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Different ways you can incorporate Minecraft into your Classroom (Ontario Curriculum)

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Minecraft connections

  1. 1. Ontario Curriculum Grade 7/8 Mr.D.Carson @dustin7carson
  2. 2. Surface Area and Volume – Students can construct and create structures that meet different measurements. Minecraft uses a constant measuring system (1 block = 1 metre), and presents many opportunities for conversions, or scale models Cartesian Plane – Minecraft is built on a grid system where students can plot, and read points in different quadrants. Extending and Creating Patterns - Making use of all the construction tools in Minecraft students can create different patterns of varying complexity (even make use of different programming patterns to build clocks and timers).
  3. 3. Reading and Writing- Students are very willing to write about their learning (procedural writing and journal reflections), and examine the different features of informational texts (website and non-fiction resources). Oral Communication – Even though Minecraft is a computer program, students are challenged to collaborate. They need to listen carefully to each other and respond appropriately to accomplish group goals. Media Literacy – Minecraft popularity has grown to 12.5 million users because of the interactive media works people have created and shared. Students can communicate their own creations and learning using similar media and approaches (websites, videos, podcasts, and blogs).
  4. 4. Structures - Minecraft provides students with endless building materials that are beneficial in designing and constructing a variety of structures (3-D models and blueprints). Systems – The computer program includes many common tools that allow students to build their own automated systems. They can use a variety of tools (switches and levers) to build mechanical systems (sensor doorways and lighting). Scientific Method -There are many different ways to conduct experiments in the Minecraft environment. For example students can create different rail systems to analyse slope and force.
  5. 5. Location - Minecraft worlds includes a variety of environments ranging from plains to mountains. Students can modify worlds to construct a variety of settings and map formats. Environment - It is possible to investigate how different landforms, climate, and vegetation are favourable to specialized types of commercial agriculture. Minecraft provides the students the ability to create a variety of farm types (tree, sheep, beef, and wheat). Interaction – Students can learn more about how they impact the environment the more they use it.
  6. 6. With Minecraft it is possible to connect many curriculums, and all learners can collaborate on big ideas to complete cross-curricular projects. Minecraft is designed to be an open learning space where it’s possible to pose real questions. It challenges students to find resources an interpret information. There is also a community of learners which promotes students to report on their own discoveries. Also, students are able to accomplish their own learning goals, as it is easy to differentiate instruction. There are many entry points and students are willing to take chances to accomplish their own individual goals. I’ve found that a MID student and a gifted student can find success with Minecraft, because they can take their own approach. Both accomplished successful measurement inquiry projects – one a simple house design, and the other an interactive game incorporating complex measurement tasks (best part was both were impressed by each other creations).