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Xen and Art of Virtualization (Xen Architecture)


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Concept of Ring's
Dom0 vs DomU
Xen Configuration
Xen Network Communication

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Xen and Art of Virtualization (Xen Architecture)

  1. 1. Most privileged Domain in Xen. Device Drivers and User Interface provided by OS, and Userspace tools Running in Dom 0. It’s main task is to handle devices, because it’s running in higher level of privileges than others. It’s Provide User interface to Hypervisor. It’s Guest and more Restricted. Can’t perform Hypercalls that Access Hardware directly. We can have an arbitrary number of Dom U on a System . Can also be Migrated.
  2. 2. Xen Control User Interface Applications Device Drivers Split Device Drivers Split Device Drivers Virtual CPU Scheduling Virtual Memory Physical Memory Network Physical CPUBlock Devices Dom0 DomU Xen Hardware
  3. 3. Application Split Device Drivers TCP/IP Stack Shared Memory Segment Split Device Drivers Real Device Drivers TCP/IP Stack (Routing Bridge) Physical Device Drivers DomU Hardware Xen Dom0