Employee engagement survey


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Requiring employees to complete an annual employee engagement survey is a growing trend. Companies have figured out that retention increases when staffers feel like their voices are heard.

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Employee engagement survey

  1. 1. http://www.teletrack.biz/Why Tell The Truth OnEmployee Engagement SurveyRequiring employees to complete an annual employee engagement survey is agrowing trend. Companies have figured out that retention increases whenstaffers feel like their voices are heard. These questionnaires are typicallyanonymous. This is your chance, as an employee, to provide honest feedback.Answering questions honestly gives leaders an opportunity to address issuesthey would not know about any other way. Take advantage of this opportunityto drive change in your organization. Be professional in your responses, yetcandid. This applies to both positive and constructive feedback about youremployer.A good survey will cover several areas, such as environment, communication,benefits, and how the company addresses the quality and quantity balance. It isimportant to recognize that not all people will be pleased all of the time. Thereare some things that are beyond leaderships control. For example, climatecontrol in an office building is a complicated task. Issues such as this can bedealt with personally by dressing in layers. However, if cleanliness of yourworkspace or break room is becoming a health hazard, that is worth addressingin this forum.Communication issues can arise between staff and management, or betweendepartments. Be sure when responding or commenting on this area, that you areclear as to what your feedback refers to. You wouldnt want managersaddressing a problem that does not even exist when the breakdown is betweenone department and another.As for benefits, this is a hot button issue across the board. Of course everyonewants better pay and better benefits. Consider your entire benefit package asyour pay. Paid time off, retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, are all partof the expenses paid to you to retain your employment. Research the benefitsand pay of others in your job title in your area. If your overall package is within
  2. 2. ten percent of what other companies are paying, it is best to leave this topicalone. Work with your direct supervisor during performance reviews to requestpay increase.Everyone, personally and professionally, has to balance quality and quantity.How individuals and company handle this juggling act is what counts. If yourteam lead encourages you to cut corners in order to increase production or meettight deadlines that should be communicated via this survey. If you have ideasfor how to increase production while maintaining quality targets, this may be agood time to share those.This is your golden opportunity to be heard. Do not give up this chance to makea difference in how things work where you work. Be honest and giveconstructive feedback on your employee engagement survey. http://www.teletrack.biz/