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Lesson 2


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Lesson 2

  1. 1. How have Immigrantscontributed to British society?O Last lesson we had a look at ______________River’s of blood speech which was madein____________O In his speech he quoted a conversation he had witha local member of the public about how he wantedto leave the country because of all the immigrantsin Britain – he mentioned he foresaw the ‘river ofTyber foaming with much blood.’O What was the impact/repercussions of his speech?
  2. 2. Have Immigrants shaped theBritain of Today?O You were left with the task of challengingPowell’s worries about immigrants havinga negative impact on Britain – you neededto find out what they had contributed toBritish society?
  3. 3. New Topic FocusO How far did the lives of women change 1939-1975?O Key focus:O Did the war bring about real change for women?O The creation of the welfare systemO How far did women’s lives change in the 50s, 60s,and 70s?
  4. 4. Todays focus:How did WWII affectWomen?Todays Learning Objectives:1. To be able to explain the importantrole women played in victoryduring WWII2. To be able to explain whether thewar brought about REAL changein the roles of women.
  5. 5. Girl in the WarO Lets get your brains working!O Can I have two volunteers please - theyneed to be creative, confident and funny!!
  6. 6. What is your Mother like?O List all of the roles your Motherhas to do in a normal day/weekO List the jobs that our classesparents have todayO What jobs do you thinkwomen/mothers had in 1939?O What were their roles/duties ona normal day/week?
  7. 7. A leading British Politicianpraised the work of womenduring the War by saying“How could we have carried onwithout then?”O
  8. 8. “How could we have carried onwithout them?”O Do you agree with this statement?O Find the evidence to back this statement up formpage 436-7O Write down all the invaluable things women did -write an answer supporting this question.
  9. 9. 1945 War comes to an end!!O When the War was over, womenfeared that they would be forced out ofwork just like they were when WWIcame to an end in 1918.O Create a persuasive poster thatcampaigns for women to remain intheir jobs due to their invaluableskills/attitude they have shown duringthe war
  10. 10. Did the War Bring about REALchange for Women?O Create a gage across a double page likethe one belowNo ChangeComplete changeUse the source sheet provided to fill this gage with key informationabout their role within society after the war had finished
  11. 11. To what extent did the warbring about Real change forWomen? (10 marks)O You now need to use the evidence you havediscovered to answer this 10 mark question.O Lets plan the answer together as a class…..The ‘command’termThe key part ofthe question –what do youthink it means inthis question?
  12. 12. The Girl in the WarO We will have another go at the clip from thestart of the lessonsO But this time you need to try and put in anyinformation that we have learned into todayslessons about women and their roles in theWar – try and make any links with today’slessonO Who can do it????