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Getting Started Bitstrips


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Screen shots and basic steps to start using Bitstrips for Schools in your classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Getting Started Bitstrips

  1. 1. Getting Started with...
  2. 2. ONTARIO TEACHERS – ACTIVATE NOW • licensed to all publicly funded schools in Ontario
  3. 3. Select your Board & School, thensubmit your work email to register
  4. 4. Create a Classroom(a shared space for your students) YOU WILL PROVIDE STUDENTS THE CLASS CODE
  5. 5. Class List – Add students from aspreadsheet (copy and paste names) ADD MULTIPLE STUDENTS AT ONCE
  6. 6. Edit your Avatar(represent yourself in comic form)
  7. 7. Browse & Assign Activities (suggested lessons) BY SUBJECT , or CURRENT EVENTS
  8. 8. Have your Students Join(use class code, and students select name & password)
  9. 9. MANAGE IT ALL!(passwords, comics, comments, & sharing settings)