Notes pb lab 07 the optics files


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Notes pb lab 07 the optics files

  1. 1. The Optics FilesThe Optics FilesUsing Mirrors and Lenses
  2. 2. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:The student will investigate andunderstand the interaction oflight waves
  3. 3. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Predict the characteristics ofthe images formed by lensesand mirrors– Illustrate and describe reflectionand refraction of visible light
  4. 4. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Describe the behavior of lightwaves– Understand that light travels instraight lines and is reflected,absorbed or transmitted
  5. 5. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Describe the behavior of lightwaves– Understand that light travelsthrough media and undergoes achange in speed that causes it tobend when it does so
  6. 6. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Describe the behavior of lightwaves– Understand that when lightstrikes an uneven surface orpasses through an opening it canreflect or diffract
  7. 7. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Describe the behavior of lightwaves– Understand constructive anddestructive interferenceregarding light waves
  8. 8. Key TermsKey TermsLaw of ReflectionReflectionPlane MirrorConcave MirrorConvex MirrorDiffractionRefractionConcave LensConvex LensInterference
  9. 9. Law of ReflectionStates that theangle of incidence(direction in) isequal to the angleof reflection(direction out)
  10. 10. ReflectionThe bouncingback of a rayof light, soundor heat whenit hits asurface
  11. 11. Plane MirrorA mirror with a flat smoothsurface it reflects a ‘true’reversed image– Bathroom Mirror
  12. 12. Concave MirrorA mirror that is curvedinward. (Like a bowl) Itreflects an upright largerimage when inside thefocal point and an invertedsmaller image whenoutside the focal point– Compact or Make-up mirror
  13. 13. Convex MirrorA mirror that bends outward from thecenter. It reflects a distorted smallerimage but allows you to see aroundcorners.– Bus mirrors– Security mirrors
  14. 14. DiffractionThe change indirection of wavesas they bend arounda corner/edge oraround an obstacleor pass through anopening or slit.
  15. 15. RefractionThe bending of light as lightwaves pass through differentmediums
  16. 16. Concave LensA lens that bendsinward to center.The light waves moveoutward as they passthrough causing animage on the other sideto appear smaller.– Glasses
  17. 17. Convex LensA lens that bendsoutward from the center. As light passes through,it focuses the light into afine beam and the lightand images on the otherside appear larger– Magnifying glasses– Reading glasses
  18. 18. InterferenceThe combination of two or morewaves that results in a single wave.
  19. 19. Lab Time Carefully read andcomplete eachactivity from the labguide. You have 45minutes
  20. 20. Essential LearningsCarefully read andcopy each of thesedown after we discussthem!!!!!
  21. 21. Essential LearningsLight waves travel instraight lines until theystrike an object and thenthey are either reflected,absorbed or transmitted
  22. 22. Essential LearningsReflection is the “bouncingback” of light waves–There is a Law that governsreflection stating that theAngle of Incidence = Angleof Reflection
  23. 23. Essential LearningsRefraction is theslowing and bending oflight waves as lightpasses through amedium
  24. 24. Essential LearningsThere are three types ofmirrors that reflect light–Plane = Flat–Concave = ‘Hollow’–Convex = ‘Fat’
  25. 25. Essential LearningsPlane Mirror - Reflects atrue sized image, uprightand reversed
  26. 26. Essential LearningsConcave Mirror –Makesa larger upright imageinside the focal point, asmaller inverted imageoutside the focal point
  27. 27. Essential LearningsConvex –Producesmaller distorted butalways upright images
  28. 28. Essential LearningsThere are two types oflenses that refract or bendlight–Concave–Convex
  29. 29. Essential LearningsConcave Lens = ‘Hollow’Spreads out (Diverge) lightConvex Lens = ‘Fat’Focus (Converge) light
  30. 30. Essential LearningsDiffraction is the bendingof light and the productionof new waves whenwaves strike an edge oropening
  31. 31. Essential LearningsInterference takes placewhen two or more light orsound waves overlap orcombine it can be either:
  32. 32. Essential LearningsConstructive Interference– Increases EnergyDestructive – DecreaseseEnergy
  33. 33. Essential LearningsEssential LearningsThe End!