japan army throw all Chinese out of Manchuria February 1932 puppet government set up in Manchuria 1932 – Japanese aeroplanes bomb Shanghai Japanese government tells Japanese army to withdraw but they are ignored – it is clear that the Japanese army is in control of Japanese foreign policy not the government China appeals to the League – Japan says it is settling a local difficulty and that China was in anarchy and this was needed to keep peace September 1932 the League decides Japan acted unlawfully and give Manchuria back to China February 1933 Japan announces they intend to invade more of China in Slef defence 24th February the League votes against this action Japan leave the League on 27th March 1933 The next week they invade Jehol The League doesn’t know what to do to stop them - many excuses made but the League did nothing to stop Japan