Guide to answering history exam questions (autosaved)


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Guide to answering history exam questions (autosaved)

  1. 1. Guide to answering History exam questions: 1. Source Questions (6/7 marks): - Remember the 3 Cs - Content, Context, Comment - Content – tell the examiner what you can see in the cartoon, explain who is in the cartoon and how you can tell who they are (mention any labels, writing in the picture. - Context – say who drew the picture and when it was produced, link this to what was happening at the time and what the picture will be referring to e.g 1938 Appeasement/Sudetenland crisis. Tell the examiner about that incident (show them that you know something that is not in the cartoon) - Comment – what do you believe the message of the Cartoon is and what in the cartoon makes you think this. Use your own knowledge to add information about the incident that you would not know just from the cartoon - ______________________________ 2. 7 mark questions (1b questions) - This will be on a similar topic to the cartoon but will not ask you to refer to the cartoon (eg. If cartoon is on the LON then this question will also be on a topic to do with the LON) - This question will often be to explain an event in detail or why something happened - You need to make 3 or 4 points and explain them using facts - You do not need a conclusion on this answer ______________________________4 mark questions: - List 5 points in full sentences (5 is just to make sure you get all the marks, just incase one of your points is wrong) _________________________________
  2. 2. 6 mark questions: - This will always start with….”Explain……” this could either be the cause/consequences of something, what something was etc - You need to make 3 -4 points and fully explain them - Each point will get you 1 mark but if you explain them fully you can get 3 marks for each point ________________________________10 mark Questions: - These will start with “How far…../How Successful” or they will make a statement and ask “How far do you agree” - The key to a 10 mark question is giving a balanced answer - Start with a short introduction of what the incident/event was - you need to explore various different arguments within your answer - make an argument and explain using evidence whether that argument is correct or not, then move on to another argument and do the same - explore 3 or 4 different arguments/factors - you must put a detailed conclusion on this answer – explain which argument you believe is correct and why it is correct using evidence to support your argument